Children Over Soccer

While working on my two soccer coaching licenses (G & F) I learned a ton from the instructors who were pulling from decades of experience coaching players of all ages.

There were some obvious gems and then some other distinct pieces of advice and counsel that seriously challenged the way in which I not only viewed my role as coach but also as a leader in business organizations.

For instance, when asked about the qualities that they looked for in a coach for U-10 and below, this is what one of the instructors said without equivocation:

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Dotted Paper for Designers

Handmade and hand-finished with 180GSM Kraft paper cover; 80gsm off-white paper with 5mm dot grid; stitched binding with cotton reinforcement strip for extra durability. Minimal branding with front page sticker with space to name your gridbook.

Sweet stuff here. Free download of Dotted Paper too.

Grok, 2015

I had a blast last week @ GROK 2015 which is categorically a different type of conference; the 10/20’s, as they are called, are always completely refreshing and the conversations span the gamut from software development, entrepreneurship, to raising kids and even conversations around how to choose and pick a career.

Those aren’t small questions, mind you, but they kick off serious inquiry both individually and corporately. Most importantly, I like how it cuts through the bullshit – there needs to be more of that everywhere.

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