Giveaway: One Less Drop by Heckler Design

I had the amazing pleasure to fund Dean Heckler’s Kickstarter campaign for his new product, One Less Drop, which is a beautifully-simplistic concept that I immediately fell in love with! It’s been a long 6 months of waiting (and watching) as Dean took his fundraising and created an amazing piece of hardware, one that I think will make him a gazillionaire (I hope!).

What is it? It’s simply a power cord anchor for your laptop power cable, USB cables, mobile device cables, and more. Simply genius!

I instantly resonated with the problem of having to constantly fish for them as they feel behind my desk or out of sight – ugh! But, with  Dean’s ingenuity I would no longer ever suffer the time it takes to find that darn cord!

As a result I instantly backed him up at the highest fundraising level which secured me three of the beautifully-polished metal ones and an exclusive Kickstarter-only red one. There was supposed to be a gold one in the mix but it didn’t work as well (no big deal)!

There are so freaking gorgeous and the weight, texture, and feel of these babies are to die for. Incredible edition to any desk space!

Perfectly functional and brilliantly executed. Again, I think he’ll sell a million of them!

And as you can see, I’m already using them!

Insanely-cool, right? What’s more insane is that I’m willing to give one away to my community here! I have no idea what Dean will ultimately be selling them for but whatever the cost it’s well worth the money (and the time saved fishing for power cords!).

Win One of My KickStarter Editions!

Seriously. I’m going to give away one of my silver ones to this community because you guys are so awesome. I’m actually sad to part with any of them but I thought it would seriously be worth it.

You know the drill:

  • Comment below telling me how much time you think you lose picking up lost power cords every year. +1 entry.
  • Tweet this post (including a thank you to @deanheckler for being our cord savior!) for another +1 entry.
  • Facebook “Like” this post for another +1 entry.

Yeah. That’s about it. Amazing stuff! Of course, for more information check out his KickStarter page or his official page here. Check out these other sweet pics too:

Oh yeah… with the signature!

And… me. Happy customer.

Dean, you’re awesome.


Wow, we had a lot of entries! And it was awesome!

But, there can only be one winner, and that winner is Nathan Bingham!

Please email me address by this Friday, September 23rd 2011 to claim it!

As usual, we’ll have more contests and giveaways soon!