Slide Scale: Giving a Fuck

How simple this tactic is:

Hold on a second. I’m like a two-out-of-ten on this. How strongly do you feel?

I’m probably a six-out-of-ten, I replied after a couple moments of consideration.

Cool, then let’s do it your way.

Done and done. Sometimes the best way to make decisions is to cut out the emotional bullshit and ego (especially the ego) and get down to brass tacks. Love it.

Diversity of Thought

via Tiho Bajic (via FirstRound):

It’s been demonstrated time and time again that diversity of thought is perhaps the most valuable tool in any organization’s arsenal.

Tiho shares a few gems regarding his ability to attract, retain, and encourage top engineers to perform. I will say, though, that if you’re focusing (i.e. struggling) on loyalty then you have a much bigger problem at hand…