A Twitter Break

I thought that I would have some wise words of wisdom or a long-form explanation as to why I’m taking a break from social media/social networking but I don’t. I don’t have a “platform” that I’m posing or am I being prescriptive or dogmatic with my decision. This isn’t even an “offline” versus “online” thing either. It just… is.

I’m just tired of it all to be honest. They all seems so… bleh.

And “they” is not really that appropriate as I only have one major social media application that gets my time and attention: Twitter.

All the rest I have either abandoned completely by outright deleting the accounts or they lie utterly dormant or strictly utilitarian, like Facebook, which requires that I still have an account so that I can develop on top of their system which is an unfortunate requirement as I really do hate that social network.

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Career Change

Have you ever considered a complete career change? I have. I have multiple times. Although, I have always come back towards technology of some sort as I’m really not good with anything else.

But I often dream of different career paths or professions. If I’m in a weird sort of mood I’ll imagine that my “job” consists of spending time with my kids, watching movies, and playing video games while traveling the world and trying awesome food.

(Perhaps you’ve dreamt of that “job” too – haven’t we all?)

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Work Ethic


I’ll admit that I can get incredibly frustrated with my children, especially my oldest who at times doesn’t appear to deeply care about the things that she engages with.

Now, I know that she’s still very young and very much undecided on a number of things but when I see her half-ass things or carelessly engage with the things that she has told us she enjoys it can frustrate me to no end.

It’s not that I’m interested in tying her down to anything that she doesn’t want to do herself – I’m all for doing things and not doing things. But if you decide to pursue something I have only one personal perspective and that’s this: You kill it.

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I have historically made most of my bad decisions out of desperation. In other words, when I am in a place of desperation I seem to make the worst possible decisions with my life whether it’s a job opportunity, a project, a relationship(s), and even a startup venture.

I’m not sure about you but I definitely know this about myself and it can be so frustrating because it is when we are the most desperate is when we feel like we should be making decisions, not waiting, patiently, for better opportunities or for more clarity.

But knowing is half the battle, right Duke?

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Get Off Your Butt


The best line of the entire blog post is at the very end, but don’t miss everything else in the middle. I also grew up around this game and the entire legacy. Unbelievable memories. It inspired a generation (and then some).

The distance between “what you can conceive” and “what you can achieve” is closing faster than anyone thought possible, especially in terms of technology.

Definitely buying the book.



Dear 24-year Old Sir,

Last time we met I learned a lot about who you were - last night I learned more about who you want to be, although your biggest concerns right now is the fact that your girlfriend is about to give birth any day now (so glad she had a nice time in Macon with her friends and family at her baby shower!) and the fact that you were turned away when you attempted to get your weekly food stamps so you can feed your growing family (apparently the government shut down fucked that up too, sheesh).

But you attitude is so positive and your perspective is so uplifting that it really makes me reconsider my own state and position considerably – you have a better attitude about life and your situation than most people although you may not even recognize it.

And I’m so thankful that I could sell you my car. I had no intention of selling it to you as I had tons of offers on it already but you fit the bill perfectly and USAA will take great care of you in terms of your insurance, payments, and other such stuff. I, like you, have been well-taken care of by them in the past and they won’t let you down.

Giving you a deal on it was not a problem and I’m happier for it; I think you’re the right person for it and that’s about it. Sure, not the most prudent decision financially perhaps but I believe it was an important one. You see, you’ve gotten something very special with that little Toyota as it’s a living example of how God can turn lemons into lemonade.

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