There’s something incredibly satisfying about finding a technology solution that just “works,” right? A solution that meets most of the business needs that you have as well as something that positively adds to the culture at large.

I’m finding that HipChat, a product by Atlassian, has been serving our needs @ The Iron Yard quite well. We use it to connect with all of our staff as well as for 1:1 discussions that may or may not be related to business.

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Pulling the Trigger

gunSomeone must eventually pull the proverbial trigger when it comes to decision-making.

Unfortunately I have come to realize that many people have been adequately trained out of this type of action through traditional scholastic endeavors and corporate training.

In the context of an organization this means that globally there is a major deficit in leadership except at the very top. This top-down model of leadership and decision-making is so destructive for so many organizations that I often wonder why they haven’t internally combusted. Perhaps they should, it would make the world a better place…

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Honest Weather


My wife and I have had some big arguments over some of the stupidest stuff (you know what I’m talking about…) – I mean, sometimes we’ll argue over such petty things like what I should wear to the office or perhaps more importantly an event or conference when I find that jeans and a t-shirt is doable in every context.

Sometimes it’s related to the weather and if she checks her iPhone and it says “Few Showers” she’ll suggest that I bust out an umbrella and dress a little more warmly. I do not believe that any of those weather systems can be trusted, ever, and no matter how much technology we throw at that particular industry we will never get it right.

Or, perhaps, most of those apps just aren’t as honest as this weather app (more pics here).

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A Strange Melange


via New Yorker

Via the New Yorker:

It seems that con artists, for all their vices, represent many of the virtues that Americans aspire to. Con artists are independent and typically self-made. They don’t have to kowtow to a boss—no small thing in a country in which people have always longed to strike out on their own. They succeed or fail based on their wits.

They exemplify, in short, the complicated nature of American capitalism, which, as McDougall argues, has depended on people being hustlers in both the positive and the negative sense. The American economy wasn’t built just on good ideas and hard work. It was also built on hope and hype.

Is there much of a difference between the con artist and the independent, self-made entrepreneuers that many of us read about?

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A Quick Visual Guide to Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress


I have a pretty intense and comprehensive blog post series that can walk you through getting a WordPress blog up and running as well as how to monetize a blog.

It’s been a pleasure to see so many reader walk through those series (I’ve got tons) and daily I can literally track new readers encounter them and systematically pour through them (H/T Google Analytics).

Although there have been a ton of changes since I originally wrote many of those series both on the side of WordPress as well as all of the technologies that surround the general blogging ecosystem there are a few things that haven’t changed (or haven’t changed for the better).

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I Won’t Be Tickle Monster Forever


I miss these two something fierce.

It’s been an incredible week here in Greenville as I plan for what appears to be an incredible year. I’ve got a talented team that’s ready to tackle the very large challenges that are ahead of us corporately and we’re all ready to kill it.

In these moments of deep satisfaction you naturally want to turn to those that you love the most and share with them the excitement that you feel, the joy that is yours for that moment.

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Work with Grownups


Probably shouldn’t work with 3-year olds either.

When we venture into new roles with new responsibilities with new challenges and new people you inevitably do a number of compare and contrast exercises with your previous experiences.

I believe this is a healthy exercise and one that can reveal a number of truths that can prove to be invaluable in ones growth and success as there is always room for the expansion of one’s perspective and the opportunity to glean from the past.

One startling (and humbling) discovery is the realization that it is vastly better to work with grownups in challenging startup ventures instead of children.

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