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Launch Your Blog on MediaTemple, No Experience Necessary!



The last few weeks have been incredibly insightful as I’ve walked many newer bloggers through their very first blog install after having spoken at two conferences.

Although I’ve had a great list of 20 blog hosting solutions already I thought it would be helpful to create a quick tutorial of another service (other than Dreamhost) that I use that does the job quickly and easily – so easy that I’ve been able to walk one blogger who has no technical background through it with ease.

If you’re anything like her then this tutorial might prove useful to you. Or, if you’re considering starting a new blog with a new hosting service (one that will be able to scale as you grow as well) then this also might be for you as well.

But for starters, here are a few reasons why I’ve helped more than a few bloggers get started on MediaTemple (talking about the Grid Service):

  1. It’s not the cheapest solution but it’s priced competitively. And, you can easily scale the system as you grow your blog. Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best and I’ve been told many times that the pricing was something that fueled many bloggers to take their blogging seriously. And, if you walk through my Blog Post Series (a’la Blogging Starter Kit, Ultimate WordPress Guide, Great Blog Content, SEO for Bloggers, and even Making Money Blogging) you stand to make back this initial investment.
  2. The backend administration panel is elegant and simple to use.
  3. You can get started very quickly.
  4. Domain registrations for new blogs is quick and simple.
  5. Domain registration includes privacy settings so that you don’t get unwanted spam or solicitations. It also keeps your domain registration information private.
  6. You can host 100 domains/blogs on one service. Like you’d ever do that many…
  7. 1-click installation of WordPress. This is what I’ll walk through on this blog post.
  8. If you ever needed support you could actually call someone on the phone. How rare is that? You get what you pay for…
  9. An mobile ready app for management and purchase of new domains. Nice for the on-the-go domain junkie.
  10. It works. It’s not perfect (read this blog post here about hosting failure) but it’ll do just fine for your needs, especially as a new-ish blogger.

Ok, ready to get started?

1. Sign Up

This part is easy. Just head to MediaTemple and sign up for the Grid Service. That’s all you need for now. The rest is your standard procedure of signing up for a new service.


Make sure you choose a great domain name!

I have a comprehensive blog post on how to choose the right domain name here.


Continue on and get the cheap 1st year for a domain name.


Hopefully you’ll see the “green” bar to move forward! Next is the boring step of putting in all your info… *yawn*:



It may take a bit of time (not too long) but you’ll start getting a few emails about your new service and account as well as log-in information. Jot that down and let’s move ahead!

2. Setting Up WordPress

WordPress is the best blogging platform on the planet and it’s the one that you should be using for any of your blogging efforts, without question.

Setting it up is easy. Just follow these steps:


Login if you have to, like above. Then click “Plesk”:


Login at the next screen. You should have this information already. Then you’ll see a very “busy” looking interface – don’t get scared!

Just look for the “Install Applications” or “WordPress” here:


And then the next few steps are really easy – just click “Install” and work through the menu system:


Accept the terms:


And then on the next part just put in some information about the admin account, like so. This is your WordPress username and password:


As you can see, I created new credentials myself. Hit “Install” and… guess what… you’re done!!

You should see a “Success” screen and then you can directly log-in from the links near the bottom of that page:


And… yes, that’s it! You’ve successfully created a new hosting account with MediaTemple, setup a new server (did you know that you just did that? Wow!) and installed your new WordPress blog.

Not a problem, right?

Feel free to drop me a line in the comments if you hit a snag or if you need any help. Cheers and enjoy! Make sure to check out the Blog Post Series next to start kicking butt on your new blog!