Losing Your Top Pick

He was everyone's top pick but he could only play for one team at a time.

He was everyone’s top pick but he could only play for one team at a time.

I’ve been hiring like crazy for The Iron Yard as we’re expanding quickly into some exciting new geographic areas. Interviewing people and vision casting our future is a fun part of my job as well as making sure that we protect our very special culture amidst our need for scale.

(And you should read the stories of some of what we’re doing to see how neat it really is!)

But on occasion you experience a letdown where you’ve been gunning for a particular candidate and person hoping to woo them into a role that you feel is perfect for them and that’ll fit them like a glove (as well as leave plenty of room for personal and professional growth) and they end up declining the offer.

It sucks but it’s not something that you can easily avoid; when you’re trying to hire the best they always have a near-unlimited number of options to choose from. It’s not their fault at all and I respect them even more for their decisions but it still stings to lose your top pick.

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Of Egg Timers and Technology


Snacking and working.

I have moved my desk temporarily into the corner to allow more space in the room as well as to prepare for a major shift in that decor of that room specifically. In doing so I cleared off the entire desk and decided to give some space to my 7-year old and her very first Macbook Air so that she can begin to get comfortable with working on the device at a real desk.

She’s loving it and she wants to “do” what she believes her Appa is doing (i.e. “blogging and helping people”). Right now, though, she’s learning to type faster with a few typing apps and watching Youtube videos so that she can build even more complex Rainbow Loom jewelry.

But something happened almost immediately that caused me to think deeply about my children and how we are leading them into becoming techno-savvy individuals.

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A Few WordPress-Related Niche Domains For Sale

saleIf I told you the # of domain names that I own it would embarrass me to no end (so I won’t) but I can imagine that more than a few of you are also clinically addicted to buying sweet domains for future projects – we need to seriously get that fixed…

But, before the therapy and counseling, you should consider taking a look at these URLs that I’m looking to get rid of as I’d imagine a few of you might actually be able to pull something off with them (I just don’t have time nor the interest):

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Thoughts on Accomplishing Goals


Let’s do this.

It’s been nearly 9 months since I made the life-changing decision to seriously pursue a healthier lifestyle which included fundamentally changing my diet as well as my exercise and sleeping habits and schedule.

In fact, there wasn’t anything that was immune to these large-scale decisions and everything in my life pivoted around this foundational shift to accommodate or be eradicated.

The result? I lost 27 pounds and realized that I was in the best health of my entire life.

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Too Good to Be True

too-good-to-be-trueI’ve heard this remarked more than a handful of times in the past few months and I absolutely love it. Contextually I’m referring to the offering that we have via The Iron Yard’s Academy to change someone’s life in, quite literally, 3 months.

And it is pretty crazy: We provide hands-on and deeply concentrated software training for 12 weeks and guarantee job placement or your money back. So far we’re batting 100% and haven’t given a single refund yet!

Most of these graduating students then go on to accept much bigger paying jobs or are able to join an exciting startup or even begin their own boutique consulting firm. The stories are mind-numbing, to say the least.

It certainly sounds “too good to be true” and that’s why I’ve been hearing it so often (fortunately it is both good and true!). It feels really good to be a part of an organization where the chief offering is something that solicits such remarkable feedback, most of whom are complete strangers.

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You Can Say Anything You Want

We have six identical companies making six identical products. We can say anything we want.

In the technology world it’s difficult for anyone to find something that is truly and entirely unique and without a competitor. It’s just few and far between since most things that we use have obvious alternatives, products and services that have similar offerings, similar features and similar claims with similar marketing collateral.

If you don’t encounter outright copycats you’ll find derivatives so close to what is considered “original” you can have a hard time assessing the differences.

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