Books on My Desk: Digging Into WordPress

Absolutely Essential. No Questions Asked!

As much of a “digital native” as I am I still love the feel of pages passing through my fingers; in other words, I still love real, flesh and blood books.

Although I have a huge (and growing) library, there are only a few books that have the pleasure of sitting on my desk, and Digging Into WordPress is one of them.

Written by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, this book provides one of the most well-rounded reviews and list of how-tos out there from plugins, themes, optimization, development, and more. Even as a seasoned developer I still reference it!

I recommend Digging into WordPress without reservation!

Quick Look:

  • Cost: $27 for PDF, $70 for Print + PDF
  • Length: 446 pages
  • Value: 10/10
  • Purchase it here.

Giveaway! Giving Away 3 Copies!

I’m going to give 3 lucky commenters a digital copy! Just comment below on how much you love WordPress and you’re good to enter!

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Thanks to all who participated! Here are the lucky three winners:

  1. Sally –
  2. Ry –
  3. Jason Larsen

Feel free to email me and I’ll get you your digital copies!

  • Kyle Reed

    Count me in for the giveaway

  • Aaron Fenwick

    I love WordPress!

  • Michael

    I love WordPress like there is no tomorrow.

  • Chase Livingston

    I love WordPress, and would love to learn more about developing for it. Count me in for the giveaway!

  • Craig Allen

    CSS Tricks was the first web design blog I started reading regularly when I wanted to learn all about it. Those guys are awesome and are responsible for getting me hooked on WordPress!

  • Eric Dye

    WordPress, how do I love thee?

    Your loop is so graceful, plugins galore.
    When I design a website, with you I do MORE!
    A complete CMS, all through and through.
    If it wasn’t for WordPress, WHAT WOULD I DO!
    My sweet WordPress, spend all day with me.
    Deep into the night, code is … POETRY!

  • Adam

    WordPress Rocks! I have this book on my iPad and Kindle so I have it with me for quick reference wherever I am.

  • Santos Samayoa

    I LOVE WORDPRESS!! Man i would love to get my hands on this, would use it to get my wordpress site up to a whole nutha level!!

  • Jason

    I’m a Typepad turn WordPress convert thanks to you.

  • Brian Notess

    WordPress… I spend most of my day looking at you. How awesome you are.

  • Jake

    I recently found you! I’ll be reading.

    best, Jake @Clombings and @elliottdesign

  • Brian Spessard

    Oh man! I’ve been eyeing this book for a while!
    Love WordPress like a fat kid loves cake! :)

  • Darrell Jordan

    I love WordPress which is why I moved my blog over from bloogger a while back. Next step is to get my own domain name for my blog and move it again. :)


  • jon manna

    i love wordpress and aspire to be a lifelong canadian tentblogger! Tweeted this bad boy!

  • Chris McGrath

    After attending Word Camp Atlanta earlier in the year, I am officially hooked on WordPress. This book would be a very welcomed addition to my library.

  • Andrew

    I’ve seen that book floating around, and have been wanting to get my hands on it for some time, I just haven’t been able to do so.

    I would love my own personal copy, especially one signed by you John.

  • Stephen Bateman

    Well everyone agrees that Chris Coyier is a genius, and probably the nicest-sounding tutorial-guy out there.

    But the fact that he released a book for $70 is freakin great. It’s like the Apple pricing strategy, you think it’s better just because it’s so dang expensive.

  • Erick Rodriguez

    I would love the opportunity to win this book. I’ve been playing around with WordPress & I want to learn how to effectively use it.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Dude! Thank you for sharing this recommendation. I’ve been shopping around for a resource like this and was about to pull the trigger.

    I love WordPress like rain loves Seattle!
    Keep the awesome content coming. It’s an inspiration to those of us aspiring tentbloggers.

  • David Knapp

    I love WordPress so much that two things happen.

    1. I realize that the W and the P are both supposed to be capped.
    2. I love WordPress so much my wife gets jealous of it. ;-)

  • Jon

    I love @Dewde’s hair… and WordPress.

  • davegullett

    I’m very interested in this book. I’m new to WordPress but it seems to be powerful, yet easy to begin with. I’d love to have this book to help me go from being a newbie to a pro.

  • Bobby Shirley

    I love WordPress and all WP related stuff, Standard Theme and Live Theme for example. ;)

  • Nick

    I love wordpress. The only reason I even tried to learn about it is because of you and your blogs. Now I have moved both of our church sites over to wordpress and I am using the bildy theme and want to learn more. Thanks!!!

  • phill tran

    WordPress is great

  • Dave ©

    I love WordPress…AND just purchased StandardTheme yesterday. Surely, that’s worth a freebie, right? ;)

  • Joshua Chase

    Don’t count me in, I already have it. Just wanted to say it’s very well worth it!

