Hah. I thought I’d share with you this animated .gif that one of my students via ChairCo created in his apparent free time. Thanks Eric!

Last week was definitely a “rocking” week – I hope that the trend continues!

Oh, and by the way, I’m looking for some new music to fill my ears with while I work, got any suggestions? I’ll take anything. I am really that eclectic.

  • dustin

    Check out the latest Dr Dog album.

  • Chase Thompson

    If you haven’t already, you should check out The Impossibles.

    Freaking loved that band!

  • Ben Terry

    The Head and the Heart

  • Mutant Minds

    LOL Looks like you are watching all the Twitter followers being moved to the trash can.

    • John Saddington

      i guess so.

  • Fanatyk

    If you like rock: youtube “Once upon your dead body” by Coheed&Cambria – amazing band. If you’re more into club music, try (Pati Yang – Red Hot Black). For calm, nice music: Beirut all the way! (especially “Nantes” – check out a recording for La Blogotheque as well, not only album version).


    • Jason

      Hi John!
      I just did a DJ mix of all the songs from the ‘Project X’ soundtrack so it’s ‘house party’ ready! Check it out!

      Have a great week,
      Jason/DJ NITELIFE

    • Matt

      I second, Coheed & Cambria is great!

  • Lance

    Gary Clark Jr. did an awesome cover of Catfish Blues at the White House blues concert a few weeks ago, it’s a great, great tune! (P.S. I’m a standard theme customer and love it, as you’ll be able to see!)

  • Matt

    I’ll do ya one better. If you have spotify then checkout my DubStep playlist. It’s an ongoing process of updating/tweaking but it’s great for getting work done!

  • Patrick Leisegang

    Kat DeLuna – Dancing Tonight ft. Fo Onassis

    I Love The Piano Guys:

    • John Saddington

      that is sweet.

  • Jonny Solari
  • John Wylie

    Josh Garrels!
    And it is free from Noisetrade.
    One of my favorite albums to blog/think to.

    • Jonathan


      Thanks for letting me know about I had never heard of them before.

      And congrats! You are now on

      • John Saddington

        interesting concept. are you worried about being possibly seen as a scraper of content? how will you avoid this?

        • Bloggoround

          I can see your point, but I don’t think I will be viewed as a scraper in the long-run.

          The blog is in it’s infancy. So newborn that it still has a cone head.

          In the beginning it will have a lot of posts containing other blog’s landing pages. This is so I can build up the “rides” on the Bloggoround. The rest of my blog will be a real blog where the community will discus things related to blogging with an emphasis on design and code tweaking. My goal is to at least post these topics 5 times a week while continuing to build up the “rides” on the Blog-go-round.

          The content on the landing page is not scraped, it is merely a snap shot I take of their blog and save as an image. The only content that is copied is the information I get from their “About” page. My intent is not to claim it as my own, but to give the reader a quick opportunity to learn about the blog authors and to click on their links to their pages (somehow I will have to deal with broken links in the future). My goal is to eventually add my own comments about their blog and encourage the community to do the same. As of now I am using a carousel horse image to help readers distinguish my content from the blog author’s. I see this as a win situation for the blog authors as I hope it will drive traffic to their blog, especially those bloggers who have not been discovered by the masses yet. Of course, has not been discovered by the masses yet either, but hopefully that will change.

          If a blogger does not want their “About” information copied on my blog, I will kindly remove it. But it would kind of be like Coke asking the Super Bowl announcers to stop talking positively about their product. Maybe there are some other concerns I don’t know about, but either way I will honor their wishes.

          When does become popular (wishful thinking), the random new bloggers I pick to be on the Blog-go-round will get a needed boost in new visits. Kind of like what a blogger experiences after guest posting on a very popular blog. And of course, as a popular blog, I will begin to make the beginning Blog-go-round slots available for an advertising fee. Slot 1, being most expensive followed by the other 10 or so slots dropping in price. I might even consider making slot 1 free to the new blogger of the week, just to help them out. But for now, while is still a nobody, I encourage readers to head over there and submit their blogs for consideration while all the slots are free!

          I have a lot of things planned for the future, such as being able to view the Blog-go-round based on tags, themes, colors, etc. The future is exciting, and how can I fail? After all, I am using the best coded theme. is powered by the Standard Theme.

          Wow! Sorry. That was almost a post within a reply. :)

          • John Saddington

            sweet! interesting concept. love to see where it goes.

            • Jonathan

              Thanks! I will keep you in the loop.

  • Fanatyk

    BTW: 25,999 feedburner+twitter users: congrats John! ;-)


  • Cliff

    Blue Sky Black Death is some of my favorite ‘work music’.

  • Augis

    How about some Mandarin Pop music?
    Try Jay Chou’s “Fearless” and if you like it – look for more of his songs.

    • John Saddington

      hah! love it!

  • Cris Ferreira

    I have a few suggestions from NoiseTrade too (they’re free and legal):

    Green River Ordinance:
    Catie King:
    Jeremy Horn:

    Hope you enjoy!

    • John Saddington

      sweet! thanks!