As a long-time blogger I have seen the coming and going of many, many blogs. In fact, I’ve plumbed the depth of my own memory and I’m not sure that there is anyone that is still around that started blogging when I first started.

Now, I started before most people even heard the term “blog” so that definitely is related but even so I’ve met many quitters in my time – and these have been smart and very motivated people!

But time and time again I believe what Darwin here says to be true: The bloggers that “win” (or simply survive) are the ones that are ok with adapting to the changes that are occurring all around them.

For us it’s the changing methods of publishing and the software that powers it. This could be as simply as choosing WordPress over Blogger (or whatever else you’ve used) or it could be a newer technology or application that augments your publishing needs.

A good way to know if you’re going to make it in this blogging business is to ask yourself and see when the last time you’ve changed things up on your blog. Or another way to say it is to ask how long you’ve been doing the same thing.

It may feel like change for the sake of change but it also might be necessary, especially if you didn’t notice that something has changed in your online environment and ecosystem and now you’re already behind.

I’m still here because I’m willing to change, even things like my Twitter handle, again. I’ve gotten a number of DM’s and private emails telling me how they could “never do that” and my reply to them is the same:

Too bad – you might be missing out on something big.

Noodle on that for a bit.

  • Eric

    One of the keys is to not be afraid to keep taking risks. In the early days, entrepreneurs often take risks but as things get easier and more successful they often are afraid to take calculated risks. Many great corporations fail for this reason. I guess that is why your blog is evolving.

  • Rich Langton

    Once you’ve been at it for a while it’s easy to begin thinking you’ve got this blogging thing sorted. The time invested can create a fear that making a change will ruin a good thing. But, like you said John, if we’re not willing to change, we may not survive!! This is motivation enough to continually be making changes along the way.

    • John Saddington

      i think this all the time, for sure.

  • cafecasey

    I love this post–actually, I love most of them:) There’s always a pearl of wisdom either focusing me or helping me to better shape and define myself–I’m still new at this and wasn’t sure where I’d want to take blogging, but I think it’s defining itself–am I new to WordPress–yup. Could I snaz it up a bit more as I learn some tricks? Sure. But in the mean time, I’m glad to just read, learn and get tips along the way. Thanks, John.

  • Laura E. Kelly (@LectriceUSA)

    I work with my husband Warren Berger, a writer on creativity and innovation, helping him and other creatives set up their WP websites/blogs and other digital communication. I’ve learned tons from your generous blog, and thank you for all the free tips and advice.

    As Warren writes his next creativity book, A More Beautiful Question, he has several mantras he uses, and I recently had fun turning them into designs to be put on T-shirts, mugs, etc. One of the mantras is “Adapt or Die,” which I designed as a pithy rebus. Since you’re a firm believer in that mantra, thought you might want to check the design out at

    As you mention, it’s adapt or die time in the website world, and I just have to mention that I was trying to read your emailed blogpost on my train ride to the city today and found that it did not resize for my iPhone; the unwrapped lines were way too long for the screen which made it very difficult to read. I ended up forwarding the post to my home computer and just now read it on my 17-inch screen. Was that an anomaly with my phone or are your posts/emails not optimized for the world of smartphones? If so, time for another change!

  • ThatGuyKC

    I think it’s safe to say you’re like the John Maxwell of blogging.

    Is your next book gonna be “7 Irrefutable Laws of Blogging Like a Boss”?