Rand Fishkin on Mentorship

Rand, of SEOMoz, has counted on mentorship being a crucial part of his success:

For me it’s been really wonderful to get to have these people over the years who are in my life that I can observe. They’ve been through the pain and the process that I’m going through that they’re a few years – or many years – ahead of where I am and where Moz is today, and there’s a lot I can learn from those experiences, and hopefully take away some of the painful lessons ahead.

I love that. A great interview over at GrooveHQ.

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John Steinbeck on His Craft

via an old Associated Press interview:

Why do they think a writer, just because he can write, will make a good after-dinner speaker, or club committeeman, or even a public speaker? I’m no public speaker and I don’t want to be. I’m not even a finished writer yet, I haven’t learned my craft.

I’ve come to realize this truth over the years as well: My skills aren’t as easily transferable as I once thought (or wished) that they’d be. In other words, just because I was good at X doesn’t mean that I am naturally good at Y, even if they seem to have close proximity.

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