The Best Coworking Spots (and Productivity Cafes) in Atlanta!

I dig it!

I’m compiling a list of all the coworking locations in Atlanta and attempting to experience them one-by-one.

I’ve also decided to include cafes and coffee shops that really have a nice environment and that can help the small business person, contractor, or even part time freelancer get some serious work done.

So far I’ve visited the following spots:

  1. Hypepotamus
  2. Ignition Alley (Out of Business)
  3. The Box
  4. 151 Locust
  5. Kollective South
  6. Strongbox West
  7. Cafe 33
  8. Roam Alpharetta
  9. Roam Dunwoody
  10. Desk Atlanta – Druid Hills
  11. The Work Spot
  12. Experience Rethink (No Longer Coworking)
  13. 200 Office
  14. Hub Atlanta
  15. The BizLynks Center
  16. Bean Work Play Cafe
  17. Cornerstone @ NovoLogic

Let me know if you think I should check out a few specifically!

  • Daniel Lim

    I wish there were more of such spots here in Singapore (from where I’m from). We’re a really crowded city and it would be great if there were places that offered such ambience coupled with great service. Envious!


  • leah case

    you should check out Bean Work Play Cafe…it’s a small space, but they offer child care as well so you can work while your kids play! It’s pretty cheap too.

    • John Saddington

      i’ve heard of it… i’ll have to check it out…!

      • leah case

        I really love it, right off of College in Decatur. Lots of entrepreneurial parents!

        • John Saddington

          can i go there even if i don’t bring kids?

          • leah case

            sorry, just saw this! :) Yep! My daughter is not old enough yet but I still go over there to work.

  • Dara

    1. Hodge Podge – Ormewood Park / East Atlanta
    (pasted from a blog) Hodgepodge Coffeehouse is now open on Moreland Avenue in Southeast Atlanta. Come by every Monday between the hours of 10am-3pm with your children and receive 10% off all food/beverage purchases. Use this time to meet with other Moms in our huge gallery- swap gently used child/baby gear, share advice, stories and socialize. We have a play area and a toy collection that is ever increasing.
    (i’ve never seen kids here – even if they are, big enough place would not distrub)

    2. GRANT PARK coffeehouse

    3. KARVANA (Elake)

  • John

    This needs to be updated for 2013. Some places have closed and many are offering different plans now. Hypepotamus seems to be the place now. I’m looking for a place to hang out during Big Data Week Atlanta last week of April.

    Any others that offer free wifi?