Startup Memories


My old Honda Civic that I bought from my sister.

I never want to forget what it’s like working with a team on a shoestring budget in a rented office space on the cheap (and when I mean “cheap” I mean free).

I never want to forget the long drive that I took each morning to sit amongst friends.

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The Servers are Down


Man, I love Dilbert.

As much as we try to automate the business’ that we run there will still be a need for human intervention. Sometimes this is an important part of the process, like recovering a down server and sometimes (unfortunately) the intervention can be anything but good.

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A Real Vacation

It’s taken about 8 or so days to really get in the swing of things and mentally vacate my own head to a point where I wasn’t completely stressed or anxious about not being on top of things, especially my email.

It sort of sucks to think that it takes me that long to just adjust to a new emotional state to the point where I’m not entirely fretting over the things that I’m missing.

But if I’m honest with myself I know that there will never be a vacation long enough for me to completely vacate; it’s somewhat outside of my own power.

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