Coding Skill and Leadership

If you’re familiar with the Dos Equis commercials featuring “The Most Interesting Man in the World” then you’ll get a laugh out of this one. I know that I did.

The one above is a common “sin” when it comes to hiring and growing a technology-centric business because many mistake the best software engineer (or the first) to have the same qualities as a leader they need to run the organization. This isn’t always the case.

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The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had

My team has been working incredibly hard to turn something that was once just an idea into a sustainable and growth-oriented model. In fact, they’ve been doing more than that the the stories that I hear from our graduates of The Iron Yard have validated that the hill that we’ve decided to climb was the right one to tackle.

And we want to do much, much more (as most companies do). We’ve got tons of neat ideas for expansion, for culture development, for creating even more value for our customers and for our staff. There’s always room for new and fresh ideas and I conjure up a ton of them every single week.

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Exit Strategies

Via Steve Jobs:

In a conversation years ago, Mr. Jobs said he was disturbed when he heard young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley use the term “exit strategy” — a quick, lucrative sale of a start-up. It was a small ambition, Mr. Jobs said, instead of trying to build companies that last for decades, if not a century or more.

The so-called “Exit Strategy” is one that you hear all the time in startup world and it’s a question that’s hard to answer as there is not a one-size-fits-all type of response.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – everyone has a price but I do not believe that “price” is always directly related to a financial bottom-line.

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Back to Homebase

We all need a homebase, a place that we can be rejuvenated and be reminded deeply the reasons why we do things. We all probably have a few places that might deserve that title, like your real home (or you parent’s home) or perhaps a special spot that holds powerful memories.

But for me these places are less physical in nature. I’ve never felt that way when I walked through the doors to my home to greet my kids and spouse. I also never felt that way with any organization that I worked for or with or the offices environments that we had created.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been so itinerant both with where I’ve lived and what I’ve been doing. I’m used to be impermanent, transient, and mobile.

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Startup Memories


My old Honda Civic that I bought from my sister.

I never want to forget what it’s like working with a team on a shoestring budget in a rented office space on the cheap (and when I mean “cheap” I mean free).

I never want to forget the long drive that I took each morning to sit amongst friends.

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The Servers are Down


Man, I love Dilbert.

As much as we try to automate the business’ that we run there will still be a need for human intervention. Sometimes this is an important part of the process, like recovering a down server and sometimes (unfortunately) the intervention can be anything but good.

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