AdSanity WordPress Plugin: Powerful Advertising Management

The Premium WordPress Plugin marketplace continues to expand and I’m loving some of the newer entries into this space, especially plugins which can bring a lot of value to bloggers. I think AdSanity is going to be one of those!

A simple and yet powerful advertising management solution it features easy to use widgets, uploading of collateral marketing art, and a even a simple graphical view of stats for clickthrough rates and key performance metrics.

Although it still lacks a few powerful options that other advertising solutions provide this could be an incredible plugin as it matures and grows. For example, there are only two publishing options as of today (infinity or date-based) but heck, the thing just was released!

If you’re in the market for a new advertising management system for WordPress then consider AdSanity. There’s a 25% off promo running as well! Just use t25launch and you should be good to go!

Congrats to Brandon and Jeffrey for the big launch! Let me know if you guys use it and what your thoughts are about AdSanity!