On Positivity

Keeping an incredibly positive outlook is one of the absolute essentials for making it in the startup world and launching your own business. There are only a few other character traits that are essential to one’s success.

You have to learn to believe in the impossible. Or rather, you must be capable of believing in the unseen, the places that have yet to be created and the realities that yet to be seriously entertained (or at least by the masses).

And, you must be serious about your attempts at solving the impossible as many can believe but very few will actually ever do.

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Labor Day

On this Labor Day I hope you are reminded that it is vastly more important that you have good work to do rather than the fruits of success that could arise out from that very work.

In other words, our aim and focus must be on securing and executing against work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and purpose-driven rather than worrying about the necessary results of such work.

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Blogging and Indirection

I spend a great deal of time encouraging everyone I meet to do more writing. I think writing has become a nice-to-do and a sidelined skill and activity that more people have abandoned for other less valuable activities.

I’ve stated my reasons why I write many times and I think it’s important for everyone to discover their own personal reasons why they engage in the most-healthy activity of writing.

One of the natural outcauses that I have shared continually is the natural benefit of being exposed on the internet and the natural opportunities that arise from being more visible. In fact, much of my own personal success both personally and professionally can track back to my blog in some way.

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Time Required for an Acquisition

A good friend of mine is walking through their very first acquisition and the numbers that he’s working with are 7-figures.

Naturally, the excitement was pretty palpable as the thought of living completely debt-free and all the other benefits of a large buyout turn from fiction to reality.

But that excitement doesn’t always stay that high for that long and he realized that really quick as he began moving into the “due diligence” phase where the nitty-gritty of an acquisition comes into play.

After having walked through a few of these myself we’ve chatted weekly about the progress and I’m very happy to help (ecstatic, actually) as a neutral counselor and sounding board.

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Some Thoughts on the WordPress Philosophy

Have you ever considered and/or read the actual WordPress Philosophy? It’s worth a read if you haven’t.

I’ve been reflecting more and more about the core and foundational thoughts around WordPress, especially since I’ve been generally “away” and more removed from that direct community than I have been in the past, and with more clarity how I engage with the platform as a whole, both professionally and personally (and for my upcoming app Desk that will connect to it).

Here are the main points of their philosophy and my own personal thoughts:

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First Reaction

You know how it is when you first open that new gadget or new device or interact with that new “thing” and the first thing you experience isn’t elation or joy – it’s frustration!

You know how infuriating that can be and how it instantly tempers the relationship you have with the product. In fact, the emotional response can be so intense that it can change the way you see not only the product but also the business behind it.

Heck, it might even directly impact your relationship with the person behind the business or piece of software (and even the person who introduced you to it)!

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Soccer Coach

I have spent the last few years coaching many, many people. It is something that I enjoy doing and I have found it to be incredibly rewarding for both parties involved.

I do this on a very limited basis professionally and those monthly time slots fill up fast (if you’re interested in this type of thing you can email me to discuss). I have coached Fortune 500 leaders, entrepreneurs, startup companies, and more on things like product development, financing, organizational acceleration, and human capital.

It’s a good gig and it’s something that I want to continue to pursue on the side but not something that I think I’ll ever do full-time.

I’m adding one more coaching role to the list and this one is the scariest of all:

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