Kate Briles, New Chromebook!

A little while ago we had a giveaway for one of the new Chromebooks available and one of them finally shipped! Kate Briles from One Thousand Drums was one of the lucky winners and she was willing to send me a picture with her new blogging machine!

Have fun with that Kate and congrats! May it lead you to blogging bliss and beyond!

If you’re interested in my review of whether or not a Google Chromebook is viable for bloggers then check out this post.


  • ThatGuyKC

    Congrats Kate! Hope you have fun with the Chromebook.

    • http://john.do John Saddington

      i hope she does too!

  • http://journeyofiron.co.za Phillip Gibb

    that is an awesome prize!

    • http://john.do John Saddington

      pretty darn neat. i’m glad i could do it!

  • Kate Briles

    How did I miss this post????
    The Chromebook is awesome. It fits in my bag so its with me nearly all the time. I use Mind Map and Evernote a LOT, and plus I can hand it to the kids to play games or watch a movie while we are running errands. Its been such a great solution for a busy mom … I can work on my book, or my blog, or do my banking, etc, easily at Dr appts or the kitchen table. My laptop is still my primary computer for finalizing posts and whatnot, but most of the gruntwork I’m doing from the Chromebook at opportune times during the day.
    AWESOME GIFT, Mr. Saddington! Thanks! :)