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A post that has been circulating widely around the internet recently is Eric Schmidt’s rules for email etiquette where he outlines 9 rules that he’s created for himself that has worked with great effectiveness.

The most important and salient one is his first recommendation which I agree with 100%:

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On Being an Indie Developer

It’s almost taboo to be talking about being a “type” of developer, especially when it comes to anything close to “indie” – developers are super-sensitive to the term (overly-sensitive perhaps).

Depending on who you talk to the perspective span the gamut of the internet where, on one hand, talking about being indie automatically disqualifies you from being indie (because others must call you that as you must never self-identify) and on the other where anyone at any time can call themselves indie and get away with it.

Semantics? For some, the answer is a resounding “Yes” while others will crucify you for saying such things as being indie has a clear and definitive definition.

It’s all to heady for me and all the depth required to near-infinite amount of opinions is a colossal waste of time. And… yet… I’m going to take a stab at talking through it a bit.

So much hypocrisy…

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Just Learn

I’m not sure there’s anything more important for you to read this week than this essay by Paul Graham, Before the Startup.

There’s just too many gems in here that can and should be applied liberally. It floored me on a number of occasions and has forced me to re-evaluate a number of things that I have done in the past as well as things that I’m currently doing today.

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iOS 8 Design-ish


The more I stare at the new-ish iOS 8 design the more I find things that aren’t quite as perfect as I thought they should be.

The avatar, for example, doesn’t seem to align perfectly-well with the name and the top bar / menu icons are no longer that attractive (were they ever)?

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Be Weird

There are few things more heartbreaking than watching your child suffer. Kissing bumps and putting bandaids on scrapes and cuts are easy; trying to counsel your child through the emotional challenges of bullying is something entirely different.

My oldest, who will be 8 next week, has started journaling her thoughts, unprompted, in her own Moleskine notebook (just like her dad’s). She shared a recent journal entry with me where she describes what it’s like to be the victim of “mean” kids who ride the bus with her.

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On Suicide

I’ve already written a few blog posts around this topic (here with the most context, here, here, here, here in an interview which many have listened to, and here) but I haven’t ever taken the topic full-on and I’ve never really wanted to.

It wasn’t until late last night as I was reading the incredibly sad and tragic news of a few entrepreneurs who had committed suicide in Las Vegas and the fact that I have had some incredibly intense 1-on-1 conversations with an old friend recently who also attempted suicide that I felt compelled to share a bit more of my story.

My intention is two-fold, the first being an opportunity for myself to encounter this subject directly for the first time in a long time (this is why I write to begin with) and second to encourage others to seek the help that they need early (today?!) rather than when it is too late.

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On Settling

A few times a month I’ll engage in a few professional coaching sessions and I absolutely love the time that I get to spend with these individuals as it’s raw, intense, and very unfiltered.

In a way, I get to provide completely unedited and unabridged perspective for someone who’s ready and willing to receive it. It’s a nice molotov cocktail of humility and passion for both parties as I get to encourage and excite someone into action and they get to come ready to do work and share with me what they’ve always wanted to do.

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