Vision Leaks

The question is… how do you get it not to decay? Vision, if not repeated, is lost. This seems counter-intuitive but it’s actually not and it’s relationship to great leadership is pretty darn intimate.

The reality is this: The vision that you have for your company needs to be shared consistently, constantly, because you and even the most brilliant of your friends and staff forget it fast (and almost completely).

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On Waitering

When I was younger in my years I spent time waiting tables.

hated this job and there were very few things that I took away from this experience except, perhaps, the most important: A deep appreciation and respect for those that do.

Well, okay, I lied – there are a few possible takeaways… but who’s to say how concretely they’ve cemented in my pysche…

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On Blame

My father has always said that most of the things in life are outside of our control and what we really are control over is how we respond to those things.

So far, I’ve found this principle to be true and as I get older I realize that defaulting to gratitude is a really good go-to start block for pretty much anything, even the bad stuff.

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