Ivory Tower Education

The state of education, especially the cost, is a frightening thing. By the time my children are college-age it’s going to be even more ridiculous.

I hope, by then, there are even more creative and fiscally-responsible ways to achieve “higher” ed, besides things like Code Schools. In fact, I think the model of Code Schools can be utilized in many more ways than just for software development.

Pleasantly Frustrating Apps



Have you noticed that the best applications (and tools) out there are also, at the very same time, incredibly frustrating?

It’s because they are incredibly good at one or two things (at most) and leave the rest up to other tools. I bet you own a few pleasantly-frustrating tools, right?

For example, every single person that has ever purchased one of the new-ish (I’m not sure you can call it “new” anymore now…) unibody frame MacBooks will be frustrated when they attempt to upgrade their system because they can’t.

But that doesn’t stop you from buying one (or two, or three, or four…), right?

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Starting Over


We have successfully sold our home in what appears to be a fairy tale-like scenario, one that you hear about but never quite get to experience for yourself.

We got lucky, that’s the bottom line; we had a number of pre-showings with an offer within the first few hours (this was Good Friday, by the way). A total of 26 parties walk through the home that Easter Weekend and by Sunday we were under contract. Ah-maz-ing.

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Swift: Now is the Time


The development and software engineering world was shaken up recently with the announcement of a new programming language via Apple, called Swift.

There have already been a number of thoughts from long-standing Obj-C experts spanning from absolute gushing adoration and, of course, the proverbial “weeping and gnashing of teeth” – I, for one, embrace the opportunity to learn a new language just as I have on many occasion: A mix of curious fascination, whimsical dreaming, and a healthy dose of fear.

Besides, it wasn’t too long ago when I seriously began learning Obj-C myself and how I started from the ground-floor - what’s another syntax to throw in the mix? I mean, why the hell not…

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My mother is so clever. She used to entertain my brother and I for hours with a simple pot, water, and some soap.

Still works.

To Create Magic

I have lived an incredible life, one full of opportunity, happiness and much undeserved success. If I am honest with myself I have, more often than not, taken many of these things for granted and if you’re like me then much of my day is spent opining the many things that I have yet to obtain or accomplish.

How frightfully sad and how tragically self-absorbed.

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