iOS 7 Only

ios-7-iconOn February 1st all iOS apps will be required to be optimized for iOS 7:

Starting February 1, new apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5 and must be optimized for iOS 7. Learn more about preparing your apps by reviewing the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

And that’s that. Apple is dropping the hammer on development guidelines first and I imagine that they’ll highly encourage developers to design around iOS 7 aesthetics too at some point in time (although the pressure is already a very real and felt requirement for some).

I’m glad I made the decision quickly in the life of Pressgram to move to this new standard. I had guessed this would be happening.

It is really amazing how quickly the world has shifted its focus to this new design perspective and how quickly the old one was perceived as “old” and very alienating. I think this is unfortunate because there’s still a lot of beauty in skeuomorphic design, and there are times where I really do like it.

There are some app icons that I actually prefer it, as strange as that might sound. It doesn’t work for all apps, but for those that have really done a fantastic job with their design, it really knocks it out of the park.