Rip the Bandaid

via Tony Hsieh (in an internal memo to staff):

Therefore, there will be a special version of “the offer” on a company-wide scale, in which each employee will be offered at least 3 months severance (and up to 3 months of COBRA reimbursement for benefits) if he/she feels that self-management, self-organization, and our Best Customers Strategy and strategy statements as published in Glass Frog are not the right fit.

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The Internet Rewards Doers

I’m so glad I shared something intelligible. That was a long and rough week, if I recall it correctly.

It’s only just recently that I’ve realized how much I’ve held myself back. But I had a lot of growing up to do over the past few years. Though I’m sure it could have been “better” if I grasped this sooner, I’ve learned things that I wouldn’t have had I taken the easy route to begin with.

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MediaTemple: Since 2008

I’ve been a customer of MediaTemple for 2,436 days (since July 24, 2008) and didn’t give up on them despite some periods of rocky growth and instability.

I just felt like, among the many other hosting services that I use, that they were a really cool company and that they were making the right types of effort to make their service better every single year.

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