On Meditation

I have long been aware of the power of meditation but I have not always practiced this discipline with the consistency required to have the full impact of its natural benefits.

It was in college where I began this practice of spending my mornings in silence, alone with my own thoughts and feelings and all the mess that truly lies within. All my fears, my anxieties, my anger and frustration would boil to the surface along with my hopes and dreams and the emotions that surround family, friends, and loved ones.

It would be a sea of noise that, eventually, would quiet down into what I can only describe as pleasant nothingness. This took time and practice (like most things) and although I had found a nice steady-state it’s not something that’s easily mastered.

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My Baby, the Adult

My girl.

My girl.

Something is happening that I’m not comfortable with: My little baby girl is turning into an adult.

On Sunday @Roenne turned 8 and something “clicked” in my brain. This emotion, if I have identified it correctly, was something akin to panic.

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Baron Fig’s Confidant Notebooks

Pure and Responsive

As many of you know, I’m somewhat of a fanatic for writing notebooks and have tried a ton of them over the years. And I’m always willing to try something entirely new.

Let’s be honest though: Most notebooks are created equal and there are very few noticeable differences between makes, models, and the overall experience. What it comes down to is personal preference and historical engagement that typically delivers the best result.

In other words, if you’ve been using one type of notebook for quite some time then it may require a catastrophic shift for you to move to another type and kind. And most creators and printers know this.

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How I’d Use Twitter If I Were to Start Today

It took me a long time to land on a title for this particular blog post since semantically nothing sounded too appropriate or “clean” enough for my liking.

Contextually, I’m not starting over with Twitter (i.e. rebranding or using a new account) nor am I new user for those who are encountering this blog post (and me) for the first time.

What I am trying to posit in this post are some helpful tips for those who are thinking about signing up for Twitter soon (or have signed up recently) and for those who are dusting off their unused accounts so as to make a serious go at it.

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On Organic (Acquired) Roles

I had a ton of great conversation publicly and privately after this blog post on Unspoken Roles yesterday (and it was the weekend, what!) and so I had even more time to meditate and reflect on the power of these understood roles.

Consequently, this is somewhat of a follow-up or Part II of yesterday’s blog post as I coalesce some more of my thoughts together on the development of teams, culture, and organizational productivity.

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On Unspoken Roles

I love working with passionate, driven, and trustworthy people. People who work hard and who are driven to do their best in all that they are responsible for.

These characteristics are especially important in the context of a fast and growing startup where the problem that is trying to be solved is still being worked on and fleshed out while the people that you have chosen to work with can be the only real element in the equation.

So finding the right people to work ends up being more important than the so-called business objectives and spending a considerable amount of time upfront on massaging the relationships is critical.

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