How Far Will You Go For the Bean?


Random thought this morning:

Today, I drove to a different Starbucks than I usually do just because I was more interested in the experience of going besides just the caffeine punch to the face.

I drove another 10 minutes, waited in line an additional 10 minutes, and didn’t have any conversation other than ordering my Americano.

In my usual spot, which is right around the corner (literally) I don’t have any lines, I have active conversations with the employees (who actually know my drink and my name), and I get the same exact thing.

The big difference is that the one I went to today is the original Bux in town, located in the downtown area, is more “hip” and “trendy” and obviously more “frequented.”

What’s wrong with me? What was I thinking? How far will you go for the bean and, perhaps more importantly, why?

The End.

[Image from Ajawin]