The Power of a Newsletter

I have been told 1,000 times that a newsletter is one of the best strategies and/or tactics to engage with one’s audience and yet I have not always leveraged it to its utmost. In many ways I just thought that it was just another thing that I had to write for and since I do ample amount of writing every single day I wasn’t motivated to execute against it.

But recently I’ve found something very neat with the weekly newsletter (I use MailChimp) that I share on Tuesdays with my very small community surrounding my indie app, Desk. What I’ve discovered, most importantly, is that I do actually enjoy writing for it and my feelings for it have blossomed.

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Not Always What You see


Success is not always what you see. It’s also different for different people. Even the above image can be looked at a number of ways – for instance, what if “success” in this fictional economy is actually the quantity and quality of the carrot stem and greens?

Who’s the know?

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Going “Pro” with a “G” Soccer Coaching License


One of the biggest changes in my life this past year has been my decision to coach soccer and I have had had a blast coaching 9 young and eager U-8 players to love the game more.

Our last game was this Saturday and it was amazing to see the improvement even in the last few months. It’s not that my coaching has been all that amazing and if anything all I did was consistently show up to practice and the games so that they could get a feel for the ball better than they did when they first started.

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I’d Do It Differently

How many of us have moments like these where we’d go back and do it all again… but differently this time?

I can think of too many moments. It’s not regret… a “reset” button would be pretty neat though.

Sponsor This Blog


So, I’ve decided to do something new with this blog. Per my usual, I’m willing to experiment and so this is an experiment to see if I can create value for others and a few bucks to pay the digital rent that my servers and hosting demand from my pockets each month.

Makes sense, right?

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A Meaningful Living

One of the biggest challenges that every developer has to wrestle with is the question of how much they should sell their app for, especially if they are monetizing the app outright instead of through advertisements or through in-app upgrades and the like.

The tough thing is that there’s a lot of both the “science” and the “art” to pricing and there’s a lot of “gut feeling” associated with it too. In many ways I feel that the developer, his/herself, is too close to the project to be able to do this with much objectivity when it comes down to it.

But it still has to be done. It’s unavoidable.

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