Fun via Barbara Corcoran

You’ve probably seen one (or two… or many) of the Shark Tank episodes and she might just be one of my favorite personalities (although I admit that Kevin is pretty hilarious…).

I had no idea who Barbara was until the show began to air but Google quickly fixed that and the more I read about her story the more I liked her as her background and perspective is one that’s worth borrowing, if not outright stealing.


My team loves to have fun and I can’t imagine working in any environment where that isn’t fundamental to how we engage with our mission. It has be be part of the ethos and the culture as life is too short to not have fun while doing great and meaningful work.


Love it. From an older interview with Entrepreneur Mag:

I never thought of it as leadership, but I knew I wanted to be loved by the people who worked for me,” Corcoran says. “I built the business exactly the way my mother built and ran her family. I wanted a replication of the big, happy family I grew up in. I wanted happy people having fun.

Is it too silly of an ideal? Is it too “soft” or “squishy” to make having fun an actual goal? I don’t think it’s too silly. I do have issue with the idea behind making it like “a family” but that’s another post for another time perhaps.

Otherwise, I’m digging on Mrs. Corcoran and I’m bummed when she’s not sitting in her chair on show – she adds a perspective and flavor to the show that makes it worth watching.