I learned today that there is such a thing as cherophobia, which is essentially an aversion to happiness:

One of several reasons that aversion to happiness may develop is the belief that when ones becomes happy, a negative event will soon occur that will taint their happiness, as if that individual is being punished for satisfaction.

This fear or anxiety will make a person, essentially, avoid happy moments (or the possibility of happiness) because they believe that a tragic event will inevitably happen post-happy event.

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Anne Lamott on Perfectionism

Here’s how to kill it (and even avoid the “trolls” in your life through people-pleasing):

Here’s how to break through the perfectionism: make a LOT of mistakes. Fall on your butt more often. Waste more paper, printing out your shitty first drafts, and maybe send a check to the Sierra Club. Celebrate messes — these are where the goods are. Put something on the calendar that you know you’ll be terrible at, like dance lessons, or a meditation retreat, or boot camp.

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On Knowing The Real Story

It’s crazy how quickly your perspective can change the moment you hear someone’s story. The shift can be mind-numbing and so radically change your opinion and attitude that it will make your head spin.

I think that is the power of stories and storytelling and how often we are not open to the opportunity to really hear someone’s real story that can forever change our approach, our stance on who that person is.

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