What’s Life Got To Do With It?

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Thanks Tina Turner for help with the title, in a small way. I couldn’t resist using some of her words from her song “What’s Love Got To Do With It” for this post. Hope she doesn’t mind?

Have you ever heard the phrase “life sucks then you die?” If you haven’t you just did, but it is something I hear daily from a load of friends and family online and in person. When I hear that phrase I think “what the heck?” Are we really that fed up with our lives or depressed about our lives and why? What is it about that phrase that rings true for so many?

Over the Father’s Day weekend I posed this question to an assortment of friends, family and strangers online to see what kind of results I would get back. The question, which I would really like you to answer if you haven’t already was, when you say life sucks then you die, what are you thinking at that moment?

The answers were a range of emotions that I didn’t expect to hear. Most of the answers were that at that very moment something in their life or the lives of someone they know went bad. It could be a death or illness. Could have been a fight within the family at a holiday as one person told me about or just what started out as a simple misunderstanding grew into a family being disowned.

There were also the people who just felt that life had let them down in general. Life wasn’t turning out like they expected or wanted. There were twists and turns that they weren’t prepared for and never expected. I hear that.

After reading and commenting on the responses I offered these questions. Do you prefer to prosper in life before you nourish or after you nourish someone? Do you want others to prosper from you before they nourish you or after?

Let me explain a little deeper about these questions. Nourishing and prospering either at the hands of others or in helping others can totally determine the type of day or life you are going to have. When I think of all of these Tech Icons out in the world and the money they are making on us I often look at what have they done to nourish me or anyone first. Have you ever done that?

Take Facebook and the Zuck. How has he nourished your life? How has he prospered from you? Prospering doesn’t just mean monetarily either. It could be from information that Facebook has gathered and sold. How about Google, Yahoo and many others.

It isn’t just the Tech world either. It can be in any industry you can think of. What are they or the person who owns the company doing for you before they prosper from you, if anything? Have they made an attempt to get you to follow before prospering? It’s just a matter of life. It’s an order in life that follows the course of karma. No matter how you look at it, it comes back to haunt you at some point. But why let it?

Think about nourishing first in order to prosper later. You may find that prospering later could even be more rewarding. It happened to Patti and I with our diabetes organization and it wasn’t in the form of money. It was in the form of followers to our site at the time. I spent 2 years cultivating contacts and followers without ever asking for anything, including following us. They just followed over time. Then when we decided to really amp up our site we woke up one day 4 weeks later to 3 million followers and hits. I mean let me tell you we were jumping.

Nourishing works. Prospering is a direct result of nourishing. You can’t tell me that when someone talks to you for an extended time and then asks for money it isn’t easier to give it to them than the person that hits you up in 5 minutes or 4 words, “show me the money.”

Let me know about your way of nourishing and if you have done it in the past? Also let me know how you prospered after the fact if that in fact happened.


Family Friendly

The concept of having a “family friendly” work environment is no longer new and I imagine that the concept itself (or the intention) existed way before the terminology or vernacular around it became popular and heavily cited.

I mean, I can’t imagine any company today that wouldn’t include some verbiage around having this type of environment or organizational culture although you’ll hear it fluffed up a bit and made more “cool” or “hip” I suppose.

But if it’s so common today then what really does it mean and how do some companies really come out on top in terms of creating an environment that healthy for the staffs’ familial needs?

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iOS 8 Photo Features…

… scare me a bit.

Not in a bad way, mind you … they simply hit really close to home in terms of the offerings that I’ve created for Pressgram.

The point is that it’s seriously got me thinking about what I can do to create the best next version of Pressgram for users. Apparently I can tap into the new iOS 8 editing features as well, which will be interesting ….

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Knowing What People Want

Above is classic Steve Jobs, completely schooling SmugMug’s rep and telling him what his question and issue really is. I have watched this video a ton of times over the past few years and I’m still amazed at how Steve could do this.

This is what made Apple the premier technology and innovation company – it’s what they do. It’s more than just anticipation, it’s peering into the future – it’s oracle-like.

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5 Key Characteristics I Look For in New Hires

I’ve been hiring, a lot, which has given me tons of opportunity to meditate on the qualities that help breed success, not just at my organization but for many fast-growing startups and companies.

So here are a few random things I’ve been thinking about as I continue to grow and scale my company.

Obviously it’s worth noting that every hire is different and every context for the hire is different but these essentials seem to keep coming up for me and our team. Perhaps you’ll find them beneficial to at least think about:

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