John Saddington professional headshot 2014
“Professional” – Photo via Mikaela

I suppose all stories have some sort of a beginning, right? So here goes nothing…

Born in Pusan, South Korea I was adopted with my twin brother by two amazing people in a cozy New Jersey suburb and eventually became the oldest of 5. I was obsessed with tinker toys, legos, erector sets, lincoln logs, marble works and believed, at one point, that I’d become a mechanic.

I wasn’t very good at math (I still use my fingers to count) nor were the classical sciences ever fully approachable. I didn’t have a natural or trained ear for music and my hands never wanted to cooperate with my head to create any decent form of art. Instead I leveraged a wild imagination and an insatiable curiosity for new things to keep me company.

It was all over when my father brought home a Sega Genesis and when my mother taught me how to type on her IBM Selectric. Computers, entertainment, and software became my obsession and by 6th grade I had I taught myself BASIC and built my first functional piece of programming (a Choose Your Own Adventure video game) when I was 11. Man, that game was the jam!

Since then I’ve had a fairly non-linear career path both academically and vocationally. I’ve racked up points as an engineer and executive in a few Fortune 50’s, a leader in some large non-profits, and have started, exited, and invested in a handful of bootstrapped and VC-funded startups.

I have experienced a few highs and the lowest of lows when it comes to creating software that matters and the organizations that build them and still have a ton left to learn (I do not believe this ever actually ends).

I have failed too many times to count.

My favorite family photo of all time.
My favorite family photo of all time. Image via Esther Havens.

Along the way I somewhat survived an undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech (I failed out of their CS program the first year… long story here folks…), I figured out a way to meet, convince, and marry the love of my life (10 years this year!), I became a parent (gasp) to two beautiful girls, I finished two Masters degrees (Masters in Christian Education & Biblical Studies from Dallas Seminary), and more.

Every year is wonderfully-crazy and sometimes I do yearly retrospectives like my 2012 YIR2013 YIR, and my 2014 YIR.

I am obsessed (that’s the austism folks, what what!) with digital publishing and have been blogging my journey through technology since 2001. I even build software for digital publishers like my OS X app Desk.

Desk was recently awarded a top honor as one of “2014 Best Apps” by Apple!


Finally, I am currently Partner in an organization that I believe is changing the world: The Iron Yard. I invest in people and their great ideas. I serve an unbelievable staff and try my very best to coach and mentor them to greatness. I am not perfect but I am willing to do what I can to see them succeed.

Check it out:

John Dot What? Why “John.do”? I answer that often-asked question here.

Goodies: I’ve written a ton on a number of things that can help digital publishers become more successful as well as built a few free things that you can download for free.

Colophon: Interested in seeing how I get stuff done? I’ve created a page that I’ll continue to update as time goes on. Want me to check a tool/app out? Tweet me yo.

Coaching, Consulting, Speaking: I also enjoy coaching and consulting as well as speaking when I have time. If interested, feel free to contact me.