Developing Great Blog Content That’s Read and Ranked

The Godfather has so many parallels to great blog content... I'll let you marinate on that.

This has been a Series idea that I’ve been planning to execute for some time now and I’m excited to finally find some time to write around this particular subject.

There is no question – content is the lifeblood of a blog. Without it you don’t actually have anything! But here’s the thing: Everyone creates content but not all content is actually visited and read. How does one make sure that their blog and their blog posts don’t end up the blackhole of the internet?

You see, the challenge is to create not just good content but great content that ranks well in search engines, engages your audience, and increases your pageviews. I know a thing or two about how this works (and doesn’t work) and I’d love to export all of that knowledge right into you!

Just like the other Series Posts this blog post here will serve as the landing page for the content as I generate it. I’m looking forward to this series and I hope you are too!

  1. Great Blog Content Starts Before You Hit Publish! 5 Elements That Most Bloggers Forget!
  2. What’s Your Blog’s Promise?
  3. Great Blogs Find Focus in These 3 Areas: Passion, Expertise, and Unique Value
  4. List Out Your Passions, Expertise, and Unique Value
  5. Becoming a Wabi-Sabi Blogger – Great example of #3 in action!
  6. Great Blogs Publish Posts with 300 Words or More
  7. Great Blogs Keep Their Page Load Time Short, Blog Weight Light!
  8. Great Blog Content Needs Strategic and Focused Categories
  9. Great Blogs Use Categories and Not Tags
  10. 3 Types of Content that Draw Consistent and High Traffic
  11. Creating a Vision Statement for Your Blog
  12. How To: Create a Blog Post Series and Why You Need Them!
  13. Creating Effective and Profitable Evergreen Blog Content
  14. 5 Writing Tips That I Learned From My Wife
  15. 5 Ingredients Required to Create a Blog Schedule That Works
  16. The Power of Creating a Workflow for Your Blog
  17. Your Rituals Help You Stay Productive
  18. A Few Thoughts on Video Blogging and Getting Started
  19. The Complete Guide to Using Images in Your Blog Posts
  20. Create Blog Templates to Streamline Your Publishing
  21. 5 Tips on Developing a Great Writing Habit That Works
  22. RSS: Readers, Apps, and a Subscription Strategy That Helps You Write Great Content
  23. 25 Types of Blog Posts That People Love to Click and Read
  24. 3 Elements That Will Help You Become an ‘Iterative’ Blogger
  25. Be an Accessible Blogger: Community is Content Strategy!
  26. Great Follow-Up Post: 5 Tips on Leveraging Community Feedback Well for Your Blog
  27. Become a Master Link Architect: Internal, External Linking, PageRank
  28. Publishing is Not Enough: Become a Blog Post Curator!
  29. An X Factor Element to Determine Your Content Strategy: Curiosity
  30. Crafting Perfect SEO Meta Title Tags for Your Blog Posts
  31. 10 Free Keyword Tools for Your Blog Title Tag Research
  32. Content Style Suggestions, Guidelines for Great Web Copy
  33. 13 More Tools for Testing the Performance of Your Blog
  34. Copy and Paste Your Blog Post Drafts Into WordPress the Right Way
  35. The Reason You Should Draft Your Blog Posts Outside WordPress
  36. The Best Blogging Apps for Windows, Mac, and More
  37. 20 Distraction-Free Minimal Writing Apps to Help You Focus Your Blog Content Creation
  38. The Power of ‘Free’ – A Top Strategy for Getting Blog Traffic
  39. 5 Reasons Why You Need to Experiment More with Your Blog
  40. Simplify and Speed Up Your Workflow for Commenting on Blogs
  41. Managing, Moderating Your Comments Well as Your Blog Grows
  42. A Psychological Strategy of Effective Blog Content
  43. Fully Exploit Strengths, Not Weaknesses, for Your Blog Content
  44. 10 Tips to Keep Your Blog Alive While on Vacation or Traveling
  45. Establishing Trust: Your Content Isn’t Everything!

If you have any particular questions that you’d like answered or areas of coverage surrounding content that you’d like me to unpack for you then please let me know in the comments!

See you in a bit!

  • Charles Flemming

    Please hurry.


    Here’s one thing I’d like to see:

    A real content strategy for someone like me who has to work around a really busy schedule (I work retail).

    • John Saddington

      ah. great topic!

  • Brandon

    Great stuff!

    One thing I would like to know is taking your to the next level.

    I am young so money is not there to freely spend on a blog. I would like to know how to make my blog successful until I am able to move to my own domain name etc.

    A lot of my friends and other bloggers I follow are in the same position. Maybe that could be a good topic for you? I know it would be great for us all to read about!

