Too Spotty

For many, many years I felt haunted by what I felt was a spotty resume, an inconsistent and patchy job history. I was afraid that my seemingly inconsistent and irregular record of work was going to cost me future opportunity.

And when I reviewed my resume I felt ashamed; on many occasions I wouldn’t even apply because they would ask me to list my previous employment and the list, especially considering my young age, was too long to easily explain.

I was afraid that it would be misinterpreted as erratic and that people would judge my character as one who was not trustworthy, who didn’t work hard, and who was possibly incompetent and unmotivated.

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On Being Vulnerable

via Amy Guidry

via Amy Guidry

Have you ever thought long and hard about how vulnerable you are with others? If you’re anything like me than you are more interested doing anything other than being susceptible to physical and emotional attack and harm.

I mean, that just makes sense as we are creatures who seek to preserve our own life at almost any cost. If we ever find ourselves in a place of helplessness, defenselessness, being seen as powerless or impotent or weak, we run.

I run.

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Courage and Integrity

Mark Twain once shared this pearl of wisdom on courage:

With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.

I have never really considered courage to be directly related to a man’s integrity but the more I have thought over it recently the more I see the truth in his words.

It requires an incredible amount of courage to follow our dreams, to do the things that make us the most happy, and to generally experience life to its fullest.

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The Crisis of Student Debt

John Oliver, as entertaining as ever, talking about education debt and how ridiculous the situation really is. If you do end up watching this please pay attention to the statistics, which are most important, and less on his humor and presentation (per usual).

I think often about this when I contemplate on what the entire industry of code schools are doing for people who are interested in taking their future into their own hands instead of becoming victims of a system that will keep them handcuffed for years (if not longer).

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Startup Pregnancy

The rallying cry that I hear too often is that essentially the future is built by innovators and entrepreneurs and that at this very moment a new venture could be formed that could change the very foundation of how we work, live, and engage with each other and our world.

The “next” Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Ebay, Facebook ad. nauseum is thrown around in an attempt to excite and incite others to action. “Now is the time!” is implicitly or explicitly expressed and opportunity is going to pass you buy if you don’t go for it.

To be fair, all these things are true and I’m not trying to be overly critical of the good intent that sits behind these proclamations.

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App Grief


Yesterday I turned off the availability of an app that I had closed down and I realize that I’m am walking through a period of grief. In other words, I am literally grieving the passing (or I should just go ahead and say it… death) of this app.

And I shouldn’t be surprised. It was the center of my world for more than 2 years and I spent thousands upon thousands of hours on it. My entire life, my kids, and my spouse of 9 years circled this app from sunup to sundown. And they experienced all the ups and downs with me, viscerally so.

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