  • Jimmy Proulx

    WordPress is awesome. It is the best blogging platform out there. I highly recommend it to others that are interested in blogging. I like the fact that there is so much you can learn to make your blog better. I am interested in becoming a professional blogger and WordPress is the way to start.

  • Karin

    I currently have a blog on WordPress, but I need to learn way more than I know (know just enough to be dangerous). Would love a copy
    Thanks John

  • Jenny Arnez

    I think WordPress is brilliant! I recently was given the opportunity create a few sites for work using WP & I love it.

  • Anne

    I am just getting started with WordPress and I like it so far… just have so much to learn!

  • Sally

    I hated WordPress at first, however, now I love it. I used to think it was cumbersome. I was really saying to myself, “I’m not intelligent or patient enough to learn this.” I’m glad I took the time to learn WordPress because it can do so much, and I’m continually learning. Thanks for the post TentBlogger

  • Daniel Decker

    I love WordPress but I’d love you even more (if I won).

  • Ron Smith

    WordPress is this blogger’s choice. This week I will be optimizing to a new theme. Wish me luck….

  • Tim Davis

    I love wordpress!

  • Todd McKee

    I’ve tried a LOT of CMS’s, but WordPress is now my “go to” for all my web work. I want to know more, but I can only take in so much at a time.

  • Justin @ BeDeviant

    Writing posts all day.
    WordPress dazzles at all times.
    Does it get better?

    A WordPress haiku.

  • Jay

    You know I love WordPress bro!

  • wvpv

    WordPress is the Kansas City BBQ of CMSs. Boom.

  • Marc Cardaronella

    Love your blog and love WordPress! Looking forward to making work better with all the great tips here on Tentblogger. Thanks!

  • Jimmy King

    WordPress is my favorite CMS by far, and it comes at an excellent price ;)

  • Geek for Him

    I am a WordPress freak and would love to learn more about the inner workings so I get the BIG picture.

    Right now I am pretty sure I am holding onto about 10% of the pie!

  • Brian Alexander

    I heart wordpress.

  • Andrew

    I love WordPress because it… first loved me?

    Wait, no, that’s not right…

  • Samuel John

    I love WordPress because it gives an entrepreneur like me the chance to build a profitable business without the typical initial investment most businesses require.

    Love the blog, man. Keep the good stuff coming!


  • Brandon Uttley

    WordPress & Standard Theme, what’s not to love?

  • Ry

    I am new to publishing treasure via the web, and WordPress has become God’s vehicle for optimal maneuvering and movement! One Accord, anyone? And thanks, Mr. TentBlogger, for training us in the ways of tech. Eternal rewards for everyone!

  • Ry

    I am new to publishing treasure via the web, and WordPress has become God’s vehicle for optimal maneuvering and movement! One Accord, anyone? And thanks, Mr. TentBlogger, for training us in the ways of tech. Eternal rewards for everyone!!!

  • Alex Quinonez

    I love WordPress as much as I love Apple Products!!!

  • Kevin

    You already know I love WordPress! I’d love to learn more though. I love learning. I’m really interested in learning more of the wp functions! They seem endless!

  • Jason Larsen

    I’m still new to the world of developing, but wordpress is a great way to get into it. Thanks for making your trusted resources known to people like me!

  • Tom H.

    I’ve been using WordPress for 3 months and love it! This book seems like it would help with all the stuff I haven’t figured out yet!

  • Jason Larsen

    Thanks for letting us in on these great resources. I’m just starting to learn some developing things, and am starting with wordpress, thanks to guys like you!

    • Jason Larsen

      Sorry about this duplicate comment! My device is freaking out and not letting me see that I’ve submitted a form.

  • Kevin Cooper

    I love John.

  • Travis Fish

    WordPress is the best. No doubt.

  • John Snook

    Is this book good for beginners? Someone completely new to WordPress? If not is there any resources you can recommend?


    • Brian Notess

      I got this book for christmas… it’s pretty expensive ($75 for print and e-book) but it does a really great job explaining things.

      If you aren’t very comfortable with code/mark-up it might be a little much, but I do think it could be very useful for a beginner. It’s written in very accessible language unlike a lot of the other resources out there and it walks you through every step of setting up your WP site.

      • John Snook

        Thanks Brian, Do you know anything about wordpress for dummies?

        • Brian Notess

          Haven’t read that one, though it seems more appropriate for me.

          • John Saddington

            dude. whatever. ;)

    • John Saddington

      it is, but it’s a bit expensive. i’d hold off honestly until you’re interested in diving in a bit more probably. the cost is high.