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Managing Your Blog Well is Like a Good Haircut

[tentblogger-vimeo 16478341]

Challenge Type: Strategy
Time Required: 1-5 minutes
Impact: Could be small, maybe large depending on what you’re removing!

In the embedded video I share a few thoughts about how constant evaluation of your blog in terms of design elements, features/functionality, plugins, and more will help you prepare for long-term growth.

Obviously happy.

Specifically, I speak upon how removing elements can oftentimes be a healthy practice in order to prepare for long-term growth and success. There’s always been an intimate relationship between pruning and growth, right?

The challenge for you today is to think about what you can take away instead of add. Perhaps it might simply be doing one blog post instead of two. Perhaps it’s something more dramatic. It’s up to you!

Finally, just like going to get your hair done, you do it frequently and a few times a year (perhaps more). Systematically evaluating your blog is not only a healthy practice but a strategic one as well!

[Creative Commons, aurelio]