One Week with the Nissan Leaf


Well, it’s been one whole week since my family decided to get the new all-electric Nissan Leaf and so far we are loving it.

You might think that I’m bent in some philosophical way toward going all-electric or being a hyper-hippie about energy conservation or being “green” but the truth is that I made the decision based on a recommendation from a trusted friend.

That’s it. No deep introspection or religiosity but rather encountering someone that I trust and respect that had purchased one and in a very casual, off-the-cuff conversation, was convinced that I needed to take a serious look at it.

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What is Bitcoin?

A fantastic video. I believe there’s something very important about Bitcoin and how it’s challenging our perspective of value. Consequently, I’m watching it closely.


I received this email yesterday in regards to Pressgram being only iOS currently:

You are NOT even in business until you launch Android ability.  Crawl back in your narrow-minded hole and don’t come out until you join the rest of the world who have never drank the Apple KoolAid.

Uncharacteristically, I chose to respond to this ignorance with this:

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My Kids Design Their First Mobile Apps

The simple truth is this: We are actively promoting, inspiring, coaching, counseling, and educating people all the time, everywhere we go and through everything we do.

We experience this constantly in both positive and negative fashions (e.g. advertisements seek to capitalize on this effect at every possible moment).

This is especially important to remember as a parent where your very kids are constantly consuming everything you present them in thought, word, and deed. They want to naturally mimic their parents and fashion themselves in a “mini me” like way.

My two daughters watch their “Appa” (Dad in Korean) sit in front of his notebook for hours on end “building Pressgram” – naturally they want to “build a Pressgram” too.

So I gave them some sketch sheets that I use and let them have at it.

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Winner, Loser.


Isn’t this the truth?

There are only a few things in this life that are absolutely final - everything else is just another opportunity to try again.

Failure is such an important and fundamental part of who we are and what we do. In many ways the “accidental” failures can be conceived as success later as we look back on it with fondness.

Of course, in the moment it just absolutely sucks.

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Regret Minimization

I’ve written about Jeff Bezos three times now (including this post) and he continues to inspire and challenge me in a lot of ways. I first wrote about how he really challenged me in regards to taking risks and lifestyle changes as well as his long-term strategic thinking and this weekend I’ve been thinking about a speech that he gave recently where he mentions his theory on ”Regret Minimization”:

I was looking for the right framework in which to make that kind of important decision (to leave a cushy Wall Street job) and right framework I found is a regret minimization framework. That’s just a nerdy way of saying that you want to project yourself to age 80 and think back over your life and you want to minimize the number of regrets over that period of time.

If I tried and failed would I regret it? I knew the answer was “No.” I also knew that if I didn’t try that I would always regret that, I would always wonder and it would haunt me.

You can, of course, watch the full video here:

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