CEO: The Hardest Job

via AVC:

Being the CEO of a highly public company (whether it is traded privately or publicly) is particularly hard. You are constantly getting criticized and talked about in the press/blogs/communities. I respect the people who take these jobs. And I root for them to succeed. It’s about the hardest job you can have.

Seriously-hard. I’ve talked about being a CEO myself and I’m not quite ready to jump back into that saddle. I’m not sure I’ll want to do that anytime soon either.

Daum Kakao, Path App, Indonesia…

The idea that Indonesia doesn’t have a clear and distinct mobile winner is brilliant for Path:

But, the result of BlackBerry’s years of dominance is that there is no single messaging app that dominates Indonesia. That’s unlike other parts of Asia — China (WeChat), India, Singapore and Malaysia (WhatsApp), Japan, Thailand and Taiwan (Line), Philippines (Viber) — where the leadership has been established.

This sounds like a great deal and the idea of having Path become a market leader is clever and sexy, especially because I’ve always liked Path infinitely more than the other options out there.