The Ultimate List of Blogging Platforms, Blog Software, Free and Paid (100+!)

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series.]

*Last Updated: September 6, 2011*

Choosing the right blogging platform is just as important as understanding what a blog is, answering the question about why you should blog, and even your blogging persona, because you eventually have to use one!

In fact, choosing the right one could mean the difference between becoming a successful casual blogger, a TentBlogger, and even a Professional Blogger (if that’s your aim), and separate you from the ocean of mediocre ones.

But where do you start? Well, they say that knowledge is power and it’s best that you have as much of it as possible! So, I decided to create a list of the all of the blogging platforms and software that exist out there and let you take a gander!

Currently I have over 100 different platforms listed! As you peruse them please note the following things:

  • This list is by no means complete. I’m sure I’m missing a few.
  • This list is roughly ordered in terms of use and adoption globally. In other words, the more popular systems are at the top.
  • A few of these might be considered more on the side of a Content Management System (CMS) but they are listed because they have a great blogging component to them.
  • Some are free and some you have to pay for. Do your research!
  • Some require zero technical knowledge to get started while others require a lot!
  • With some of them you can start blogging in minutes while some of them require a little bit more setup and installation time.
  • Some of these are a part of a social networking application and web service (a’la Facebook, MySpace, Ning, etc.) while most of them are just blogs.
  • Some of these are closer to microblogs and are used for microblogging while others might be more suited for video blogging or vlogging.

Remember that choosing the right blogging platform is a personal decision as well as a strategic business one, and the person who ultimately should decide is you! Make sure that whatever blog software you use meets as many of your needs as possible (do you know what you need?).

In fact, I let you know what I use here (if you’re curious).

So, without further ado, here’s the ever-growing list of blogging software and platforms. Please let me know if I’m missing one!

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the top blogging platforms in the world and is used by more people than any other (and with good reason).

TentBlogger is built on WordPress and it is my blogging software of choice.

Please note that there is a free version called and a self-hosted solution called where you can download the application yourself, install it, and use it on your own server. We use the latter.

2. Blogger

Blogger is simple to use and is also a very popular choice.

3. Twitter

4. Tumblr

5. Posterous

6. Squarespace

7. TypePad

8. Movable Type

9. Drupal

10. ExpressionEngine

11. Open Diary

12. Live Journal

13. Xanga

14. Dead Journal

15. MySpace

16. Facebook

17. Ning

18. Bebo


20. Plurk

21. Jaiku

22. hi5

23. Tripod

24. PHP Nuke

25. Windows Live Spaces

Please note that they are moving to WordPress instead!

26. Wheatblog

27. Penzu

28. Joomla

29. EggBlog

30. FlatPress

31. LifeType

32. LoudBlog

33. Serendipity

34. Pixie

35. glFusion

36. Textpattern

37. BlogHarbor

38. Open Salon

39. b2evolution

40. Blog CMS

41. Blosxom

42. Nucleus CMS

43. Pivot

44. SPIP

45. Dotclear

46. Globber

47. Habari

48. LiveStreet

49. Pblog

50. NibbleBlog

51. Open Blog

52. PluXml

53. Pritlog

54. SweetRice

55. Zomplog

56. Croogo

57. Blogware

58. Compendium

59. Bloog

60. cpedialog

61. ihere-blog

62. pyweblog

63. Picoblog

64. Vosao

65. JoeyB

66. PinaxCombo

67. Project Picky

68. Micolog

69. Toon-Blog

70. Django Tech Blog

71. Byteflow

72. MightyLemon

73. Kukkaisvoima

74. Jeeran

75. Spinder

76. Roller

77. Bricolage CMS

78. Blogsmith

79. Scoop


81. BoastMachine

82. Super Simple Blog

83. Webmobo

84. WikyBlog

85. Blogr

86. Blogabond

87. Blogetery

88. Weebly

89. Blogster

90. Multiply

91. vBulletin

92. Insane Journal

93. Terapad

94. Tblog

95. Friendster

96. Edublogs

97. Wikispaces

98. Aeonity

99. Blogates

100. Bravenet

101. eHow

102. Google Sites

103. HubPages

104. ISeekBlog

105. PBWorks

106. Squido0

107. Stikipad

108. Thoughts

108. Jurnl

109. Dreamweaver

110. Apple’s Mobile Me

111. Oxite

112. Blog Engine

113. DasBlog

114. Microsoft Sharepoint

115. Kontain


117. GitWrite

GitWrite is the blogging software for nerds. Sweet!

