Hello…? Did We Make It…?

Hi. Are we here? Do you see me? Did we land?

Looks like we’ve swapped hosting successfully (I hope)… but I need you guys to rock the site and see if anything is wrong… jump in different browsers, check out different posts, etc.

We have a global community and nothing is going to test it better than a good old click-fest!

Let me know! Thanks all!

  • James

    at the very least I can read this post from Australia :)

    Still missing some content in the forum but that may be a separate issue to this blog?

  • http://jarederickson.com Jared Erickson

    i see it on my computer.. its on the internet

    • http://john.do John Saddington

      thanks. ;)

  • http://www.myskoteket.se Tomb

    So far so good!

  • http://www.rjgrune.com RJ Grunewald

    it looks like the post is working and i can also see the forum.

  • Suzanne

    Yep – had a little scoot around and all looks fine (can’t try other browsers as I’m at work on OLD IE) on the .com – the permissions thing on the forum seems to be the only problem.

    good job, John! It wasn’t that bad really, was it?!

  • http://www.calebgordon.com Caleb Gordon

    I can see you!

  • http://www.ivoryjohn.com John Wylie

    Seems like a flawless migration to me, man! :)

  • http://www.geekfori.com Geek for i

    I am here – BUT it is very slow loading compared to the last time I visited.

  • http://dewittrobinson.com Dewitt Robinson

    Good to go!

  • http://www.solobizcoach.com Fred @ SoloBizCoach.com

    Hey John,

    I am not able to see the threads in the Blog90x forums. Why is that?

  • http://tommcfarlin.com Tom McFarlin

    Looks like we made it successfully!

  • http://www.churchandwebdesign.com Matt

    It seems like there are less advertisements live on your site now?

    • http://john.do John Saddington

      hmm. not sure?

  • Blogger Profesionist

    Everything looks good so far. Congrats and good luck with the new hosting provider!

  • Mark Evans

    Looks fine and loads fine on Chrome!

  • http://getbusylivingblog.com Benny

    Looks good to me as well!

  • Craig

    noticeably lightening fast! how’d ya speed it up?

  • Chris Langille

    Not only did you make it, but the site loaded super duper fast for me. And I’m using IE8!!

    (no, not because I want to, because I have to for work)

  • http://everydaysnapshots.com Dave Anthold

    Looks like you made it!

  • http://nwbingham.com Nathan W. Bingham

    Working fine here. :-)

  • http://www.timldahl.wordpress.com Tim Dahl

    Things look great. I also see where you have multiple advertising spaces empty. They are just blank gray boxes on the screen. Are they really empty, or just not loading correctly?


    • http://john.do John Saddington

      perhaps just empty. ;)

  • http://calumhenderson.com/ Calum Henderson

    Looks great to me!