A Growing Team, A Year Later

Last year, this month, I had just barely begun to grow and hire for our new code schools launching in Atlanta and Charleston. We had made a few offers and were putting the teams together as best as we possibly could.

I was obsessed with making sure that we were finding the right job for the rocket ship that I knew that we were putting together. Boy, did that thing take flight…

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AAA Texting and Driving

Might be one of the scariest videos I’ve seen in a long time. I think I may entirely ban the use of cell phone devices while driving for my children when they get their licenses…

Rip the Bandaid

via Tony Hsieh (in an internal memo to staff):

Therefore, there will be a special version of “the offer” on a company-wide scale, in which each employee will be offered at least 3 months severance (and up to 3 months of COBRA reimbursement for benefits) if he/she feels that self-management, self-organization, and our Best Customers Strategy and strategy statements as published in Glass Frog are not the right fit.

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The Internet Rewards Doers

I’m so glad I shared something intelligible. That was a long and rough week, if I recall it correctly.

It’s only just recently that I’ve realized how much I’ve held myself back. But I had a lot of growing up to do over the past few years. Though I’m sure it could have been “better” if I grasped this sooner, I’ve learned things that I wouldn’t have had I taken the easy route to begin with.

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