Connecting to Desk PM


One big feature that I’m considering is syncing up Pressgram with her desktop brother, Desk PM as one way of capturing images and then saving the drafts for longer-form publishing when you get back to your desk or notebook computer.

Wouldn’t that be neat? Imagine being able to capture your beautiful images and then send them to a desktop publishing system for further and more in-depth storytelling?

I think that would be really, really cool.

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headphones

I love music and not because I necessarily connect with it intensely (although in some ways I definitely do) nor is it because I have some sort of musical skill but because it helps create incredibly productivity for me.

Consequently, I’m open to trying new forms of headphones all the time and will experiment with the acoustics, the software, the form and size as well as their ability to generally drown out the background noise.

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The Aha Moment of Health and Religion

Laying in bed the other night and I started to think about health and religion and how they are very similar. This was the night that I had checked myself out oimages (10)f the hospital that I had been admitted to the night before due to a mini-stroke or in medical terms a TIA. I checked myself out after a Doctor who had not even seen me that day decided to change my meds and we also found out that no one at the hospital had contacted my Cardiologist or Internest after telling us they did.

Needless to say, I checked out came home and am now okay. This all led to….



The Aha Moment

So here we are with what I have found to be the 5 reasons that Health and Religion are similar. You are either going to love this or hate this but just know I am not knocking either religion or health. I just find it ironic how much they could be similar when you really sit and think about

I am going to do this backwards, starting with #5 and counting down to #1.

#5…. Arguments of Health and Religion: Now this is something that first came to mind. I’ve always been told religion creates arguments, lately healthcare does the same. People are critical of Obamacare and have no problem voicing their opinions. The same holds true for religion. Think of Westboro Baptist Church. Whenever their name comes up an argument begins.

#4….Going to Church or the Hospital: So the way I see this one you go to the hospital when you need to not when you want too. You go there to visit when there is a birth or someone near dying. You also go to Church when someone is born or has died as well as when you need something. So both Church and the Hospital are there when you need them.

#3….The Athieest and the Believer: This is an easy one. On both sides, religion and health there are those who believe in the medical professionals and those who don’t. Same as in religion. There is a supreme being there isn’t one. That’s a wrap.

#2….The Helpers: depending on religion or health you have angels and nurses. Seems to me in most cases these titles could be reversed in a given situation. Do you agree?

#1….God and Doctor: This should be an easy one for you. If you are a believer than God and the Doctor exist for you on both planes. If you are the other side of belief than it doesn’t matter to you does it?

I’m sure you may have some other examples and you are welcome to add them below in the comments and I will update the list. This is about all I could think of that night.


Notes: Human Capital Meetup


Here are a few of my notes from this morning’s event. We had 8 people show up and it was a small, pleasant, and humble beginning – I dig, I dig! If you want some more robust thoughts check out Lindsay’s post which has a decent retrospect and thoughts to chew on.

The point of meeting was simply an opportunity to meet like-minded people who are interested in how to build a great organizational culture (and a great organization period!), something I’m desperately interested in these days!

This is just a raw dump of my notes with very little context – just FYI.

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I Want to Exist

Kings Quest

Kings Quest

One of my friends candidly asked me last night what the “point” of learning to build software was when there appears to be someone who has either built the solution or is actively working on it in a capacity that dwarfs their on.

In his own words:

Wishing I knew how – I have some the books and I know where to go, but the looming question that holds me back is: What’s the point of learning it, what should I make with it, is there purpose, ‘cause currently, even though an inventor of technological items several years before they showed up made by others, I don’t seem to know what I should be solving and there are so many repeat apps out there that just leave me unmotivated about the whole idea.

I guess if I had a mentor to show me the way and I had a problem at that particular time and there was some sort of hurdle to jump that forced me into learning the code, then I think I would.

But why jump the hurdle when you can just walk barefoot in the grass beside the tracks…

It’s a valid question but it’s one that was incredibly easy to answer:

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Great Wide Open 2014 Keynote: Open Source

A few thoughts on how I understand and define “Open Source” – this was a fun keynote presentation @ GWO 2014 and I appreciated the opportunity to explore my own thoughts and opinions in preparing for it.

Bamboo iPad Case by Primovisto


Occasionally I’ll get asked if I’d like to try out some new loot and 9 out of 10 times it’s a definite “No”; not because I’m disinterested but because I simply don’t have time to review all the product inquiries that come into my inbox (I’m sure they are great, I promise!).

But this one seemed decent enough to review and to check out, especially since they do something pretty unique insofar as engraving a design on the cover of the case! So, I had a friend send me a logo (his own personal brand) and we sent them the file.

Voila! In a few days (it was so quick!) they sent me the finished product… So pretty:

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