The story of Jesus and his disciples getting caught on the sea of Galilee in what is recorded as a “pretty big storm” is fairly well-known. Many lessons have been gleaned from this historic event and typical themes include things like “trust,” “dependence,” and, of course, “faith.”

The problem is that this wasn’t just another “storm” but rather something akin to hurricane-force winds. If it was just a storm then the disciples would not have feared for their very lives. They were life-long fisherman, for goodness sake, and so they’ve “been there” and “done that.”

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The First Time I Really Gave a Shit About My Career


When I graduated college (OMGWTFBBQ is that… so lucky…) I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to do with my life. I had a few job opportunities but also had experience working on my own projects and doing contract work. “Entrepreneurship” wasn’t even part of my literal vocabulary though.

Ultimately I made one of the worst decisions of my life, career-wise at least, took some terrible advice and accepted a full-time role in a NOC working on Cisco routers. I was fired in less than 90 days (thankfully).

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An Audience of None

Where is everyone…

There are few things more humbling than showing up at a Meetup that you started and realizing that you might be the only one who’s going to show.

It’s a bit scary, it’s embarrassing, and on a bad day (or any day for that matter) it can make you pretty pissed. I mean, I hate wasting time just like everyone else does and at this very moment that’s really all I’m thinking about.

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Roenne, Vlogging

Roenne vlogging 2014
I love her small crystal bunny.

Obviously we’re a technology-centric family at home and so it’s no surprise that my two daughters are exploring more and more what technology means and how to use and apply it.

Something that’s been fascinating to watch is my oldest become fascinated with video blogging; this is especially curious to me because it’s not something that I do regularly nor is it something that I find particularly fun.

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On Selling eBooks


It might sound strange but I am honestly not a super-fan of eBooks despite the fact that I have created a handful of them myself (6-7 of these darn things!).

The last one I did is still actively for sale and I’ll get notices like the one above letting me know that I’ve sold another copy. This is passive income for me and has long-since given me a very healthy return on my initial investment.

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