An X Factor Element to Determine Your Content Strategy: Curiosity

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[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

I’ve shared before in this epic post on focusing your content strategy that you want to create a blog that leverages fully your passions, strengths, and unique elements of value that only you have.

But, there’s an “X Factor” element that I have found that really helps people answer the question of what they should specifically write about for their blog or what particular niche they should target.

The element surrounds this idea of curiosity – those specific things in life that have continually kept you curious and wanting to know more about those things.

I have found that when people answer this question they can sometimes more effectively and quickly determine what they want to write about for their new blog than just answering the typical questions about “passion”; I mean, you’ve heard it tons of times:

What are you passionate about? You should write about that…!

You see, I just don’t see that question and the resulting answer to be the absolute best judge of what one should blog about.

As I share in the video above there are tons of things that we are all passionate about but most of them aren’t the best things to write about in our targeted blogs. I gave the example of frozen yogurt and I’m seriously passionate about that stuff – if I had the money I’d invest in every company that creates awesome frozen yogurt!

But it’s not what I need to be writing about and although I’m “passionate” about it I’m not necessarily curious about it, especially to the level that would qualify it really well for a focused blog!

Think long and hard about this idea surrounding curiosity and think about the things that you’ve been curious about historically throughout your life. I bet you’d find some interesting things to consider writing about! What’s nice about these things is that since you’ve been curious about them for quite some time the question of “sustainable interest” has already been answered!

And for those that have already decided their one or two things that they are going to really focus-fire on – perhaps you could take a moment and look at those topics through the rubric and grid of curiosity and see what you find.

Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]