FIFA is a Let-Down

A list of really unfortunate things that FIFA has done related to the Women’s World Cup.

Clearly, when it comes to women, FIFA has not and does not respect the beautiful game. And don’t roll your eyes, pendejos; this isn’t a feminist rant. These are facts. Well, fuck it! Maybe it is a feminist rant.

Sad. I just want to watch the game with my girls and really, really enjoy it… just as much as we watch the men’s World Cup.


I got my invite. This is interesting. Setting up public / private keys and the fact that they recommend you save your password on a piece of paper is funny since they don’t store them in a way that allows “password resets”…

Twitter: Don’t Call it a Comeback…

6 months ago I quit Twitter and a lot has changed since then (which is about right for my life) and, to be honest, it’s been awesome living without Twitter for my own personal use.

But since I view Twitter, like so many other web services, as strictly utilitarian (it was once pretty “cool” and “hip” and very, very personal and intimate… I know, right…) I’m always open to reassessing the said utility and usefulness of such things.

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