There’s something powerful about analog. I love hearing this from the acclaimed musical composer and producer Hans Zimmer and how he helped create the Dark Knight series.

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Meeting Participation

One of the nice things about the culture that I get to experience (and build) have is that I will never have to ask any of my team to participate more in the very few meetings that we already have (not a super-fan of meetings) – it’s just not a likely request.

You see, there’s no cultural pressure to say anything if you don’t have anything to contribute… although that’s never happened either; every team member has something to contribute and offers it freely.

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I had a moment to visit my sister who’s currently bartending @ Gourmands Pub in Austin, TX. There was a moment while I was in college where I though that being a bartender would have been a pretty cool gig although now I’m sure I wouldn’t have been a very good one!

It’s a fascinating activity to revisit some of the thoughts that I once had about what I wanted to do with myself professionally – there are some pretty off-the-wall ideas (as I’m sure you’ve had a few yourself).

Most of them were bad ideas while there are a handful that could have panned out quite nicely. No regrets, of course.

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Checking LinkedIn Monthly



My LinkedIn strategy is quite simple… it’s essentially just ignoring it almost entirely.

So what I do is I calendar in a monthly (yes, monthly) moment to login and review pending connections and any random spam messages that might creep into the system (and man, there are a ton of those).

As I’ve liberally shared over the years I’m simply not a fan of this social network for a variety of reasons but I understand how many people find value in it. The thing is that it’s just not for me.

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Good Doesn’t Happen on Accident

My father has run some large businesses in his lifetime and his wisdom is so invaluable to me as a much younger business owner.

I have often reached out to him for guidance on big decisions that I needed to make but I’ve realized that engaging him for medium (or even small) scale ones is just as beneficial.

I’ve never been good with creating a consistent communication channel with my parents (or anyone for that matter) but it’s worth another shot, right?

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It’s true: I want to be everywhere.

But wanting to be everywhere is different than wanting customers everywhere – instead, I’d rather have a much smaller group of high-impact staff and a kickass local presence that expresses itself in a global manner.

In essence, I want to stay as much of a boutique as I possibly can – I just want the world to know about it.

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