Apple News Channel…

So… okay… now what? I’ll let you know if anything magical happens here… I’m not entirely sure what to expect with Apple’s new “News” Channel thingy.

Obama’s Tech Startup


You will have a more user-friendly government, a more responsive government. A government that can work with individuals on individual problems in a more tailored way, because the technology facilitates that the same way it increasingly does for private-sector companies.

It might be a long-shot so I hope his team can get it figured out, work well together, and actually execute great ideas.

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The Greatest Good

via The Atlantic:

Why do people mute their emotions in the face of greater suffering? A study from Keith Payne at the University of North Carolina found that “the collapse of compassion happens because when people see multiple victims, it is a signal that they ought to rein in their emotions [because] the alternative might seem too difficult.” It is a frustrating, yet nearly poetic, idea: The problem is not a lack of empathy, but the fear of feeling too much.

An interesting read about altruism and what may (or may not) motivate us to give.