Mr. Procter, Mr. Gamble

It floats.

It floats.

I am constantly fascinated by the dynamic created by two people who passionately execute against the things that they love, especially when it brings them together in ways that would not necessarily make sense.

I think the story of Procter & Gamble is one of those dynamics. Did you know that they reached $1MM in annual sales back in 1859? With all the money that’s being thrown at worthwhile companies (or at least how often you read about it in the tech blogs) it’s hard to imagine that there was that much capital to consume from buyers back then.

Think about that with a historical context in mind: This was just a few years before the North and the South clashed in our epic United States Civil War. This was approximately 20 years before Thomas Edison found a use and market for his lightbulbs.


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Paring Down Filters


So many filters.

Yes, I’ll admit it – we have a lot of filters.

Can you help me pare them down a bit? Of the filters that are available, help me isolate 20 or so that we should keep in the next update.

It made sense for a time to have a robust offering because we didn’t have advanced editing controls but now that we do have advanced image editing options the total amount of filters really doesn’t matter as much any more.

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A Vision That Compels

As a bootstrapped startup you’re sure to be short of one thing nearly always (at least for a period): Cash. I’ve lead a few of these before and it’s both a blessing and a challenge (not a curse, mind you) to have the freedom to execute without the weight of someone else’s money on the line.

Consequently, how does one motivate a team when the financial rewards are clearly not available? And, perhaps more importantly and primarily, how do you motivate people to jump on board with little promise of that short-term financial reward?

I believe the answer lies in visioncasting.

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Best Company to Work For

Fortune, every year, will list out the top companies to work for and the list is riddled with some of the biggest names around. On occasion they’ll throw in a decent interactive as well with it.

I was passed the link, once again, from a friend of mine who is considering an opportunity to work for one of the top companies on the list and it caused me to pause for a moment and think through what it means to be a “best company to work for.”

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Write for People

I used to be pretty hardcore about SEO and all of that hocus-pocus and although much of it is still relevant and will create positive outcomes when done well and right I no longer even give it the slightest consideration when publishing here on this blog.

I can’t tell you exactly when this shift occurred but it most likely happened a few years back in 2012 when I realized that I no longer cared about pageviews (and monetizing those pageviews) and was comfortable enough with myself and my writing to know that wrote for myself and not anyone else in particular.

I finally codified these thoughts in my answer to “why” I write and I have become even more comfortable with each passing month and I will never, ever go back to the day when I wrote for unique visitors, pageviews, bounce rates, pages per session, and duration (among other “behaviorial” metrics).

What a complete fucking waste of time and emotional bandwidth.

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Best Dentist in Atlanta

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It’s hard to imagine that I’d ever find a dentist that I really like but I believe we’ve done it. Dr. Gabriel over at Druid Hills Dental is the man.

The building is practically nondescript and the interior hallway that you walk down to get to his office is somewhat foreboding as if it’s trying to mentally steel you for what you feel will be a terrible encounter.

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