I love Dilbert comics and believe that many of Scott Adams’ work has come to describe life as we know it better than many other things.

I enjoy it for their painfully true statements about corporate and professional life as well as the commentary on universal things like purpose, friendship, loss, and hope.

This one strip though got me going a bit as I read it over a few times. I hope it did the same for you.

Dilbert is unfortunately wrong here but it is not entirely his fault – he was born into this environment and luck will most likely not be on his side as he will surely die in this environment as well.

It is not his bosses’ job to craft nor declare the meaning of the work that Dilbert pursues. It is Dilbert’s own responsibility.

Unfortunately, many of us are victims of this backward thinking and overtime we realize that our hope lies solely on the shoulders of those that manage us or the “powers” that send us an automated paycheck every 2 weeks.

That’s unfortunate and tragically your thinking around this dynamic is much less about your disloyalty to the organization as it is an expression of your own disloyalty to yourself. You have forgotten how unique and special you are and how you have a much greater purpose to fulfill than what you might believe.

It’s time to take back a little bit of your own independence. How fitting that I actually found time to write this post out on July 4th, 2013, where we as a nation celebrate our own independence from the British Empire.

It’s time to live a little for a greater cause, a much greater good. Perhaps as you slump back to your desk tomorrow (or Monday) you’ll contemplate your own freedom to pursue something that your passionate about and you’ll then go do something about it.

  • http://tathan.blogspot.gr/ Takis Athanassiou

    Excellent post, John. I’m, dealing a lot with self determination, lately and I think your post captured a lot of the ideas that bottle necked [!] in my head, lately. I believe that we have to be genuinely, purposefully, intentionally and deliberate own of our life and destiny. That why I’m still “loyal” and love the old UNIX proverb [yes, from the old, old days of SUN and Silicon Graphics Workstations], reads that you are ‘Master Your Fate, Captain Your Soul” (from poem Invictus of William Ernest Henley, as lately find out).

    Thank you for sharing, John.

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      you are welcome my friend! love that quote!

  • http://josuemolina.com/ J.Molina

    One of the things I’ve discovered about myself is that my talent is just merely a tool for something greater. As simple as it sounds, many confuse their talent as passion or purpose. When I looked deep in to it, I had it all wrong. I’m sure you’ve had this encounter before. It’s eye awakening experience to know you can push beyond the talent and skill.

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      man, i could sit on this comment all day my friend! YES. Without question.
      Writing is not really my passion – it’s what it does to the heart and mind of myself and my readers. Hopefully it impacts their “feet” as well as they will go do something with it.

      • http://josuemolina.com/ J.Molina

        It’s crazy how to some are living in frustration, even when they’re “living the dream.” All because they have confused their potential (gift/skill) with passion. The vision becomes distorted because they doubt their purpose over and over. As hard as they try, there will always be an emptiness — no matter how high ranked they are.

        I was one of those.

        Celebrities, Athletes, Wealthy people, and even Low-class citizens fall victim of it.

        One’s calling goes beyond the ability. It’s selfless. It’s about giving. The potential simply becomes a tool or a channel to communicate the intended message.

        So I call tell, no matter how many things you venture out to: technology, writing, or speaking. Your passion remains the same. Discovering a new potential becomes an adventure.

        Thanks for sharing your post and doing what you do.

    • http://www.cafecasey.com/ Dawn Casey-Rowe

      Very often talent and passion do not intersect. This is actually, at times, a gift, because in my experience, talent sometimes gives people the desire to become lazy, while passion creates a push. Determination. Work ethic. I’ll take 10 people for my team, business, project who are determined any day.

      • http://josuemolina.com/ J.Molina

        @dcaseyrowe:disqus Well said Dawn. I agree.

  • Michael John Beil

    It rings true that all the aspirations inside me will become evident as I pursue my higher dreams. Thanks for bringing light to the greatest cause that we could have–freedom.

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      and what is itching these days…?

      • Michael John Beil

        Writing, speaking, music, and coding.

        • http://John.do/ John Saddington

          whoa! that’s a lot!

          • Michael John Beil

            I know!