The Internet Rewards Doers

I’m so glad I shared something intelligible. That was a long and rough week, if I recall it correctly.

It’s only just recently that I’ve realized how much I’ve held myself back. But I had a lot of growing up to do over the past few years. Though I’m sure it could have been “better” if I grasped this sooner, I’ve learned things that I wouldn’t have had I taken the easy route to begin with.

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MediaTemple: Since 2008

I’ve been a customer of MediaTemple for 2,436 days (since July 24, 2008) and didn’t give up on them despite some periods of rocky growth and instability.

I just felt like, among the many other hosting services that I use, that they were a really cool company and that they were making the right types of effort to make their service better every single year.

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The “Pottery Barn Rule” for Firing

via Wikipedia:

 The Pottery Barn Rule is an American expression alluding to the “you break it, you buy it” policy.

Letting go of staff is hard. It’s especially hard in the context of a startup because startups move fast, in every single context. We hire fast, we fire fast (this is actually pretty important since sometimes you accidentally hire startup groupies).

But, this doesn’t mean that you treat them poorly – not in the slightest.

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