I was given an amazing word of encouragement the other day as I sat down with one of our students in our Code Academy program the other day who shared with me some positive words:

When you visit us and share with us your perspective I feel like I can do this; I am hopeful.

I have not always been known to be the “encourager” in the group but I think I’ve discovered a neat place among my incredible team and I’ve been actively thinking about how I can do more of it borrowing heavily from my influences like my father and even setting up a local meetup to learn more from others.

I have not perfected any particular technique but I am beginning to execute in small ways like this that I hope brings about positive change and encouragement to others.

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The impulse to publish.

I think my favorite part about Pressgram is how it fulfills the impulsive desire to publish something. Ideas always come to me without warning. There are those “aha” moments in our days that just need the satisfaction of being documented. I remember how I used to run around like a chicken with my head cut off with ideas and thoughts to share. Now I can just take a photo, add some thoughts and publish.

It is a value that is near infinite.

Teachers can share candid thoughts from the classroom lectures. Students can even do the same. Conversations can be built upon impulse no matter where you are.

I love that.

When you have an impulse to share thoughts, use Pressgram. It’s the best way to document and share them.

Interview on The Dispatch


I had the pleasure of spending a few moments with Chase (x2) on The Dispatch talking about my experience with WordPress and a number of odds and ends.

My chat with Chase starts around 16:30 – thanks Chase for letting me hang with you guys for a bit! Listen in here.

On Time-Based Qualifications



Occasionally I’ll review some of my more favorite job boards to see some of the new openings that are available to talented software engineers. I am generally more interested in who is offering the roles instead of the actual roles themselves.

(No, I’m not looking for work as I am way too busy already with my current commitments!)

And I’ve discovered more than a few disappointing observations that have generally made me very sad:

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My Most Special User


Sue, Arden… same smile.

My wife is one of my greatest and most important users of this app. For those that know, it can be incredibly difficult to convince your spouse to do anything so the fact that my wife uses Pressgram melts my heart.

But what really gets me is the fact that she uses nearly all of the app and this recent blog post that she published encourages me to continue the tough journey of software engineering.

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