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Community Campfire #1

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Good morning!

Remember when you were younger and you went to that summer camp and had the campfire or large bonfire on the last night of the camp? Remember how neat that was and how you’d hop from group to group seeing all of the people you hung out with during the week, talking about stories and experiences late into the night?

I loved that about my childhood! And I’d love to bring that back, in a digital way!

I have decided to execute on a neat idea to see if we can take the community here to the next level by offering an opportunity for you to not only ask questions but receive answers (and provide answers) for each other.

Let’s call it Community Campfire (or you can call it bonfire if you’d like).

Got a question about blogging? Themes? Plugins? Ask it in the comment thread here and help each other out!

Feel free to also engage on Twitter and Facebook as well. Let’s encourage each other to take our blogs to the next level, shall we?

Have a great Wednesday – we’re almost there to the weekend, I promise!