My First Google Adsense Check

Oh, the excitement...!

There’s no feeling like the first time you receive that strange looking envelope in the mail from Google containing an Adsense check.

I remember the first time it showed up I almost threw the thing in the garbage because it had no explicit mention of Google or any branding what so ever – I opened it up and there was a check for a few hundred dollars. I was pretty shocked!

I received another one yesterday and it just brought me back to that first time and it reminded me to never forget how fortunate I really am in my ability to make a living doing what I love to do!

Receiving one of these checks was one of those significant “moments” where I first realized that I could do this and that if I really dug in I could probably make it. My goal, at that time, was to simply continue to create great content that reached a wide audience and yet remained exceptionally practical – I felt this combination was going to be my ticket to success (as far as I could tell).

That was 4 years ago. It’s been a long road since then and although I’ve learned a lot I’m not even close to being “there” yet!

What have been some of your most significant moments when it comes your journey with blogging? Would love to hear about them!