I fought Baraka in the prelims and lost badly.

Do you remember the Mortal Kombat series? I do, especially after a handy butt-whooping by my opponent in a local tournament hosted by Joystick Gamebar, one of the few places in Atlanta that’s totally dedicated to classic video games. Throw in a bar and you’ve got a magic concoction for success.

Like last night, for sure and at the last minute I entered into the fray as Sub Zero, the only character that I really fell in love with in my youth, and attempted not to shame myself publicly.

My opponent, the same gentleman that I warmed up with before my official match, disposed of me fairly quickly. Check out two of the three rounds below:

Round 2 of 3:

Round 3 of 3:

I didn’t think to capture the first round but it was much like the last 2 in our best of 5 match. A shot of sweet tea and vodka went to the losers of the prelims and then I turned in a few crisp dollar bills to enjoy the rest of the space and the other coin-ops.

Now, if it was a Street Fighter II tournament I might have fared a bit better – that was my game back then!

A great night and some great memories. Cheers to the winner and the final man to stand at the mountain top of fresh corpses (assuming they pull off fatalities like my opponent did to me in the final round).