Atlanta Bloggers Meetup: Monetizing Your Blog

My handout for yesterday's Blog Meetup.

Here’s the handout and worksheet [Download PDF Here] that I created for yesterday’s Blog Meetup! I had a blast meeting local bloggers from all types of life and who were interested in many different types of content!

I walked 60+ bloggers through this sheet and talked candidly about three significant reasons why most bloggers can’t make much money with their blogs. In a nutshell I covered:

  1. Internal competition and cannibalization of your own content and advertising potential.
  2. Lack of content focus that proves to be attractive to advertisers.
  3. Inability to express adequately and effectively the best of who you are as a person and blogger which provides unique value for advertisers.

I listed out resource posts in the side of the sheet for reference.

And although it was fun walking through the sheet it was more fun to simply meet other bloggers! I met one or two mommy bloggers, a history blogger, some news and editorial bloggers, some local music, arts, and entertainment bloggers, bloggers who loved to cover tennis, bloggers who covered small business and finances, a few non-profit bloggers, and more.

How colorful! I must have hit every single blogging persona that I know about and people in all places on the blogging tree!

Doing some blog coaching!

@Dustinv even managed to snag a shot of me in my element – and that’s really what was so satisfying about this local meetup since it reminded me concretely why I do what I do: I love sharing and teaching others to be more effective with their blogs.

It was a great crowd!

Not only that I love helping people to get more motivated and more energized to take their blogs to the next level.

It’s such a pleasure to serve other people in such a simple way! Thanks everyone for coming out and I can’t wait for the next one!

Love teaching others!

And if you are in the area then I’d love to see you there as well!

[Images courtesy of EstherJuLee Photography.]