Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl has had a hard and challenging life, one that very few of us could ever fully appreciate or understand.

In one of his most famous written works, Man’s Search for Meaning, he expounds on his theory of logotherapy and how not only he survived the horrors of the Holocaust through existential analysis but also how others can liberally apply this approach.

In general, here are the three core tenets:

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Jon Stewart on Quitting

“No, no – but some of it had been in the back of my head for quite some time. But you don’t want to make any kind of decision when you’re in the crucible of the process, just like you don’t decide whether you’re going to continue to run marathons in mile 24,” he says.

via The Guardian: A neat look into Jon Stewart’s thinking about leaving his long-time gig @ The Daily Show. I respect Stewart even more after reading this article – the man’s got integrity.