Digging into WordPress – A Must Buy!

I really like WordPress. Actually, perhaps I could dare say that I love it.

And for many of you, well, you already knew that.

And perhaps, for just as many, I’ve encouraged you to consider using WordPress as your blogging platform of choice.

And, maybe, just maybe, I’ve challenged (encouraged?) some of you to consider diving a little bit deeper below the surface and explore some of the “development” side of WordPress.


A great book, Digging Into WordPress, that has been released for a time (in PDF format) has finally released in a printed format and I must say that it’s a must-buy for those interested in learning a little more about WordPress than the fact that it’s a combination of two words “Word” and “Press”…

… I kid.

But, seriously, Digging into WordPress is a great book and I’ve already read it twice, cover to cover. In fact, although I’ve been developing in WordPress for a while, I’ve learned a great deal and am using a number of their strategies and techniques in an upcoming WordPress Theme I plan to release.

It’s going to be good. In fact, it’s going to be great, and I attribute some of the planned success from the book.

Buy a PDF version, or go “hardcore” and get a physical copy (not really hardcore… but the spiral-bound style of it is epic!).

Tell them John (or @Human3rror) sent you! You won’t regret it.