It’s Not About the Resume

I spent some time counseling a friend who has what he considers a “spotty” resume and a career history that looks more like a liability than a positive asset.

I took one look at it and I saw something entirely different: I saw a wealth of experience that highlighted a versatile person who could move in and out of important roles and who could be trusted to perform with excellence.

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Project Reduction

Since I started working professionally I’ve always had a few “irons in the fire,” a few things and minor projects that I’d be working on in addition to some full-time work.

And I’m a huge fan of side projects and how they can be very personally rewarding and rejuvenating. But, over time, I’ve noticed a decline, a growing disinterest perhaps with anything other than my “main” project.

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To Dare Mighty Things

When you start putting a company together you start building it on nothing more than hopes, dreams, and a belief that the world will be a better place with your unique contribution to it. It’s a time of great promise, joy, passion, and impenetrable enthusiasm.

And the last thing you think about are the tough decisions, the very long road ahead, the bumps, the bruises, and consistently waking up to what feels like an existential crisis.

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