Leadership That Lies

Two companies that have gotten a lot of airplay recently (and not in good ways) are Mitsubishi Motors and Theranos, both riddled with scandal and maleficence.

The latter has fallen under criminal investigation while the former has at least admitted to its wrongdoing. Terrible times are ahead for both of these companies and there’s no guarantee for anything at this point in time.

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Chief Heart Officer

There’s so much that I love about GaryVee; his approach to life, his enthusiasm, his unapologetic position on how to build great companies, and his open experimentation with pretty much anything.

He’s a model of how to lead and be authentic in a time when it’s harder than ever to do that with a straight-face.

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Hiring the Minecraft Generation

Children are particularly fond of haunting any site where things are being visibly worked on. They are irresistibly drawn by the detritus generated by building, gardening, housework, tailoring or carpentry.

via Walter Benjamin who wrote that in 1924. I can think of many times where I spent hours “haunting” locales and areas that were actively being worked on.

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