Making the Most of the Forks in Your Blogging Road

I took my daughter to a local Fall Festival and they had an incredible corn maze; the largest I’ve ever seen!

She loved it and I had a great time as well. But, there were so many forks in the road and honestly I couldn’t stop thinking about how we face these types of decisions every single day, sometimes in a big way and sometimes in a small way, as it relates to blogs and blogging.

Upon reaching this particular juncture, I whipped out my iPhone and captured my daughter dealing with this type of pressure in decision-making:

[tentblogger-vimeo 15976341]

She took it like a champ! I loved seeing how she just made a decision and went on her way and I felt like this how we should almost always approach our efforts in blogging: Decisively.

At the end of the day it’s just a blog and nothing we do, whether it be content, design, or a new widget here and there, will do irreparable damage to our blog. Right? We can make significant changes and “risk the farm” without actually risking much at all!

It affords us the opportunity to be exceptional entrepreneurs without the dangers and costs associated with entrepreneurship! And just like the corn maze we knew that there was no danger of choosing the “wrong” path ever since we could always retrace our steps or just walk out of the corn itself!

Face those “critical” forks in the road in your blogging journey with a bit of courage and chutzpah and spend more time doing than making a bigger deal out of relatively small decisions!

So, how do you handle decisions as they relate to your blog? What keeps you from freezing due to “paralysis by analysis”?