An Interview with Justin Lukasavige at Coach Radio

Yesterday Justin Lukasavige over at Coach Radio published an interview I did with him for his podcast and I honestly can say that I had a blast with him talking about blogging, startups, business development, and the like.

In fact, I shared a few things in the interview that I’ve never really spent time discussing on this blog which should be incentive enough to check out the interview and listen to it in full.

One particular topic of note was something I said about your most valuable asset which is your experience with the problems that you’ve personally solved.

It could be the most important ingredient to your blog’s content and/or focus long-term. You may even begin to realize that some of the challenges you’ve faced (and overcome) might have enough legs for an entirely new blog (although be careful not to experiment too much!).

In any case I’d love for you to check out Justin’s blog and the interview and give him and myself your candid feedback and thoughts.

In addition, I’d love for you to think about some of the topics that I discussed with Justin and seek to apply them in your own lives and blogs. Let me know how that goes and what you’re actively thinking about!