Failure Sucks

There is an important distinction between promoting a culture that doesn’t make people afraid of making and admitting mistakes, and having a culture that says failure is great.

I was asked to be part of a panel among some other local luminaries and give some feedback and thoughts about entrepreneurship, startups, small business, and anything that generally sounds “smart” I suppose.

Per my usual, I found myself contradicting or at least (hopefully) playfully disagreeing with the other panelists. I’m really not the right type of person for most of these panels. It’s just a grenade waiting to explode (but I still get invited…)…

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Believing That You Are Stupid

education-systemOur current education system isn’t exactly amazing, full stop.

And in the last few months of hack schooling with my oldest I’ve come to understand this reality more and more viscerally – scarily so.

As I have begun to create a customized solution for my child, both programmatically and environmentally, it’s hard to ever see us going back to a classical schooling scenario.

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