Meet Dustin Stout!

Awesome screen grab, I know...

A little while ago I announced bringing on a little more help to engage the community here with a few Community Leaders – one of them was a long-time tentblogger, Dustin Stout!

I wanted to give them each an opportunity to share a bit more about themselves – a virtual introduction of sorts! First up, Dustin!

Who Is Dustin W. Stout?

In a few words I’m a follower of Jesus, husband, father, film-enthusiast, graphic artist, social media addict, entrepreneur, and digital tentmaker. Now, I know what you’re saying, “that’s more than a few words, Dustin.” You’re right, but lets not get hung up on semantics.

What I’m all about:

I’m passionate about Jesus, and what he’s done in and through my life. His story is the greatest story ever told, and I get to be a part of it. That’s awesome. He’s also equipped me with the ability to tell others about that story so that they might receive the invitation to be a part of it as well. That is awesomer. For all you spelling Nazis out there, I used that last word purposefully. :)

My digital tentmaking:

I make a living helping individuals and brands craft and cultivate creative ideas and turn them into visual and verbal brilliance. From web design and graphic arts to blogging and social media strategy, I make things look good. Real good.

Some of my current projects:

My blog,, is my primary outlet for sharing what God is doing in and through me. I write about Christianity, Creativity, and Social Media. I started it as a way to equip, empower, and encourage God’s people to utilize the power of social media, supercharge their creativity, and take God’s message to more people with more effectiveness than ever before.

I am also the co-founder of where my friend James and I (along with some great contributors) help people get the most out of Google+ with tutorials, tips, tricks, and the latest Google+ news. We’re huge fans of Google’s new social network, and believe it’s the next big thing shaping the future of social media.

So now that you know a little more about me, why not share a little bit about yourself! What do you and I have in common? Or better yet, where are we polar opposites?

  • Matthew Snider

    Dustin is a PIMP!

    Is that a Cigarette?

    • Mutant Minds


      That is a pool test kit.

      It says there is too much pee in the pool. :)

    • Dustin

      LOL! Sorry to disappoint you both… it’s a highlighter. If it makes you feel better, your speculations were definitely more interesting. ;)

  • Charles Specht

    I love your website, Dustin. Your page on web design is sweet. Quite creative.

    • Dustin

      Thanks Charles! That really means a lot! I’m constantly trying to think outside the box with it!

  • bryan allain

    Dustin is good peoples! As you know, your community will be better for having him!

    • Dustin

      Check is in the mail Bryan. ;)

  • Joel

    Look forward to seeing your input. Love your bold testimony.

    • Dustin

      Thanks Joel! Go bold or go oblique, that’s what I always say… #baddesignerjoke… #probablynotfunny

  • Mutant Minds

    Just kidding above, Dustin.

    I enjoyed your video application to be a community leader. I thought you did it in a creative way.

    Oh, and if you ever invite me over, I will still swim in your pool.

    Reminds me of the sign they had at my pool when I was a kid. It said: “Welcome to our ool. Notice there is no P in it so please keep it that way.”

    I still don’t understand, in the South, why they serve all that watermelon at kid’s pool parties.

    • Dustin

      Haha! Thanks Mutant… uh can I call you Mutant? Being that I’m such an X-Men fan, that almost sounds derogatory yet cool at the same time.

      And thanks also for the great idea for a pool sign! Don’t be surprised if you notice it in the background of my next video!

  • Cris Ferreira

    Dustin, it’s nice to virtually meet you. That’s the first time I access your blog (I so loved its title) and GPlusTuts. It’s always nice to find good blogs to follow and learn from.

    • Dustin

      I’m glad you stopped by! I hope it can be a source of value for you!

  • Brandon

    Congrats on making it over here as a community leader!

  • Erin

    Awesome. Congrats Dustin!

  • Rob Still

    Dustin you are awesome, so cool to see you in this role!