118. Toto

Toto is a seriously-small blogging engine. Yikes! Looks sweet.

Whew! That took a while.

Do you have any others that you’re using? Did you roll your own?

What platform are you using?

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series.]

  • Brian Notess

    Dude… people still use Xanga?

    • John Saddington

      yes. :) i got my start there!

    • Vajaah

      I definitely had a Xanga blog in 2005 wish I hadn’t stopped blogging!

      • John Saddington

        eh. no major loss…… :)

  • Ben Miller

    Wow, that is quite an exhaustive list. Most of those I’ve never heard of before. I’m using on just about every new website I create; even those that aren’t really blogs.

    One correction for you: Windows Live Spaces is dead. They are moving all of their blogs over to!

    A couple of additions you could make to your list:
    *A blog created with Dreamweaver
    *A blog on Apple’s

    I wouldn’t recommend either of those options, but I know people that are using them.

    • John Saddington

      yes. i am aware of that and I’ll make that change!

  • Dewitt Robinson

    I’ve tried a couple of the top ten. Ultimately, I’ve decided to go with WordPress. Flexibility is the main reason it’s working for me.

    • dewde

      WordPress and Posterous are my favorites. WordPress for the extreme versatility and Posterous for the extreme simplicity.

      • John Saddington

        probably don’t need that group posterous for 8bit after we launch the proper blog, right?

      • Dewitt Robinson

        Yes, indeed.

    • John Saddington

      yup yup yup!

  • dewde
    • John Saddington

      sweet. thanks!

  • Chris Loach

    that is one serious list…high 5 to wordpress!

    • John Saddington

      thanks chris.

  • Phillip Gibb

    wow, what a list. Thanks for taking the time to put these up.

    • John Saddington

      sure…! it took over 3 hours.

  • Bill

    If you are blogging to a corporate intranet, SharePoint is an option. Either the free with Server 2003 edition (WSS 3.0) or the MOSS incarnations.

    You can use Windows Live Writer as a desktop client for composition.

    Please don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

    • John Saddington

      That’s true! i used this while i was working in big business as well.


  • Michael

    Crazy how many platforms there are.

    • John Saddington

      and more everyday apparently.

  • Angel B

    Extraordinary! One of the greatest lists I’ve ever seen. I actively use the first 5 platforms and know a few of the others but the amount of relatively unknown ones is impressive.

    I tip my hat to you. I will post a link here on monday for sure.


    • John Saddington


      thanks! took a long time… but worth it!

  • Randy Kinnick

    Thanks for all the work in putting this list together. I began posting on Myspace and then Facebook before moving to and now moving to self-hosting with as I continue developing my blogging “career.”

    • John Saddington

      and it will continue to evolve!

  • Simrandeep Singh

    Hey that’s an excellent list. I never realized that there are so much blogging platforms available.

    • John Saddington

      sure thing simrandeep!

  • Angel B

    Two additions to the list:
    A very small, simple platform. Not really a microblog, but quite smaller than a full-form blog.
    A simple blogging platform in Spain that evidently is taking advantage of blogspot’s popularity. Spanish-only

    • John Saddington


      thanks for this I will add both of them!

  • Kyle

    I didn’t know Xanga was still around! Ha!

    • John Saddington

      i got my start there……..!

  • Deafia

    Hello. I have a suggestion one blog that is not list above: Bloglog.
    It is mircoblog like Tumblr. Not much things. You can only uses one theme, that’s it.
    You can upload pictures, or typing in a text in post.

  • Deafia

    Opps! Here’s address:

    Hello. I have a suggestion one blog that is not list above: Bloglog.
    It is mircoblog like Tumblr. Not much things. You can only uses one theme, that’s it.
    You can upload pictures, or typing in a text in post.

    • John Saddington

      sweet, let me take a look!

  • onlinefunland

    Please tell me how can I run Clicksor ads on my blog ( doesn’t have plugin support ..It doesn’t have plugin section.I hope you would guide me

  • Jason Verdelli

    Here is a new addition to this list:
    Social blogging platform making it easier to connect with your community of readers and subscribers