So, What’s Better than a Macbook Air?

I’ve been talking up the Macbook Air ever since it really first came out and I still believe it to be the very best blogging notebook ever created – I take it everywhere I go and I couldn’t be more happy with it’s performance.

It truly is my most-favorite blogging laptop that I’ve ever used and I have little, if any, complaints (and I’m a serious user, not a casual browse-the-internet-and-check-email guy)!

But being an “early adopter” can be a challenge at times…

So, what’s better than a Macbook Air? How about two of them?

Yup. Yup. *Stupid joke.*

I blame it on Apple of course! Apple released their updated version with a faster processor (i7 on the 13″) and even more awesomeness built right in. I held out for as long as I possibly could and then had to cave in and get one for some of the new work that I’m doing.

Naturally I had to add some personality to the box and War Machine did just fine complementing my first generation system’s Iron Man:

Pretty darn slick.

Of course, you can even see some of the Toasty TentBlogger love on both machines!

If you still haven’t considered a Macbook Air as a viable solution for your needs then you need to do some research, try it out and see for yourself. Unless you’re big into video and graphic processing I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t be at the top of your list.

Yum! A perfect anniversary gift if I do say so myself!

  • Neal Hopps


    Those are the two coolest laptops I’ve ever seen. That means you can put out twice the amount of content right? LOL

    • Karl

      Wish I could like comments, ha.

      • John Wylie

        hahah this is great! :)

  • Matt Pugh

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Christopher

    I’m kinda bummed … I bought the MBA11 just weeks before the newer, thunderbolt enabled version released.

    [face palm] … [face palm] … [face palm]

    I’m still in love though :)

     forever!

  • Mike L

    Congrats on the gift, that’s sweet! Definitely agree, there isn’t a better all around computer for the price. Personally, I love the 11″ model… Ultraportable!

  • Jon Owen

    Rumor is later this year a hybrid MB Air and MB Pro will be released. I hope it’s as dreamy as I’m dreaming. :)

    • John Wylie

      wait…are you serious!? that’s amazing! I hope you’re not kidding.

  • Dennis

    I guess that triple Adsense check was put to good use. :)

  • Ryan Card

    I was an avid MB Pro user until it had an encounter with some tea this summer. I was five weeks without a laptop and was trying to juggle the budget to get a new Pro. One day I decided to try out the 13″ 256GB MB Air and loved it. So, I took the plunge and purchased one. I’ve had it going on three weeks or so now and I love it! It’s quick and I find the screen amazing to look at. I was a little worried about adjusting from a 15″ to 13″, but it hasn’t been an issue. And, I was able to buy a hard drive enclosure and retrieve all my data from the old hard drive! Bonus!

  • Jon Manna

    you asked: “So, What’s Better than a Macbook Air?”
    i thought: “giving one away”


    • Paul (junhax)

      Haha agreed!

  • Daniel Roberts

    I got the i7 13″ two weeks ago even though I work with a ton of video for a living. I figured a laptop will never replace a multi monitor desktop for editing, all my video lives in external drives anyway, and it’s plenty capable for editing. I’m in love with it. Took it to Vegas last week for a shoot. Was so nice to have all my video converted and logged when I got home.

    Just wrapped it in a “best skins ever” last night. I may go to a MBP someday, but right now, I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d want to.

    • Jordan

      Daniel, that’s pretty cool. I am not a video guy but I always thought that since the video “lives” in externals anyway, an air would definitely be good enough as your non-office tool.

  • Eduardo Suzuki

    I know the MB Air isn’t the right laptop for graphics, but I was wondering if it can stillmbe used to do some basic photoshop adjustments. As bloggers we always have some pictures that need some retouch.

    Today, I work with 1 MB Pro and 1 iMac. I really need more mobility.


    – Eduardo [Brazil]

  • Jordan

    My 3.5 year old MacBook is still going strong since I reformatted and upgraded to 4 gigs ram. I’m pretty excited to get the 11″ some day when old snow white putters out.

  • Moe

    I have a latest generation Macbook Air too and I love it. It’s fast, light and the best laptop I’ve ever had (coming from a Macbook Pro before the Air). The SSD makes such a difference. I have the 13 inch and the gestures with Lion are fantastic.

    Congrats John!

  • Mike Wendland

    So… how is the new MBA for basic video editing? Nothing really fancy. I had the old one, traded up to a new MBPro… but really miss the lightweight. I ran Final Cut Pro on the old MBA and it did ok, but it was pretty slow. I’m thinking the big performance upgrade in the new MBA will end that problem. Anyone using FCP on the MBA?

  • ThatGuyKC

    First off, those Ironman decals make me green with envy (HULK SMASH!!)

    Secondly, I love my MacBook Pro, but the MBA has had me drooling for awhile.

    Won’t be in the market for a new computer for awhile, but they are sleek and sexy.

  • Matthew Snider

    I have a latest version MBP and am sticking with it. I just upgraded to 8 gigs of ram and possibly thinking about a SSD drive but with the iPad for fun and the MBP for work, no need for really anything else.

    LOVE the size of the 13 inche

  • Cris Ferreira

    I currently use a Macbook (white), but I soooo wanted a Macbook Air.
    Unfortunately, they are much more expensive here in Brazil due mainly to taxes, and I don’t have any trip to the USA planned, so I am sticking with my Macbook for now.
    BTW, both your machines look awesome!

  • John Wylie

    Now you’ve just gotta figure out a way to type with both hands on separate keyboards at the same time – you will be able to afford a new macboook air every month at that rate!

    And I guess since everyone else is listing what they have, I will to: I have a MBP 13″ from late 2010 (the one right before this big ‘thunderbolt’ upgrade) oh, and with an ironman decal just like yours! I love it – I am planning on getting an iPad for more portability with my first couple paychecks from being a brand new baby ‘tentblogger’ myself.

    Excited to see what happens – and if someone were to present a good argument as to why I should hold out and save up for a Macbook Air – I may be swayed.

  • Alexander H.

    You can only use one at a time, so you’re giving one away free… right? :)

    • John Saddington


  • Corey Lee

    I love the form factor but I need more graphics power for the design/illustration work I do. But, the current trend of ultrabooks looks good. soon we may be able to have the great form factor without compromise.

    • John Saddington

      … i’m watching this space heavily too.!

  • Vajaah

    My MacBook (Ole’ School Black) is seeking retirement, eager for some rest and easy living. I am saving up for a new laptop and replacing the old HP I bought my folks with this hand me down. Wish I could go for the MBA but the one thing that really bogs my MB down now is handling large high res banner files. From these comments and my suspicions I better just buy a handkerchief and catch my MBA drool!

    • John Saddington


  • Hans

    But it begs the question, why do you need 2?

    • John Saddington

      because… i like two.

  • Robert

    I haven’t tried the Macbook Air yet, it really has a fantastic design. Love the Warmachine logo you added as well.

  • Josh Chase

    I thought the answer to the question of “what’s better than a MacBook air” was going to be “a MacBook Air with a plate of bacon!”

    Awesomesauce man, I’m thinking about gettin an MBA also, I have a MacBook Pro, might just leave that at the office..decisions…decisions..

    • John Saddington

      it’s the jam. seriously.

  • Nicole Kpi

    Couldn’t agree more. Two words, even more: three on a MacBook Air: Elegance in simplicity! :)