40 Years of Disruption

Amazing to see how far they’ve come and how long they have stayed the course. Inspiring and moving.

The Day I Was a Shark

One of the posters in the entrance!

I had the pleasure of being a “Shark” in a school competition that was modeled after ABC’s Shark Tank show. Hosted by Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and partnered with Break Into Business I was 1 of 4 Sharks who observed, gave feedback, and “grilled” young 5th grade entrepreneurs and their businesses live.

What a show! What an amazingly talented group of kids! I couldn’t believe how well they had prepared as well as how put together their slides were from their origin stories, founder bios, product overview and demo as well as financial business model and marketing strategies.

Yikes. These kids were more prepared than many adults that I encounter, no joke!

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It’s Okay to Add Brakes

I was having one of those really decent conversations with a friend today over a cup of iced coffee (I believe he was having iced tea though…) and we were comparing notes about how we have found the balance between life, the work that we do, and our families that sometimes get the short-end of the stick (if we’re completely honest with ourselves).

Since both of us work with ton of entrepreneurs and startup organizations we both have often been asked to share our thoughts on how to accelerate growth, maximize resources, and to find opportunities to actualize revenue and profit. These conversations are at times in the privacy of a 1-on-1 or via a keynote on a public stage.

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That Type of Guy

Non-alcoholic in the front and the fun in the back.

I observed my father become an incredible leader as he worked his way up from the rank and file to become an executive in a company that does more than $70B a year in revenue.

And our family moved as his career grew and went with him even when it meant moving a family of 7 internationally to Japan. I saw him in a variety of roles and although he worked hard and oftentimes late I do not remember him missing much of the weekly family events – he may have missed a few of my soccer games here and there but I can’t actually remember a single time he wasn’t sitting in the stands. The point is that his presence was inexorable.

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Why Do You Take Pictures?

IMG_0037Before we get to your reasons I thought I would give you mine. It’s usually better if the writer or asker of a question gives you his or her reasons or answers first so you feel inspired to give yours. At least that’s my idea.

I take picture for memories and for my health. We’ll get to the health issue in a moment but first let’s talk about why most people take pictures. The fact is that 98% of the people, or at least I think that’s what the article I read a very long time ago stated take picture for memories. Imagine that,(sarcastic tone here). I would have never guessed that one.

How many times when you lose a picture that has some deep meaning to you do you get upset and start thinking of the memories of that picture? I know for me when my house burnt down some years ago and I lost all of my pictures left to me by my Mom and Dad I was devastated. I could remember each picture though and the memory of it but without it hanging I didn’t think of those memories daily like I did before. How about you?

So when you start to think this way health gets in the way. All of a sudden you may feel a little depression creeping into your brain or body. Maybe you feel you failed by losing the picture. I did for a while till some friends talked some sense into me. The thing pictures play such a very important role in our world especially when it’s personal. What picture really make an impact to you?

Think about that question for a minute. Picture that make an impact. I was in New York when 911 happened. I was actually on my way to the World Trade Center to finalize a deal with Cantor and Fitzgerald on the 108th floor where most of the people died. God was watching me that day for sure.

Anyway back to health. I take pictures not just for memories but for my health. I love looking at pictures when my health isn’t up to par. I love looking at pics when I’m down. the other evening I was rushed to the hospital when everyone thought I was having a stroke. Actually I was having a mini stroke, what they call a TIA. IT is and isn’t a big deal but when you’re lying waiting for answers it is. I looked at picture after picture of my grandkids and Patti my Wife. As well as picture of our kids but mainly my grandkids. That made me feel alive and want to fight whatever was going on.

Why Do You Take Pictures?