AuTeachism App

via App Store:

The AuTeachism Therapist App is a free app that allows the therapist to harnesses the fun and entertainment of playing with iPads and tablets and turn traditional applied ABA therapy into an enjoyable activity for children with impairments associated with Autism, Social Communication Disorders or language delays.

That’s pretty neat.

On “For Profit” Schools

For-profit colleges and the financial industry have a lot in common. Both regularly targeted vulnerable populations — veterans, minorities, and low-income people. Both used high-pressure sales tactics to pressure borrowers into high-interest loans with deceptive terms. Both sold the same story about “respectability” and the American Dream to entice low-income people to take on massive, predatory debt, and then used shame to convince people of their moral obligation to pay it. And both have armies of lobbyists, massive government subsidies, and bailouts when they run into trouble.

I think for-profit schools have a lot that they can learn from the financial industry… and there’s a huge opportunity for change (and for doing it right).

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Tips for Mental Illness Apps

A decent overview of how best to engage:

  1. Define and engage with your intended audience
  2. Be interactive, move beyond text and make the app part of something bigger
  3. Be credible
  4. Never underestimate the impact of stigma
  5. Understand security risks
  6. Risks might not be what you think
  7. Be progressive

Dive in further via this article here. I’m happy to see more people thinking about this industry and opportunity.

What is an Internet Troll?

Jeff has a good overview:

Thus, a troll is someone who exists to hurt people, cause harm, and break a bunch of stuff because that’s something brutish trolls just … do, isn’t it?

In that sense, calling someone a Troll is not so different from the pre-Internet tactic of calling someone a monster – implying that they lack all the self-control and self-awareness a normal human being would have.

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Transparent Funding

via Brad Feld on transparency from startups on funding, their process, experience, and everything else in-between:

Now, I’m not suggesting that every entrepreneur should write transparent funding announcements. That’s up to the entrepreneur. But I think it’s super valuable to read the ones that are out there. The amount of useful information to entrepreneurs who are building their companies, both for process, dynamics, and comparables, is enormous.

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