The Question of Wearing a Belt with Your Jeans

Interesting belt…

This is a continuation of a very different kinds of series on my interest in jeans. Make sure to read the other posts!

To belt or not to belt? That is the question!

For starters I wore a belt like a religion with my first pair of jeans – it was super-long, much longer than was necessary. I would knot it in some fashion along the side and then let it hang down, sometimes past my knees (read more about my thug-conversion here).

When I think about this style and practice now I literally want to throw up in my mouth a little – I was such an idiot. I’m not even sure what that style was or why I even started doing it.

But it all changed when I headed to a private High School where I needed a “nice” dress belt instead of my belt inspired by original gansters.

I hated those belts at the time since I couldn’t “let them hang” but that was the law and so I obeyed it so I could continue to get an education from that fine institution. 

When I went to college it changed yet again and it all became very unclear as to where I would head with belts. Would I go back to my original ways or would I continue on with the darkside of nice Gucci-like (I couldn’t afford those really nice designer ones) belts?

Neither. Apparently I just opted not to wear any at all and that’s where I am today and I love the idea of just having a comfortable pair of well-fitted jeans.

Why? Because a good pair of jeans, if fit properly, never requires a belt to keep them up. You see, it all goes back to that incredible and perfect fit for a pair of jeans and if you don’t have that then you obviously require a belt, which is pretty much a fix for your inability to be styled well.

But ultimately it’s your own decision. Whether you wear a belt or not is entirely up to you but I would suggest strongly that if you require a belt to keep them up then you need to get some advice on how to get fitted properly for a belt.

And you’ll look better in the end without one, trust me.

  • Jared M

    I’ve gotta disagree with you on this one John. Even with a great fitting pair of jeans, a nice belt goes a long way in fashion. I don’t wear one to keep my pants up anymore than I wear a tie to keep my shirt from falling down. I wear it as an accessory and will actually turn around and go home if I forget it.

  • Dave T

    Totally agree that a well and correctly fitted pair of jeans shouldn’t require a belt to keep them up.
    It’s crazy that jeans I had in 10th grade are 2-3 sizes bigger than I wear now and not because my waste got smaller. (Why didn’t anyone tell me!?)

    However, I go by the rule religiously that if you can see the belt loops then a belt should be in it. Shirt untucked that covers the loops – no problem; the minute you tuck that sucker in, there better be a belt sliding around.

    Though you could always get that perfect fitting pair of jeans with an ELASTIC waste band. =) or not

  • Lawrence S

    Glad someone agrees with me!

    Started wearing jeans without any belt back in jr. high school, thirty-five years ago. Noticed about once a week our cool young math teacher, who most days wore denim or corduroy jeans in one of the various colors available at the time: chocolate brown, sandy tan, rusty dark red, or olive green, along with sky and navy blue, and black skipped putting on belt, so I decided to copy him. I surmised, though, my fashion preference might not pass inspection of overly protective parents, who throughout childhood had selected all wardrobe items and dictated daily clothing choices. So, for several weeks habitually arrived at school and pealed belt off, threw it in locker, and only got it with coat, books and stuff again at end of day. Well, the inevitable eventually happened, I accidently left it behind and next day couldn’t find it anywhere, but was just as happy since I could go without it on all the time.

    Since I always opt to tuck-in shirt, my alibi, “Oh, I just forgot it,” sounded authentic the first few times someone noticed and reminder me,”You didn’t wear a belt today!” However, several months later I remember hearing a last ditch plea, “Where is your belt and why don’t you ever wear it anymore?” Answered more truthfully, “Well, these are just blue jeans, they fit fine, so I don’t really need one.” Not sure explanation worked. I think parents just decided to focus on more important issues.