    • John Saddington

      it’s hard to monetize because they limit the ability to customize things like that. you’ve got me thinking about another great blog post though…

      • Brandon

        Awesome! Glad I could help in some way! You blog is a great help for me and others who are trying to create amazing blogs!

        • John Saddington

          sure thing brandon!

      • Charles Flemming

        Another great reason to get a hosted WordPress site is the ability to use the awesome Standard Theme (and no, John, I’m not sucking up!). I got the support option and have used it to the max. Well worth the money.

        • John Saddington

          it’s true though.. even if you don’t use standard theme…!

    • Stallar Lufrano

      I agree in taking to the next level. I bought my site but in linking it back to my business/product site, it’s hard to make great content, not try to push your product on people, but keep those that read it aware that you have a business.

      • John Saddington

        sure thing! i’ll put this down!

        also…do you have a gravatar?

        • Stallar Lufrano

          I do, so I hope I set it up right. Guess we will see!

          • John Saddington

            go for it!

  • Shaun Parker

    I feel for my blog i don’t really have a clear direction. I want to have a blog that cane keep everyone who supports me informed (im a missionary) but at the same time I’m wanting a space to write some stuff and express a bit.

    • John Saddington

      are you married to michelle parker?

      • Shaun Parker

        No, Im married to a Colombian women called Johana. I’m an English guy.

        • John Saddington

          just coincidence i suppose. never mind!

    • John Saddington

      sure. we can definitely talk about this!

  • Brandon

    Hey Mr. John!

    I just redesigned my blog with a new awesome theme! Check it out:!

    • John Saddington

      sweet! that looks great!

      • Brandon

        Thanks! It is a lot better and cleaner looking…also it is a lot easier to manage!

        • John Saddington

          ;) sweet!

  • Lacey Wilcox

    A few thoughts (some of these you might have addressed somewhat in other places, but could be worth repeating with this series)
    –integrating SEO WELL within your content (so that it isn’t obvious that it’s there)
    –writing titles that draw readers into reading an article
    –knowing how to “read” your audience to know the best way to attract them to a post
    –how to get links to your posts

    • John Saddington

      neato. let me marinate on these.

  • Jay

    It’s more visual than anything else and not sure if it fits withing this framework, but I learned from you the impact of having at least one image in every blog post.

    • John Saddington

      :) this is a good idea, for sure!

  • Keiki Hendrix

    I developed several key areas on my site but not by design really. I believe the key is passion. Great content comes from writing about what you want to read. Otherwise it might work for awhile but without the drive of passion, you will soon loose interest and so will the reader.

    • John Saddington

      love this! definitely going to expand on this!

  • Ben

    I would really enjoy hearing more about your blogging theory. (I think there is such an animal) What is the foundation to build solid content? I want to learn how to catch the fish not just where to find them.

    • John Saddington

      hmmmmm. love this… let me think about this one!

  • Andrew

    We all know that it is advisable to write about what you already know, but what happens once you have blogged about all that you know? Where do you take your blog?

  • Dustin W. Stout

    I’m very excited about this series! BTW – is there any risk in posting an image of a movie, or copyrighted material (i.e. the Godfather picture, the one from the Matrix, an image from the movie Troy)?

    • GraphicDesignBoss

      Great point Dustin,

      John, I haven’t seen you let anyone do any guest posts, but I’m available to do one on this subject and why it could blow your blog apart.

      Coz it seriously can!

      • John Saddington

        hmm. perhaps we can discuss!

    • John Saddington

      cool. definitely.

  • Todd Hash

    I’d love to read something along the lines of “Getting Started: First Steps to Maximizing SEO/Content Ranking in 1 hour.”

    I’m in the design phase for a site that will launch in 2-3 weeks and would like to at least have the basics of SEO in WordPress covered before publishing my first week of posts. :-)


    • John Saddington

      todd. sure thing. let me marinate on this.

      also, do you have a gravatar?

      • Todd Hash

        Doh! I actually set one up weeks or months ago, but it seems I didn’t complete a step. Tis done! Thanks!

        • John Saddington

          cool! ;) done!

  • David Santistevan

    I think tips for executing great content over the long run. I’m interested in what I’ll be doing 2 years from now as well as what I’m writing today. Also, an overview of social bookmarking sites, how to increase your Twitter followers, and maybe best times to post?

    • John Saddington

      love this. thanks david!

  • Kyle O’Rear

    I’m just getting started with my blog and I feel like I have so many ideas/topics to write about and so few at the same time. How do I know if something is worth spending the time on or not?

    • John Saddington

      great topic. let me think about this one. also, you need a gravatar! –

  • Yathi Yatheepan

    I am looking forward the series.

    • John Saddington

      so am i…!

  • Brian Alexander

    I’d likfe for you to cover this..

    Should I reply to every comment on my blog?

