The Most Important Accessory to a Good Pair of Jeans

This is a continuation of a very different kinds of series on my interest in jeans. Make sure to read the other posts!

I feel like this post could be one sentence as I answer easily the question of what the best and most important accessory for an incredible pair of jeans is – the answer is obvious (to me at least) because that answer is shoes.

Without an incredible pair of shoes you have nothing – nothing!

The shoes are not just complementary – they are essential for the jeans to look and even feel right on your body. They have to fill out the rest of the amazing picture that is created when you put your pair of jeans on your bum and your legs.

It’s essential to our success in wearing jeans properly, don’t you agree? Haven’t you see incredibly attracive jean wearers who also have incredible taste in shoes? It just “works,” right?

Now it’s completely up to you as to what those shoes are but you have to spend just as much time deciding what they are (and the right colors) as you do with your pair of jeans.

I personally love Zoo York shoes. I somehow stumbled upon them nearly by accident as I was at a local store and my wife forced me to pick something because I had been complaining about needing new shoes but had done nothing about it.

She had packed me and the children into the car and drove all of us down to the mall where we proceeded to systematically comb every single male shoe store there.

It was in the very last store that where I had that moment of sheer joy as I almost angrily tried on a pair of shoes that I didn’t think was “me” and ended up loving them to death.

Now, I can’t stop but buy a pair that I see if they are of the right make, model, and color. Ebay is the worst since you can find all that you want and instantly buy them without shame or guilt.

Incredible jeans require incredible shoes. Make sure you have the very best when you walk out that door!

  • david

    huge zappos fan here

  • kat

    i’m not a fan of jeans because they’re a pain to wash even with washing machine!

    but reading about your jeans posts has been very entertaining! i’ll wait for the other four (is it?) posts. =)

  • Josh Wagner

    It’s funny how working at a shoe store will make you aware of your shoes. I used to not care about them. Now, I have more shoes than my wife.* And I’m getting really picky about the “look” of my shoes.

    *Ed. note: if you count flip-flops, she’s got more than me. So it’s a toss up.