The End of a Project

A Final Sketch.

Every other week I spend a few moments reviewing folders and files on my systems and doing system-wide maintenance, configuration, and pruning.

Examples of this include the insane amounts of photos that I take and moving these into backup folders both in the cloud and locally on physical hard drives.

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Makes Me Feel Like I Could Do Anything


My parents have always been supportive of the work that I do but they have not always understood exactly what I was doing. I think a lot of parents who have geeks/nerds/comp-sci kids feel the same way.

What’s neat about my current role @ The Iron Yard is that they completely understand why the organization exists and, more importantly from their perspective, why I have decided to spend so much time and energy helping the company grow and achieve it’s core mission.

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Using Discourse as Comments

It’s been 7 months or so since I’ve turned off comments on this blog and 3 months ago I shared some of my thoughts on how that’s been. I have not regretted this decision for a single moment and I am loving not having to deal with them.

Instead I casually engage with people via Twitter (although I’m going to leave that channel too soon) and I can actively converse when I want and totally ignore the trolls without feeling responsible. Ahh, that’s been very, very nice.

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On Startup Salaries

The honest truth is that startup salaries span the gamut, from $0.00 / year to the low $200,000 / year mark. At the upper-end of the yearly salary spectrum the so-called startup has probably walked through a couple rounds of funding, has a very decent if not solid revenue channel and stream, and things are humming along quite nicely.

The startup “spirit” is still there but it’s getting to the point where you can’t really call it a “startup” with a straight face anymore. Of course, every situation is very different so a scaling model is best to appreciate first before anyone crucifies another for what their compensation packages really are.

But I can tell you what I’ve made as a startup founder and it’s not even close to those large figures – in fact, I’m not sure I’d want to (“The lower the CEO salary, the more likely it is to succeed.” via Peter Thiel).

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