Climb Those Mountains

There are some days when I wake up knowing that I have to face significant mountains. It could simply be a truckload of meetings, tons of professional challenges, leadership decisions, or even personal development challenges. Whatever it may be I just know it’s going to be a rough day.

Most of the time I’ll simply charge in head-first, taking the hits and swings as they come, bracing for impact. Heck, those are just the ones that I’ve scheduled in too! I’m not always aware of all the issues that will crop up during any given day!

You probably face similar challenges every single week as well (or daily). Is the right way to engage simply passive resistance? An “it is what it is” mentality and then walk through the beating as it comes?

Sure, there are very few things that you can practically do to avoid the things that lie ahead as many of them are simply outside your control but an additional strategy outside of having a positive attitude about it all is to embrace the climb ahead – and do something explicit about that commitment.

It doesn’t have to be something extreme either. For example, I changed my desktop background this morning (via SM) to visually remind myself of what lies ahead for the rest of this week (and month) and that I should look forward to the climb, the challenges, and that I could even get excited about them.

Perhaps it’s something else for you – finding a different place to sit in the office (or home office) or a different playlist for today for your background noise. Perhaps it’s to take one less smoke break or to get a bit of exercise in today. And even if you do the exercise part, mix it up a bit – start with it today instead of end with it.

2012 is still so fresh that there’s very little excuse for us to be on the “down and out” – get up and kick butt today. Climb that mountain, even if you don’t feel like you’ve got the right gear.