The “Drive By”

Have you ever done a “drive by”…?

You know, where you were so in love or infatuated with someone that you would literally drive-by their house and see if you could spot them?

I did.

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Doing Grown Up Stuff

As I watch my daughter grow it’s fascinating to see her begin to do more “grown up” stuff. I also find it quite interesting that we, as a culture, have created more and more opportunities for our children to do “grown up” stuff too.

Who would have thought that organization like Whole Foods would create smaller, children-size carts?

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I think it’s a very healthy thing to have people in your life that are radically unimpressed by your accomplishments.

I mean, seriously. People who couldn’t care less about your achievements.

But, these people support you and love you for who you are and who would continue to love and support you regardless of where you go and what you do.

Or how big your “following” or influence becomes.

It’s hard to find genuine people like that. It keeps you grounded. Humble, and keeps your head on straight.

I consider myself blessed to have a few though.

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