iPhone 6 Plus


What size?

It took 4+ weeks to get here but I’ve been far too busy to really care about not having one so when my wife dropped it on my chest as I lay passed out on my couch (I didn’t hear the knock on the door) I didn’t react in my typical fashion of exuberance; sleep seemed like a much more attractive activity than restoring and reconfiguring a new device.

But eventually my curiosity gave way and I stumbled to my notebook computer with the small package in hand. 5 minutes later I was in the process of restoring an iCloud version and was generally underwhelmed.

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A Quick WordPress (Self-Hosted) Starter Kit

A Publishing Toolbox!

A Publishing Toolbox!

If you’ve been around this blog for any length of time then you probably already know that I’m a big fan of WordPress (both the .com and .org).

Although I’m not overly dogmatic about this particular technology as I am more inclined to recommend anything to anyone as long as they are blogging, I believe that WordPress has a lot to offer both the casual and serious digital publisher.

I especially believe in the “independent web,” a web that celebrates real control of the content and stories that you write. I believe that’s vitally important for all bloggers and all online creators.

So, whether you are an artisan wordsmith, a crafter of pixels, a photographic genius, a small business (or super-large), or a coding genius and anything in between, a blog should be part of your repertoire!

Right? Regardless of where you fall on the creative spectrum you know how special it is to share your work with others, by showcasing your raw potential made manifest through sweat, blood, and tears.

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What a CEO Does

A CEO does these three things:

  1. Sets overall vision and strategy of the company and communicates it to all stakeholders.
  2. Recruits, hires, and retains the very best talent for the company.
  3. Makes sure there is always enough cash in the bank.

I love this and I love the simplicity of this list. You can read the post and the really helpful comments for some even other great insights.

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The Startup Groupie

It’s tough to grow a startup. Talent is limited and not readily available, often because those who are capable are already busy doing great things in other ventures.

And the right talent to not only survive but thrive in a startup environment is hard to pin down and classify. Often times I know with more certainty what doesn’t work instead of what does work, if that makes sense.

I liken it to the eternal question that you’ve asked (and been asked):

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Father, First

When I read Max Schireson’s blog post on why he was stepping back from the CEO role of MongoDB I was really impressed by not only his perspective but his transparency.

Sure, he may have disqualified himself from many opportunities but I think that level of transparency disqualifies him from the wrong type of organizations and ventures so he has not lost anything in being honest and forthcoming.

I have often put my business first and my family second. This goes for not just my beloved bride but also my two wonderful kids. They have often gotten the short end of the stick.

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Not Satisfied

Starting a startup has become much, much easier over the last decade, especially when it comes to technology and software-driven ventures.

Spinning up a virtual server, plugging into a near-infinite number of APIs, and waxing a little code can have you more than just a working MVP – you could have the makings of a legitimate and financially growing business.

This has created more options for more people to start their own company and also created more volume of choices for consumers. Have a solution for X problem? Get in line as there are 1,000 other companies doing the exact same thing.

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