Painful Shoes

I found a few old pics from the first visit to the corp offices in Manhattan when first became an executive at a Fortune company. You can barely see my reflection but you can get a sense of what I was “required” to wear during my time there.

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20/20 on Pressgram

I was asked this about 5 months ago and it was too soon for me to be able to answer the question as it related to this failed project, Pressgram. In many ways it probably still is and yet emotionally I feel that I can say, with confidence, that I have moved on.

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9,000 Posts

9000-postsSomething curious happened last weekend: I published my 9,000th blog post here on this particular WordPress installation.

I stared at that number for a moment – that’s a big number. Wow, that’s a lot of clicks on that “Publish” button.

I could probably say a lot about those 9,000 clicks but instead my mind and my hands wandered to another question that I am not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to answer or know concretely: I wondered about the total number of blog posts that I’ve ever published in my entire life.

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