    I don’t get that many comments, but I want to be engaging with those that do comment. Is it a good practice to comment on everything or have some comments with no replies?

    Does that make sense?

    • John Saddington

      sure thing. it does. i could talk about this.

  • Charles Flemming

    I’m loving this, John. What a great way to build an online community and loyalty here. I love the way you’re interacting, valuing every comment. Very congruent. And I especially like how you’re encouraging everyone to get an avatar. You’re raising the standard for us as we learn how to build our online presence, giving us confidence that we can succeed, and empowering us with the tools we need. I appreciate it so much.

    • John Saddington

      thanks so much charles! i’m doing my best!

  • Rachel

    That is one more series I’m looking forward to. Something I would be interested in is this: how do you find out which search terms are best when writing a post on a certain subject and hence which keywords to use. Say, you want to write a post on the biggest mistakes managers have ever made (I;m just brainstorming here :)), how do you know if mistakes is better than errors or failures and if leadership is a more popular search term than management…or shouldn’t you care at all and just write the post already?

    • John Saddington

      love this. i’ll consider this!

  • dustin

    love this series, thanks for sharing with us John.

    • John Saddington

      sure thing dustin!

  • Dawn King

    Thanks for this series, Jon. This series really helped me focus my vision for my new blog (and create awesome categories). I’m still working through more of your tips, but today I launched with my first post. Thanks for all the help!

    • John Saddington

      awesome! congrats on this!

  • Michael

    Wow. Another series to read! I just keep finding awesomeness all over this site! Thank you John!

    As a side note, and John please forgive me if I am crossing any lines here, but I’ve been up for over 24hrs . I have just completed what I think might just be the most important post I will ever write and wanted to share it. I hope I am not breaking any rules, but here it is. Flog me publicly if necessary ;)

    • John Saddington

      why would i flog you?

      i’m going to read this in just a sec…!

  • melanie

    this is amazing. just launched my blog last week (still under construction) but i am SO glad i found this before making it public! thank you!

    • John Saddington

      awesome! go for it!

  • The Scrapbooking Housewife

    Hi John! I just finished this series over many late nights! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts and can’t wait to start blogging again! Thank you so much!! :)

    • John Saddington

      awesome! well done!

  • Sheshnath

    Hello John, I just started blogging from last month but not able to write such effectively to get traffic…
    but after googling I reached here and going to read all these posts…
    Thanks A lot..

    • John Saddington

      sure thing! you’re doing great!

  • Lanelle Weaver

    Hello John! Nice to find you. I have been reading through your posts, great stuff! I have been blogging for about 2 years now on two different blogs. My sister has been a big mentor to me.
    Mama’s Homestead is the one of the two that is getting the most attention, so that is what I have been focused on lately. I have lots more content to add.
    Would love any feedback you can give me. I do plan to and expand on my bio and about pages (this week), get a header, and change colors, but other than that, I would love the critique.
    I am especially looking for more ideas to optimize my money making opportunities.
    P.S. I take all my own pictures!
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    • John Saddington

      awesome! great for you! get those static pages done and let me know!

  • Karla Martin

    Hi John :)

    I’m Karla, and I’ve been blogging for yearrrrs, on different sites here/there. At first, it was just random, largely personal rants, but over time I have (along with the growth of the blogosphere, social media and all its personal branding potential) shifted toward a more defined and professional purpose. I’ve worked hard to clean up my e-trail of garbage and am starting almost from scratch now on something I can be proud of.

    Blah, blah, blah. Basically, I just wanted to reach out, introduce myself, and give you a sincere thanks for all the content you’ve got here/there. I’m so glad I came upon you. You’ve been a great resource. I hope that you continue on this course; I’ll be following along.

    So, anyway, here is my blog-in-progess: I have a great big to-do list before I go on any real look-at-me campaigns, but I’d love for you to see where I’m at today/tomorrow. I’ll working on implementing a bunch of your ideas, and figured you’d be interested to see them manifest.

    …Friend me: :)


    • John Saddington

      sweet! thanks for the intro!

  • Hannah Diaz

    I love how easy your blog is to navigate! You make finding relative content intuitive.The most frustrating thing to me is to find a blog that is full of valuable content and yet you have to dig around for hours to find it! Thanks for such a great blog :-)

  • Hannah Diaz

    I love how easy your blog is to navigate! You make finding relative content intuitive. I love you guide your readers to topics they will find helpful based on the articles they are reading. The most frustrating thing to me is to find a blog that is full of valuable content and yet you have to dig around for hours to find the content! Thanks for such a great blog :-)

    • John Saddington

      thanks hannah!

  • Bethany Lee

    Oh my goodness, this is gold! I found gold!! :-) Loving this–just found you today, but I will be back often. Thanks for your expertise and passion!!