Good Doesn’t Happen on Accident

My father has run some large businesses in his lifetime and his wisdom is so invaluable to me as a much younger business owner.

I have often reached out to him for guidance on big decisions that I needed to make but I’ve realized that engaging him for medium (or even small) scale ones is just as beneficial.

I’ve never been good with creating a consistent communication channel with my parents (or anyone for that matter) but it’s worth another shot, right?

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It’s true: I want to be everywhere.

But wanting to be everywhere is different than wanting customers everywhere – instead, I’d rather have a much smaller group of high-impact staff and a kickass local presence that expresses itself in a global manner.

In essence, I want to stay as much of a boutique as I possibly can – I just want the world to know about it.

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Trough of Sorrow


Above is what is considered the “Startup Curve” and the general pace of what a startup might look like in their path to (hopeful) glory.

I’ve experienced this personally with previous projects and startups and the curve is pretty darn accurate it’s scary.

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Radio Silence

There are a lot of things happening in the world of Apple right now with the exciting new OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 releases just around the corner.

In addition, Pressgram’s little desktop brother is getting closer and closer to launch and I need to allocate my time and attention there (although a small SSL issue that I just noticed will be fixed shortly for those who have had trouble with Facebook…).

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Dates with Daughters


I took my oldest out for a daddy-daughter date yesterday to celebrate her new start as a second grader @ Mary Lin Elementary. I cannot believe that she’s gotten this old this fast. She is a small little woman and that scares the shit out of me (and she asks woman-sized questions now too).

I’ve been doing these dates with her ever since she could generally sit by herself and eat “nicely” without my spoon-feeding her the meal. Our very first date was at the prestigious House ‘o’ Waffles (i.e. Waffle House… classy, I know…) when she was about 2 and a half-years old and for the last 5+ years I’ve been doing this as best as I can as often as I can.

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Great Teams Leverage Problems

I think a life without problems is a life that’s not worth living; that would be so boring.

Now, of course, day-to-day irritations I could do well to have less of those, but what I’m talking about are the problems that drive us to create, to make, to solve, that drive us forward creatively to build products, organizations, and more.

I think great teams leverage problems all the time. In fact, the last organization that I led had this laid out pretty explicitly as each person on the small startup team played a specific role:

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