Make Sure To Keep Following @TentBlogger!

A significant change has occurred on Twitter today as I have changed my strategy up a bit as it relates to Twitter.

I’ve been managing 2 accounts, the first being @TentBlogger and the second being @Human3rror (the latter existing way before the former).

Today I swapped the names and have dedicated my time to @TentBlogger primarily.

What Does This Mean?

It simply means that if you’ve been following @TentBlogger you may be following @Human3rror instead.

All you have to do is follow @TentBlogger one more time and that’s it. Sorry for the confusion – working on some branding opportunities for the coming year as I try to consolidate properties and online personas.

What this ultimately means is that I’m combining my online time and efforts as well as combining “worlds” for better collaboration and synergy. What that means most simply is that I don’t have to manage 2 accounts.

*Whew* … I should have said that first!

Thanks all, appreciate the community and can’t wait to see it grow this coming year!

  • Blane Young

    How did you switch them and transfer followers?

    • Jimmy King

      All you need to do is change your name in account settings. I’m guessing John had to change one to a dummy name for a moment so that name would be free for the other account.

      • Tyler

        Yep that sounds right.

    • John Saddington

      i’ll write a quick post about this.

  • Joshua Chase

    Yeah, I’ve changed names before as well. Be careful though, for some reason when I changed one of mine, it flagged it, and my tweets weren’t showing up in search. I submitted a ticket to twitter and they fixed it. Probably isolated to just me because that’s ow the world works :)

    • John Saddington

      that’s true. you could get caught up.

  • Ben

    (begin sad violin music) I miss @human3rror already, :( change is hard to take sometimes. (end music)(begin awesome guitar riff) But i’m loving @tentblogger’s content! (fade out music)

    • John Saddington

      ;) thanks bro!

      i don’t miss him one bit.

  • Daniel Decker

    I’ll follow you regardless of your name or handle. :)

    • John Saddington

      thanks bro!

  • Peter P

    How did the change go for you?

    Any problems?

    I’m just looking seriously at branding. I’ve just started designing wordpress sites for $$ for the first time and so my online personas and identities are getting more and more diverse.

    It’s quite difficult to try to work out how to bring everything together when it has grown without any cohesion ove rthe last decade.

    • John Saddington

      it’s been fantastic. i love just being “one” person everywhere.!!!

  • KC

    I’m really struggling with the whole dual maintenance thing when it comes to Twitter.

    Last fall I started building a brand around my Twitter handle @ThatGuyKC and had a free blog on Now that I’ve launched (including a Twitter profile and Facebook page) I find myself cross posting stuff and I don’t want to clog up follower/fan feeds.

    Since launching SWG on Jan 11th I’ve managed to post almost daily to both SWG and a random personal blog. Thing is the level of effort and especially content quality isn’t sustainable for me right now. Between work, school and family I’m averaging 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Once summer hits things might be different, but I”m getting burnt out. I love it, but I’m running on empty.

    I’m thinking of copying your Twitter swap and allowing @ThatGuyKC (and the associated blog) to fade substantially into the background while I pour greater time and effort into @SomeWiseGuy.


    • Peter P

      Trying to be two people is almost impossible anywhere whether it’s offline or online.

      I’d recommend consolidating at least your twitter handles.

      • KC

        Thanks for the advice Peter. Been thinking it for a few weeks. Just need to do it.

        • John Saddington


      • John Saddington

        i like this.

    • John Saddington

      do what you have time for, bottom line. you’ll be the most effective that way..!

  • Jim Napier

    I currently have @NapiersNews and @NapiersNewsFeed. I used @NapiersNews as my personal Twitter and to feed all of my content from @NapiersNewsFeed is just the News content/official feed for the site.

    I am in the process of making a professional move and am considering changing the NapiersNewsFeed to NapiersNews and then changing the username so I still only have two account. Would love some advice on this matter, feel free to email me.

    • John Saddington

      totally. i’m all for consolidating… but what of your personal twitter?