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Do Not Disturb

I found this little setting in the new iOS 6 update and I’m using it right now (so you can thank iOS 6 for this blog post).

What this essentially does is allows you to completely silence your phone, either on command or for a set period of time that you designate. As you may have already seen, the morning time is especially critical.

For publishers and writers this “do not disturb” period is critical to our success as we need that concentrated block of time to get our best work done, consistently, every single day.

The best thing about this feature is that it silences all the alerts that constantly pop up on my device that might distract my attention from my writing tools and favorite digital canvas.



Doesn’t that feel better? You can still let it notify you of important calls (like from my wife) and if someone calls you more than once within 3 minutes it’ll pass through as well (for emergencies I suppose).

Even if you don’t have an iDevice I strongly recommend that you find some application or some system that allows this type of distraction-free writing for your work and business.

Build it in or just put your phone in your pocket or bag and leave it there for a good amount of time!

Do whatever it takes for you to get those blog drafts pumping and publishing!

Any other neat features that you’re already using through the new iOS 6? Love to hear about them as well!