Survey: Are You Using Adsense?

We’ve been walking through the Adsense for Bloggers series and I realized that I don’t have a firm idea of how many readers are actually using it actively!

And I’d love to know!

If you have a second, please take this very quick survey about Google Adsense! Thanks so much!

  • Kristin Spencer

    No I’m not, but I plan to eventually, so I’m glad you are writing about it because I plan on using all of this helpful information in the sometime near future :)

    • John Saddington

      ;) sweet!

  • April

    I just started using it, so I haven’t gotten much out of it yet.

    • John Saddington

      awesome! let me know when you do!

  • Jeremy Myers

    Survey filled out. The last question only let me select one option, even though I use three of them.

    • John Saddington

      ah. i see. perhaps i can edit that. thanks bro!

  • Dan Black

    I just started to use it on my blog. (Yes its a leadership blog)Where my desire is to serve and help people become better people and leader’s. Still going through your SEO series and plan on reading your ADsense series soon.

    • John Saddington

      awesome! keep it up!

  • Cris Ferreira

    I filled out the survey, and just wanted to add that I haven’t used Google Adsense, and I wasn’t sure if I should try it or not.
    And with this series you started, I decided to go ahead and apply for it. I’m waiting for their final confirmation and I also want to gather more traffic to my blog before actually using it.
    For now, I have only been reading the posts and I wasn’t able to do any practical test, but it has been very useful. Thank you!

    • John Saddington

      great! you should probably wait til you get more traffic.

  • Phillip Gibb

    yip using it more now. Was quite positive when a click came thru for a respectable amount but it has been downhill from there with only a few cents per day.

    • John Saddington

      cool. let me know how things go.

  • Susan Silver

    Completed :)

    I have used Adsense, but I really want to focus on affiliate advertising and sponsorships.

    • John Saddington

      thanks susan for completing it!

  • Mark

    Yup and to date over the last year I’ve made £1.62!

    They see me rollin….

    • John Saddington

      you are a baller!

  • Lori

    Came by to say Q7 isn’t allowing multiple responses. I’d have selected a few options.

    While here, to spread a little hope, I’ll say I do make a decent income from Adsense. Will be well over $7,000 this year. I think having a niche is key, as you mention in your series. I’ll link my comment to my niche, in case your readers want to see ad placement on a blog that’s making money.

    Oh, and in your series mention feed ads. I get 40% of my Adsense revenue from running Adsense in my feed.

    • John Saddington

      you’re doing great lori…. wow! got anything you could teach us?

    • Robert

      Lori those are impressive numbers, congrats. I am surprised also that you make 40% of your Adsense revenue from feeds. I’m guessing you have a lot of subscribers. Anyhow thanks for the inspiration.

      • John Saddington

        it is a good example! i hope she comes back and teaches me something!