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My mother is an amazing woman: She has raised 5 children who have, under her tutelage, cultivated skills of exploration, creativity, and ingenuity.  We have, in return, assisted her in becoming a part of the digital age (and I’m not talking about deep entrenchment in social media technology or high tech… I’m talking about being able to upload photos via picasa and share them in an email).

A pretty good partnership and relationship I would say!

But, every once in a while, she shares something that sit’s deeply into my world and by doing so it proves that she gets it… and gets it to the point where it’s funny.  So here’s to my mom who shared this cute email with me last night:

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Church Community Online

The Word of God is both explicit and implicit in our calling as believers to be in relation to not only our God in Heaven through Jesus Christ, but also to one another.  This point is fairly obvious and I won’t spend much time having to defend this particular stance.  What I’m interested in is figuring out how to use online media and social technology to take it one step further.

Technology today has afforded us the amazing opportunity to communicate in ways that were only pipedreams a few years ago.  Social media and every possible iteration of this manifested architecture has proven its worth very quicky; people can easily connect with others via these fascinating technologies and mediums and build digital communities.

Why not use them for Kingdom building?  Why not use them for both inreach and outreach?

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iPoo’d – Great Onesie for Mac Parents

Every so often my wife finds something that merges the two distant worlds of my high-tech kingdom of computers and technology with the real life drama of being a parent… and makes me laugh.

Enter iPoo’d, the perfect onesie for any Mac-loving parent.

My wonderful daughter is a little too old to actually wear one of these (since the sizes only go up to 12 months), so she won’t be sportin’ the macintosh goodness, but that’s not a terrible loss.

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Slow Motion Punches to the Face

Yeah.  What the heck are these all about?

I can’t even imagine why and what’s up with the really funky music to go with it?

Wow.  Check out the long version too here.

of T-Shirts and Mugs

A WordPress Mug here… and a Twitter TShirt there… online shopping is far too easy… makes my money go bye bye here… and there… and everywhere…


Sometimes I have to ask myself the hard questions… do these items have an amazingly positive ROI?


Whew.  Better now.

Future State of Communication

I was passed this link the other day and was blown away with the concept.  In fact, I was more excited about this non-existent product than I was when I first got my snazzy new iPhone.

Take a look:

A very nice and pleasing soundtrack to boot! If Nokia can come up with even half of what this is… that would be amazing.

Direct Link to the Site Here.