• http://www.consultancymarketing.co.uk Dr Ian Smith

    Thanks John,
    Just noticed the news about Google Reader a few moments ago.

  • http://www.planet40.com/ Moin Ramiz

    and now Google has announced to kill the Google Reader :(

    • http://john.do/ John

      that’s what this is about…… :P

  • http://www.lionsdendesigns.com Daniel

    Yes. It is sad. Bad business decision. I’m using Feedly too. RSSOwl is cross-platform.

  • http://www.QuiltyStuff.com Michelle

    Thank you for the Feedly recommendation. I was so sad when I read that Google Reader was closing. It really helps keep my inbox clean and helps me separate my work and focus. I hope Feedly is just as great.

  • vaultpressc7882a004297db58c85455ade7241091

    Chose the same thing myself John and it is indeed sad. Was a fan of Google Reader.

    • http://john.do/ John

      your name is very odd…

  • http://jorgesilvestrini.com Jorge Silvestrini

    I’ve been using Feedly for a while now since they started beta on my iPhone and iPad. Also heard of Bloglovin’ – anyone?

  • http://svalb.org Tomb

    I heard Feedly gets to know whatever I do in my browser. So I gonna stick with theoldreader.com

  • http://gravatar.com/jceline66 Celia

    Thanks for sharing this! Thankfully we have a few months to make the switch. Although, I’m still sad we have to…

  • http://www.thetraveltart.com The Travel Tart

    Thanks for this. I’m looking at a couple of options here. Not sure if Google is going to listen to the millions of people who use Google reader and the inconvenience retiring this service (which I use), but hey, thanks for this alternative.

    • http://john.do/ John

      you’re welcome!

  • Emily

    A lot of bloggers recommend Bloglovin’ because it counts toward their pageviews. How important is that and does Feedly do the same? What’s your take?

    • http://john.do/ John

      just use feedly. it really does work.