Tweet. Don't Speak.

Tweet. Don’t Speak.

Why hello there…! I’m John Lee Saddington: Partner, educator, Aspie, hacker, writer, entrepreneur, engineer, and future venture capitalist.

I have an insatiable curiosity for online technology, digital publishing (I am obsessed), and many forms of entertainment. I’ve worked as an engineer and executive in the Fortune 50 as well as started (and exited) a handful of bootstrapped and VC-funded startups. Every year is wildly-different than the last (take a look at my 2012 Year in Review or the 2013 YIR for example).

I am a Partner @ The Iron Yard and chief hacker on a small iOS app Pressgram and an OS X app Desk PM. I have been blogging since 2001 and love spending time with my amazing wife and two daughters (my most important startup!).

I have also begun a journey of sharing my experiences as one who finds himself on the Autistic Spectrum.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time:

My favorite family photo of all time.

My favorite family photo of all time.

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Science, Technology and Culture (focus on post-modern philosophy and end-user psychology) and have two graduate degrees, a Masters in Christian Education and a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Seminary. I focused my studies on techno-anthropology and behavioral science. I also am a certified pre-marriage/marriage counselor through DTS and Prepare/Enrich.

Oh, I love video games but can’t seem to find enough time to get to play them. Someday…

Bonus Q&A: Why “John.do”? I answer that often-asked question here.

Colophon: I’m often asked about the things that I use to get stuff done so I’ve created a page that I’ll continue to update as time goes on. Want me to check a tool/app out? Click here!