In Your Own Skin

Remember Middle School? Remember High School? I have a collection of memories from both of them where I can recall only a few things that I enjoyed and a ton that I really did not enjoy.

Consistent themes of angst, anxiety, and some strange form of psychosis probably top the list during those periods of time. I did not love those periods of my life nor did I really love who I was as a person (does anyone, ever?).

I can distinctly remember feeling completely uncomfortable in my own skin, as they say, and simultaneously pining some unknown loss of my youthful ignorance (i.e. bliss) and begging for the day when I would be beyond this mess of an age and into some more stable form of self-acceptance.

I had no idea it would take so long.

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I Will

I have such a predisposition to act that can be incredibly annoying to those that have to deal with me on the daily – in fact, I think I might have landed on my tendency to move things forward as a super-power.

Of course this name badge for last night’s event (great job Jake – killing it!) was somewhat tongue-in-cheek-but-not-really as I realized that if I was going to provide any value it would probably be simply encouraging people to act and move forward with their great idea with a bit more confidence than what they had before they met me.

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Origin Story

We all have one. Do you know what yours is?

Of course you know what it is but have you ever really thought about for more than just a second? And perhaps of equal importance can you communicate your origin story in a way that makes sense, that is clear, that highlights the more important moments in that story?

Have you ever wondered why you hesitate on building, designing, and crafting it? I believe it’s because we are scared – scared that it’ll appear too normal or too boring for others to care or take notice. I wonder if this is why we’re so afraid of starting new things.

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Being an autist is a daily challenge on a number of different levels, one of which is getting dressed.

As funny as it might sound I actually have my wife help me with this as she provides not only cursory suggestions but also full outfits for me to wear so that I can be at least presentable to the general public.

If it were entirely up to me I’d look homeless – no joke.

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Motherhood: The Hardest Startup

The work that my wife does as a mother is really incalculable. I have tried to parent these two by myself when she’s been gone or sick and it’s really, really hard; more difficult than the growing demands of any of my startups.

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I’d Rather…

Ever catch yourself telling yourself that you’d rather do X than Y? Or perhaps in a private conversation you’ve told a colleague or friend or trusted confidante that you’d rather be doing something else with your time than what you were currently spending it on?

Perhaps it’s phrased a bit differently, like:

  • I wish I was doing…
  • I hope I get to…
  • I’d rather be doing…
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if…

I know that even for myself I have experienced these moments where I have wished for something different for my life and for the work that I was currently engaged in. And it would only take a few months for me to find something more appealing and more exciting to spend my time pursuing.

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Printed, Unconventional

Jezebel Magazine sent me a copy of their Modern Luxury May 2014 issue (read the article here) and it’s becoming more “odd” for me to see printed material – I’m not sure when this mental shift occurred in my brain but it’s almost becoming novel and I do not believe I’m comfortable with it becoming novel, unusual, or unconventional.

Printed work is powerful and it’s ability to engage the tactile senses and even olfactory is important (remember the sweet, sweet smell of a new book?).

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