Cycling: New Challenge Accepted

One of the neat things that I’ve decided to do this year is to get into cycling, which is 1,000 times better on my knees than simply running.

I picked up running as one of those New Years Resolutions but the thing is that I haven’t been one of the 99% that fail to keep their resolutions for more than a week – I’ve loved it and it’s gotten me in some great shape.

Although I haven’t lost much weight to date that was never the point – I needed to keep my blood flowing and feel like I wasn’t wasting away in front of my desk every single day. Mission accomplished.

But after years of playing very competitive soccer I needed to give my knees and other joints a serious break. After being told a billion-and-one times that I needed to jump on a bike instead I finally pulled the trigger when I purchased my daughter’s bike.

It’s been two weeks and I love it - but what’s more interesting for me is that I’ve refrained from writing much about it here on my blog.

You could say that I’ve taken a little of my own medicine here and I’m proud to have mentioned it very little on Twitter as well.

Why not blog about it when it could provide an incredible stream of new content for my readers? Heck, I’m learning tons about a new adventure and my own personal challenge of getting on a bike and riding around metro Atlanta and certainly I could make a lot of connections between blogging and biking… but I’d rather not.

It’s been a lesson on self-control, that’s for sure. There are just some things that are more for me than for the rest of the world. It is what it is!

But, I will give you a gift – Strava Cycling App is what I’m using on my rides and it’s the very best! It’s recommended by my cycling mentor, Tony Steward, who is running his own cycling shop!

I had an incredible ride this past weekend – I hope to hop back on it today as my goal is about 3-4 times a week.

Have a great week folks!

  • Dustin W. Stout

    I need to get a new bike… Does your wife ever join you?

    • John Saddington

      no. ;)

  • Vince

    I’ll have to hit you up on strava

    • John Saddington

      if you want. … not sure about the community features there..

  • Jeremy Green

    Happy to see you’re getting into biking! I started cycling a few years ago because my knees couldn’t take running anymore (4 years of high school football). I now have a mountain bike, road bike, and commuter and ride 5-6 times a week.

    I started using Strava a couple months ago, and I have to warn you, its addicting. :-)

    • John Saddington

      dude. it is…..

  • Lindsay

    Welcome to the addiction that is cycling! I started a few years ago and have been addicted ever since…

    I love riding. I get some good thinking done while on my bike, too!

    • John Saddington

      as am i… it’s been one of the best parts of my day!

  • Bloggoround

    That is great John.

    Not only does it keep the blood flowing, but it keeps the ideas flowing into your head.

    I like to use the bike to work out, but when I went with my wife she couldn’t keep up so I would have to slow down and miss out on a better work out.

    We solved the problem by getting a tandem bike! :)

    Now I never lose her and it is easy to carry on a conversation without worrying about running into each other with separate bikes.

    • John Saddington

      LOL. losing your wife….?

      • Bloggoround

        :) I even put a child leash on her when we go to the mall.

        JK! Losing her did sound a little strange after I reread it.

  • Kristin

    My husband and I both had road bikes when we were living in CA, he would pull our daughter in one of those trailers so I had no problem keeping up ;) Alas, it is too dangerous in Athens to ride a bicycle… but I do miss cycling a lot! I had knee surgery at 20 so running is out of the question for me, we are thinking of taking up kayaking or wind surfing sometime after baby #3 is born. Have you ever checked out It’s pretty fun :)

    • John Saddington

      i spent too much time on fatcyclist thanks to you……!

      • Kristin

        lol, I’m glad you liked it :)