Blogapalooza! – 100 Blog Posts in 1 Hour…!

Are you interested in a sprint/marathon (depending on your perspective) blog publishing party and blogapalooza?

Oh yeah!

I’m partnering with eyespeak next Friday at their offices to have a collective blog post mixer! After drinking lots and lots of coffee we’ll come together to see if the entire group can collectively create 100 (or more) full blog posts!

This is for you and your own blog and business – heck, we’re doing all of ourselves a huge favor!

Get some inspiration, network with some other bloggers, creatives, business owners, and more! I’ll be providing a little inspiration and we’ll get writing! I’m excited and should be a neat way to head into the weekend – imagine if you walked away with a few days (weeks?) of blog posts ready for your audience!

Awesomesauce? Yes. Here are the deets!

Hope to see you there!

  • Tyler H

    Lame, all the fun stuff is in Atlanta

  • Ben Terry

    This is a rad idea!

    Anybody attending? If so, share your blog url so we can follow.

  • Beth Zimmerman

    Too bad Atlanta is more than a few miles down the road!

  • Cam

    Is there anyway we can add an online element to the mix? Maybe a live streaming webcam or Skype? It would certainly eliminate the 14 hour drive.

  • Cam

    is there anyway to add an online component to this? like a live stream or skype? That would be super cool for those of us who live nowhere near Atlanta.

    • Cam

      woops, didn’t mean to submit that twice. My bad John.

  • Anna B

    Man, I’m missing out because I’m in the Midwest! I agree, it’d be fun to do a virtual/online event like this.

    Have fun!!

  • aline

    ohh ya.. i will try to do the same from here in beirut.. yayyyyy

    • Ben Terry

      Great city and great band.

      I’m curious to hear how it works out on your own.

  • kent julian

    GREAT IDEA! Right now, I have an appointment at that time, but if I can change it, I’ll be there.

    • Ben Terry

      You want to be there. Trust me.

  • Bill Blankschaen


    Just. Might. Work.

    • Ben Terry

      Yeah it will work! Can’t wait to see what you are able to write.

  • Jay

    I think I am going to attend.

    • Ben Terry

      I would say go for it!

  • Jonathan Andersen

    90% sure I’m in. I’ve had a lot of blog posts brewing and this would be a great opportunity to pump some of them out!

    • Ben Terry

      Super excited for you, Jonathan. I hope you can make it. Make sure to share your link so we can see the finished product of your hard work.

      • Jonathan Andersen

        My website is I should have the posts I drafted up in a few weeks! It was fun hanging out with y’all and meeting some new folks.

  • Joshua Chase

    I’m going to try to make this…

    • Ben Terry

      Hopefully you can make it. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out for you.