Obama’s Tech Startup


You will have a more user-friendly government, a more responsive government. A government that can work with individuals on individual problems in a more tailored way, because the technology facilitates that the same way it increasingly does for private-sector companies.

It might be a long-shot so I hope his team can get it figured out, work well together, and actually execute great ideas.

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The Greatest Good

via The Atlantic:

Why do people mute their emotions in the face of greater suffering? A study from Keith Payne at the University of North Carolina found that “the collapse of compassion happens because when people see multiple victims, it is a signal that they ought to rein in their emotions [because] the alternative might seem too difficult.” It is a frustrating, yet nearly poetic, idea: The problem is not a lack of empathy, but the fear of feeling too much.

An interesting read about altruism and what may (or may not) motivate us to give.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Chief Communications Officer

… and How It’s Rapidly Changing Thanks to Tech…

My last two roles had the title of Chief Communications Officer, which is often used interchangeably with Public Relations Officer which I think is much more “cool” when you consider the acronyms, CCO and PRO, with the latter being clearly the hipper one.

I mean, who doesn’t want to say: “Yup, I’m the PRO at such and such company.

… Just kidding… that would be super-lame.

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