This article from Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore, is a retrospective of the last year post releasing his now-super-famous album, The Heist.

It’s a story of passion, sweat, tears, and the result of an incredibly amount of hard work. I was riveted to my seat as I read it and I enjoyed it immensely. There’s not just one quote that I’d like to pull and talk about – rather, the whole entire thing is just worth your time.

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Coworking in Atlanta: Kollective South

Coworking in Atlanta is very much a growing industry and it’s exciting to see it all happen in literal real-time! It’s neat to be a part of something much bigger than yourself and to be, at least for now, a very interested and enthused observer. Perhaps at some point in time I’ll be more directly involved but those cards haven’t shown themselves yet.

I happened to visit a brand-spankin’ new one yesterday that’s been open only a week or two. This is neat because I could get a completely fresh perspctive of the environment as well as take a considerable amount of time getting to know the owner, Sian Morson who’s a recent Bay Area transplant. In many ways she “gets” the coworking model and is very interested in making her mark here on the other coast.

Overall the environment at Kollective South was pleasant and the atmosphere is nice. It’s a bit larger than a few of the other coworking spots that I’ve reviewed and has enough space for you to not feel cramped but also close enough with others to collaborate and work together.

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Hang Drum

Man, this sound and instrument is amazing. There’s definitely something mystical about it and even harkens back to old school 8-bit gaming soundtracks. This would be something I’d love to learn to play.

Playstation: A Shared Past

I’ve spent thousands of hours on every single Playstation that’s every been released, including UK and Japanese console versions that could play games that never made it stateside.

I was lucky enough to be living in Japan when their first one dropped and we spent an astronomical amount of money buying games and peripherals. For sure I’ll be getting the new 4.

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A Twitter Break

I thought that I would have some wise words of wisdom or a long-form explanation as to why I’m taking a break from social media/social networking but I don’t. I don’t have a “platform” that I’m posing or am I being prescriptive or dogmatic with my decision. This isn’t even an “offline” versus “online” thing either. It just… is.

I’m just tired of it all to be honest. They all seems so… bleh.

And “they” is not really that appropriate as I only have one major social media application that gets my time and attention: Twitter.

All the rest I have either abandoned completely by outright deleting the accounts or they lie utterly dormant or strictly utilitarian, like Facebook, which requires that I still have an account so that I can develop on top of their system which is an unfortunate requirement as I really do hate that social network.

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Career Change

Have you ever considered a complete career change? I have. I have multiple times. Although, I have always come back towards technology of some sort as I’m really not good with anything else.

But I often dream of different career paths or professions. If I’m in a weird sort of mood I’ll imagine that my “job” consists of spending time with my kids, watching movies, and playing video games while traveling the world and trying awesome food.

(Perhaps you’ve dreamt of that “job” too – haven’t we all?)

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