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The Question of Wearing a Belt with Your Jeans

Interesting belt…

This is a continuation of a very different kinds of series on my interest in jeans. Make sure to read the other posts!

To belt or not to belt? That is the question!

For starters I wore a belt like a religion with my first pair of jeans – it was super-long, much longer than was necessary. I would knot it in some fashion along the side and then let it hang down, sometimes past my knees (read more about my thug-conversion here).

When I think about this style and practice now I literally want to throw up in my mouth a little – I was such an idiot. I’m not even sure what that style was or why I even started doing it.

But it all changed when I headed to a private High School where I needed a “nice” dress belt instead of my belt inspired by original gansters.

I hated those belts at the time since I couldn’t “let them hang” but that was the law and so I obeyed it so I could continue to get an education from that fine institution. 

When I went to college it changed yet again and it all became very unclear as to where I would head with belts. Would I go back to my original ways or would I continue on with the darkside of nice Gucci-like (I couldn’t afford those really nice designer ones) belts?

Neither. Apparently I just opted not to wear any at all and that’s where I am today and I love the idea of just having a comfortable pair of well-fitted jeans.

Why? Because a good pair of jeans, if fit properly, never requires a belt to keep them up. You see, it all goes back to that incredible and perfect fit for a pair of jeans and if you don’t have that then you obviously require a belt, which is pretty much a fix for your inability to be styled well.

But ultimately it’s your own decision. Whether you wear a belt or not is entirely up to you but I would suggest strongly that if you require a belt to keep them up then you need to get some advice on how to get fitted properly for a belt.

And you’ll look better in the end without one, trust me.