How Much Traffic Do You Need to Start with Adsense Successfully?

It's all about traffic...

[This is part of the Blogger's Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

A good question that you should ask yourself is whether or not your blog has the right amount of traffic to start monetizing it with Google Adsense.

There are a couple of reasons why this is generally important and what I think:

  • Developing your killer content first should be your top priority, especially as a new blog. Any energy in any other direction is wasted in my book.
  • You should also seek to “earn the right” to offer advertising to your users. I think waiting, especially if you’re just starting out, is a good thing for you and your community. This goes hand in hand with providing exceptional value as well.
  • Testing is your greatest weapon when it comes to optimizing your Adsense units, position, design, and more. To do so requires that you have an adequate amount of traffic to make good estimates and to test thoroughly. As a result I still hold pretty firmly that you should wait until you have 250 unique visitors per day. In fact, I suggest even more.
  • Without enough traffic you inevitably won’t have enough organic traffic to make the conversions necessary to make you competitive financially as well as give you enough motivation to continue. Most people quit at this point and never see it through to the end of their true earning potential. But, you need to have enough traffic!

Ultimately though you should wait until you have both the time and interest level necessary to set it up properly and to optimize effectively. If you don’t have either (or just small amounts) you should wait. And never start if you aren’t sure or are uncomfortable with it!

Varying Degrees of Success

It is irresponsible of me to forget to mention that there are definitely a varying of success that can be achieved based on traffic. All of us know this intuitively but it’s worth noting explicitly.

For example, a site about the mortgage industry (and how to solve your mortgage woes) with 7,500 uniques per month could make $150+ per month while a blog about what you ate for breakfast with the same amount of traffic could earn $10 (or less).

How you fare will depend on your success as well as your content, community, and commitment to optimization.

[This is part of the Blogger's Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

  • Jeremy Myers

    Great point.

    I write a theology blog, and most of the readers are not looking to buy much when they come. Sure, I get a few click for online universities, and book publishing, but my niche will somewhat limit my CTR.

    • Keri

      Jeremy…I’ve been thinking that ads may not be the way for me to earn an income from my blog either. {and we have a similar niche} I’ve been exploring other ways to garner income from my writing, such as turning a blog post into an article for magazine/print publication. Have you considered things like that or have any ideas in that department?

      • Jeremy Myers

        Yes, actually. I really need to start looking into magazine articles more, but I have published a few articles in theological journals, and have been a contributor to a few books.

        A few months ago, I wrote an ebook, and made it available on Amazon. It has not sold well, but I did it for the learning process more than anything.

        Right now I am using my blog to write a book. I write a chapter on my computer, then break it up into blog posts. This helps give me feedback on the content, while also getting people interested in the book itself.

        Again, I am not sure that the book will get published… but I am trying to move in the publishing direction.

        I came and visited your blog. I see you have the Standard Theme.It will treat you well. I like your most recent music post. It might make a good article for a Christian Music magazine.

        • John Saddington

          love these thoughts.

          keri, you do have to be creative at times to build that momentum… and sometimes it only takes one to get the ball rolling.

          perhaps i should drop a post or two about that.

    • John Saddington

      perhaps… unless you expand it into covering more CTR-type content. that’s tough though as it might compete with your overall focus.

  • Nate


    Thanks for your thoughts on this. I’ve been wrestling with whether to start an Adsense campaign or not, and from your advice, I can see I’m just not ready because I don’t have the traffic yet.

    I am wondering whether I’m doing something wrong, or if my content just isn’t there yet. Any thoughts of yours on that would be appreciated!


    • Jeremy Myers

      I don’t want to step on John’s toes, since he’s the expert here… but how long have you been reading John’s site?

      If I could make one recommendation, it would be to use his archives, and work your way through every single post he has ever written. Implement pretty much all of it (Sorry, John. There’s a few things I chose not to do).

      I found Tentblogger last March. I had been blogging for about 5 years, and was getting just over 150 unique hits per day, or about 5000 per month. I started reading this blog, and doing pretty much everything John said, and this month, I am on track to easily surpass 50,000 unique hits.

      I had Adsense on my blog for three years before I reached my first $100 paycheck. I am not raking in the money right now (and that’s not why I blog anyway), but I am getting a regular payment from Google now, so that’s nice.

      And aside from my content, and a few things minor things I learned on my own, most of this is due to John.

      • John Saddington

        :O thanks jeremy!

        no toes hurt in this comment!

    • John Saddington

      do you have the traffic yet nate?

  • Josh Burkhardt


    Although, I know you are not enjoying blogging about Adsense. I found this particular post interesting because it easily dissuaded me from using Adsense on my own blog.

    Not only do I not meet your seeming requirements for traffic but I am still new to the field of blogging and looking to develop better content and a stronger community. Any suggestions? Feel free to critique or comment on my blog


    • John Saddington


      i love it. besides, you can’t advertise on your blog right now anyways… you’re on!

      continue developing your content and a rhythm for it…! that’s your focus for a while!

  • BT Stream

    Less traffic :(

    • John Saddington

      .. for now…!

      • BT Stream

        yea… trying to increase..

  • Bank Exchange Rate

    Sounds like pretty solid advice to me. Build good quality content first and foremost…worry about making the dollars later. Cheers

  • Mishell

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  • Mishell

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  • atif

    Especially my question is from those who has google adsense account i just want to know that how much traffic i need to approve for google adsense account. I am using blogger. I have seen some blogger who have google ads on their .The most inspiring example is for all new blogger is . My website has completed 6 months and i am also using the formula used by niaz blogspot. My website link is . The theme of website is now for dowloading software and latest games. But i have great idea to put some tutorial about software related to engineering field which i am working on. But i just want to get google adsense account my daily traffic or page views are about 130 users daily totally searched by google or other searched engine. Just need to know is my blog ready for apply to google adsense or still i need to generate more traffic. please guide me with your happily reply thanks to all.

  • richa shukla

    thanks for this great information, i have five months old blogs on “ and MBA class notes”, http// and just i have very less traffic. i have only 250 to 300 visitors per day for my blog. i want to know when i try to register my blog to absence program. plz help me

  • chittara

    useful tips but i still have 80 visitors per day.its been 4 months.please give me some suggestion.