Life After College


My start after college wasn’t so hot and was very much like this young gentleman pictured above via Scott Adams.

As I’ve shared previously, I failed out of my CS program and then, after an attempted suicide, managed to recover and come back, finishing a strange combination of classes for what I suppose “looks” like a Bachelor of Science in something, something, and something.

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Fun via Barbara Corcoran

You’ve probably seen one (or two… or many) of the Shark Tank episodes and she might just be one of my favorite personalities (although I admit that Kevin is pretty hilarious…).

I had no idea who Barbara was until the show began to air but Google quickly fixed that and the more I read about her story the more I liked her as her background and perspective is one that’s worth borrowing, if not outright stealing.

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How to Build a Ship

I think great leaders inspire those that they lead not with checkboxes nor a list of things to do but instead they effectively cast vision for where they must inevitably go.

And then, with great finesse and care, they allow the desire for the journey to grow and mature to a point where it is no longer borrowed but engendered – those that once followed are now leading and they have made the mission their own.

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No Apologies Necessary

I’ve met a handful of fresh faces and new people @ BDConf and I’ve had a blast getting to know other people’s stories, their background, and where they are headed.

As I mentioned in my talk that I gave yesterday, it’s the stories that keep us all locked in and that keep us moving forward. It is powerful stories that can help excite and galvanize us into action. We need to keep telling them to others without guilt or shame or fear.

They are what they are.

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No Greater Agony

From the brilliant Maya Angelou:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.

The title and topic of my keynote talk today @ BDConf | Orlando is this: On Failure. The real description didn’t make it on the website, which is somewhat frustrating but not for the reasons that you might imagine.

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The Fear of Missing Out

Something that’s crossed my path a handful of times in the past few months is this idea that I keep seeing passed around: The Fear of Missing Out, or #FOMO as many people have affectionately labeled it.

As far as I can tell Caterina Fake really propelled the idea into the mainstream more than 3 years ago and there have been many blog posts and talks about how our fear of missing out on whatever it is can be incredibly damaging to our own psyche and mental / physical health. Heck, it even has a wikipedia page.

Just think on it for a moment and you’ve probably experienced this fear as well as I have – it’s crazy the moment you name it and say it aloud, right?

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