• Demian Seiler

    IE as a heroine??? I have no words…

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      strangely odd…..

  • trevorknelson

    Interesting. And I’m not sure what it’s trying to accomplish (I’m probably too old). Because it’s IE, everyone’s first response will probably be one of derision and claims that it’s another misstep by MS. But I can’t help thinking that if it had been Chrome of Firefox, it would have been lauded as brilliant marketing.

    • Demian Seiler

      I believe your statement regarding Chrome (maybe not Firefox), is true because it is generally a better product than IE. This is why it is odd (and I say incorrect) portraying IE as a heroine when in fact it is more of a thorn in our sides due to Microsoft refusing to play ball with industry standards.

      It is this irony I think, wrapped in the somewhat confusing (to the much of the west anyway) world of anime that raises eyebrows. Or as John Saddington puts it, “Strangely odd.”

  • http://www.SamsonStudios.ca/ Carson D. Samson

    I don’t understand how this relates to IE at all. But the video was entertaining enough. Weird.