On Knowing The Real Story

It’s crazy how quickly your perspective can change the moment you hear someone’s story. The shift can be mind-numbing and so radically change your opinion and attitude that it will make your head spin.

I think that is the power of stories and storytelling and how often we are not open to the opportunity to really hear someone’s real story that can forever change our approach, our stance on who that person is.

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Stay Calm, Be Successful

The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance. TalentSmart has conducted research with more than a million people, and we’ve found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control.

A worthwhile read.

Your Attitudes are Telegraphed

I’ve already (and recently) said it: We are all horrible liars. We wear our intentions and oftentimes our feelings on our sleeves. It’s hard to miss.

Especially in the context of a close-knit team and even more so in a fast-paced growing startup, we are all in very close proximity all the time and we learn, very quickly, who these other people are, their temperaments, their behaviors, and their opinions of others.

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