• austin

    i dont get it:/

    • John

      neither do i.

  • Matt Edmundson

    What an awesome photo!

    • John

      i thought so.. :)

  • Corey Freeman

    I wonder if he takes it black?

    • John

      ah. good question.

  • http://www.carista.net simon O’shaughnessy

    I knew they all lived!

    • John


  • http://synapticlight.com/ Phillip Gibb

    ha ha ha

  • Kevin

    You forgot Jennifer Lopez!

    • John


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  • http://www.randykinnick.wordpress.com Randy Kinnick

    Jesus is really tall!

    • John

      for serious!

  • Trey Bailey

    I bet Jesus is getting the secret recipe of twelve herbs and spices.

    • John

      inspired, no doubt.

  • Trey Bailey

    And who would’ve thought that the Light of the World would need sunglasses?

    • John

      he’s too bright for his own good.


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