On Energy and Startups

I appreciate what Naval Ravikant, founder of AngelList, shared here a year or so ago. It’s still as true today as it was then and, well, for as long as their have been creative and ambitious people doing stuff that matters.

But I think it’s also worth noting that some startups really do die when they run out of cash. In fact, I’d argue that it may happen as often than the lack of energy or enthusiasm for a venture, for many reasons.

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An Entrepreneur’s Struggle to Understand “Need” and “Want”

I posted a few thoughts on the struggle that an entrepreneur has between “need” and “want”. Head over to Medium to give it a read.

Also, would you do me a super-favor and “Recommend” the post as well? I admit that there’s a contest to get some Medium-related swag and I really want to win.


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Celebrating with Family

Awesome Job!
#1 App in the App Store!

My oldest daughter made this for me yesterday after her mother informed her that her Appa accomplished something really cool (it got “Featured“) with his small app, Desk.

I know that she didn’t fully understand what had transpired but it was enough for her to get excited (and we decided to celebrate with popsicles as well because the app became “profitable” pulling in a net total of $71.65! I share some more thoughts on the context of that here via the Desk Blog).

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My Child’s Inner Entrepreneur

My oldest sent me into an emotional tailspin a few days ago when I discovered that someone had sent a tweet from an account that only I (and a trusted few) have keys to.

As you can see, the first tweet was just a “hi” and I begin to literally conversate with the “rogue” tweeter trying to figure out who in the world was tweeting. And, they had an attitude about it too!

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The Power of a Newsletter

I have been told 1,000 times that a newsletter is one of the best strategies and/or tactics to engage with one’s audience and yet I have not always leveraged it to its utmost. In many ways I just thought that it was just another thing that I had to write for and since I do ample amount of writing every single day I wasn’t motivated to execute against it.

But recently I’ve found something very neat with the weekly newsletter (I use MailChimp) that I share on Tuesdays with my very small community surrounding my indie app, Desk. What I’ve discovered, most importantly, is that I do actually enjoy writing for it and my feelings for it have blossomed.

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