10 Must-Have Mac Apps for the New Apple User


A few of you may have gotten your first Apple computer this Christmas and to that I say this: Welcome to a vastly better computing experience!

I am biased, obviously, but I truly believe that OS X is a superior operating system and that it’s integration with the hardware is nothing short of magical.

After having moved completely to Apple-based products for everything that I do I cannot imagine ever going back – the ecosystem is wonderful and every computing need that I have is present and available.

So, when a friend of mine got her first Mac computer yesterday as a gift and asked me what they should download I gave them an epic list that was probably overwhelming. I’ve since thought about this list and boiled it down to a few absolutes that I would definitely hit up.

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Yummy Snack

He'll be back...
He’ll be back…

We made some homemade chocolate banana muffins for Santa. He apparently really liked them.

I’m glad since it was a grueling test of patience to manage two very excitable children with a ton of ingredients… in other words, sweat and tears were poured into that little brown thing…

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Saying ‘Yes’ to Startup Life, Repeatedly

I’ve been cleaning out my digital closet, sotospeak, and moving a lot of the physical drives that I have to cloud-based solutions. I am, quite simply, completely over the idea of having anything physical when cloud services are not only cheap but infinitely-more advantageous.

I have about 5 or 6 terabyte drives to move and manage and it’s taking quite some time to navigate and upload, the latter being the most difficult challenge as my apartment connection is molasses. So, it just takes time.

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Make the Complex Simple


At one point in my life I was a cub scout. Yes, imagine a small asian boy running around collecting twigs and leaves other combustible material for a fire so that we can cook our dinner.

I loved that as there wasn’t much to it – I was given an overarching goal and then given freedom to find solutions (with very little direction).

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Ambition to Write

William Styron once said this about formal education for those that are considering writing as their profession:

For a person whose sole burning ambition is to write — like myself — college is useless beyond the Sophomore year.

He goes on to say, to his father via letter, than real wisdom comes from simply “getting out in the world and living.” There’s a lot of truth to this, even in today’s economy. If writing was something that I was dead-set on doing out of High School I probably would have felt the same way.

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