How I Justified the Purchase of the New iPad [3rd Generation]

Late last night, just after 1:00am, I hit the “Purchase” button on one of the New iPads, representing the 3rd generation. I had teetered between getting one and not getting one more than a few times and had convinced myself that it wasn’t worth it.

But it all changed when I realized that Amazon’s Trade-in program was offering over $300 for the iPad 1 and up to $500 for the iPad 2! Wahhhhhhhhhh?!?

Yes, that’s right. Pretty nuts!

I quickly scanned the opportunities (since we have both the iPad 1 and 2) and decided to trade-in our 1st Generation system:

The result? I was able to get $220 for my iPad 1 (wasn’t “Like Brand New”) so that my total out of pocket cost (including tax) for the new iPad was around $300 exactly – a much smaller hit than the full $500 for the 16GB version.

Here’s the catch: It’s not exactly the same as cash as you get store credit – if you’re not a big Amazon user then it might not be the best, but for my family, since we use Amazon Mom and Amazon Prime it’s fine since they suck us for recurring purchases each month. In other words, it’s the same as cash in our situation.

Including some “business needs” that I “may” have to “test” new applications (teehee!) I found the purchase doable and rational (as logical as any 1:00am purchase is) and I clicked that button. I’m not crazy enough (or am I?) to do the in-store pickup so I’ll just wait a few more days to get it in the mail.

Whew. That wasn’t too bad, was it? Are you buying one of the new iPads? Is the Amazon Trade-in program going to sway you? Don’t blame me please, I’m just a humble messenger!

Love to hear your thoughts!

  • Matthew Snider

    I won’t be upgrading. Saving the cash for the iPhone 5. While I would love one, mine has become the homeschool tool or choice for now.

    • John Saddington

      I didn’t get the iPhone 4S… another justification, if you will…

    • Minos

      Do you think iPhone 5 will be better? I don’t think so…

      • John Saddington

        hmm. not sure.

  • bruce cat

    I pre ordered a 64gb New iPad. Regretting it now :)

    • John Saddington


  • Benny

    I’m still amazed at how much I can get for my iPad 1 on Ebay or Amazon. I’ll definitely be getting the New iPad. The iPad 1 is still good but too slow for me now. :)

    • John Saddington

      it is super slow…

  • Hans Schiefelbein

    Oh no, you didn’t just temp me with this post! Well, I’m with Benny right now. I hope to get a little more for my iPad 1 than the $245 they’ll probably give me. Plus you have to ship it there, right? I’m still glad you updated us with this option. And the Amazon credit isn’t as good for us, but as a new Prime Member it might be workable. But dang, that New iPad is looking better and better compared to my noticeably slow original.

    • John Saddington


  • Jonny Solari

    Just wondering how the iPad fits into your blogging process?

    • John Saddington

      it doesn’t. ;)

      • Jonny Solari

        Ha guess you need to have some fun with technology as well

  • Cris Ferreira

    John, you got yourself a very good deal indeed.
    I currently own an iPad 1, and I was waiting for the retina display to get a new one – I’m glad the 3rd generation has it.
    And now, between a new iPhone or a new iPad, I think I will choose the iPad. I use it so much more than my iPhone.
    However, I still have to wait for its release in Brazil…

    • John Saddington

      ah. hmm. when will it?

  • Mutant Minds

    Another justification is that you can celebrate selling

    I really need to get into the blog selling business. Who said dot coms were bust? :)

    • John Saddington

      true. that was nice.

  • Kevyn

    I think this is totally beneficial, especially if you buy things on Amazon all of the time. I will not be getting the new iPad any time soon because I don’t see the need for it for me at the moment. My sister ordered one but she has not had an iPad before, and I think she will love it! If Amazon keeps this program up and Apple comes out with a new product then I will possibly take this into consideration. It is better than not getting anything for it! Thanks for the news :) Enjoy your iPad!

    • John Saddington

      can’t wait!

  • Dallas

    I finally broke down and pre-ordered a third generation iPad. I held off during the first and second generation but I couldn’t anymore. With the quad core gpu, retina display, and 1080p video (among other things as well), the new iPad has transitioned from a content consumption device to a content creation device.

    As Tim Cook said, the post-pc revolution is happening all around us. In my opinion, the iPad has now transitioned from something most people just want to something most people can truly incorporate into their daily work flow.

    • Bryan

      Can’t agree more that the iPad is now a very capable option for content creation. Though I still consider myself too much of a “power user” to justify an iPad over a laptop. For many, this is the revolutionary device we all hoped for when it was first announced two years ago.

      • John Saddington

        very true!

  • Brett

    Dang it! I just printed my trad-in printing label for my iPad 1! Why do I let you talk me into things? :)

    I haven’t actually ordered the “new iPad” yet. Probably will, but I’m loving my new MacBook Air so much, I’m wondering how much I’ll use the iPad. Although, with the vast improvements moving from the original iPad to the newest one, I’ll probably use it more than I think.

    • John Saddington

      haha! my bad…

  • Daniel Lim

    Aww man John I’m green with envy! Really hope the new iPad reaches you soon! I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ve always wanted an iPad, but never really dared to make the commitment and purchase the actual machine.

    I’m really giving the new iPad more thought than ever. If only amazon store credit works with customers outside of the US as well. :(


    • John Saddington

      ah, boooooo!

  • Dave Anthold

    I am debating whether to get the new iPad 3 as I have an iPad 2; however, the new 4G is intriguing since I do not have an iPhone. I think I am getting the new Apple TV first.

    As for Amazon, I just traded in some tv series’ and can’t wait for my gift card. Love that feature!

    • John Saddington

      haha! great stuff!

  • Michelle

    The hype around the new iPad has been phenomenal. But many may say that critics, and Apple themselves, may be just creating a buzz for nothing. We recently posted “eBay Resellers Capitalise On Apple’s Struggle To Meet New iPad Demands” You definitely got a good deal John.

    • John Saddington

      sweet! ;)

  • Adam


    • Adam

      Oops. Accidentally hit publish. I am not going to purchase the new iPad. I just cannot rationalize it. I have a iPad 2 and it does all I need it to do. The 3 just does not offer enough in my opinion to warrant an upgrade.

      • John Saddington

        ;) good for you.