A Letter to My 22 Year Old Self on Entrepreneurship

In a few months from now I’ll be 32 and at that point I’ll feel well on my way to the big Four-Oh. At this point in time I feel like I have had the amazing blessing of experiencing so much and yet, at the very same time, I feel ill-equipped for most everything.

It’s as if the first 30 years have been generally inadequate at preparing me for the next 30. I think I could argue pretty substantially about why but I’ll save that for another post.

But as I look back on the last decade I can see a few things that I have picked up specifically as it relates to entrepreneurship and startups. In many ways there is very little preparation that anyone can do to prepare oneself for such a lifestyle (although I’ve attempted to jot a few things down here) and I’m going to try again to provide some helpful thoughts to a younger version of myself.

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Go Mobile


I couldn’t be more bullish on the mobile space. The graphs don’t even come close to doing the industry growth full justice (although they are very telling). I can’t even imagine where we’ll be in a year from now.

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Goodbye Pressgram


Today marks the 2-year (official) anniversary of Pressgram and it is with a very heavy heart that I am announcing that active development on Pressgram is being discontinued. Consequently, I’ll be pulling the app from the Apple Store on 9/11 and shutting things down permanently by the end of this month (9/30).

I have been drafting this announcement post for a long time and had, at one point, a 3,000+ word epic narrative but it just didn’t really make sense as I stood back and looked at it as a whole.

Simply put, there are no words that can adequately describe how I feel about this news.

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9 Years

March, 2004

March, 2004

Today I am humbled and proud to say that my wife and I have fought hard to survive 9 full years of marriage. To think that we’re now coming into our first decade (and to say that word!) is absolutely thrilling.

There are very few words that truly capture how I feel about these last 9 years. We have seen some crazy ups and downs, a handful of side-to-sides, and everything in between. We’ve grown to love our two beautiful daughters and feel content about having a “complete” family.

For this post I reviewed the previous posts that I’ve written and I get emotional about thinking how far we’ve come:

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