A Little Love for Typepad

Desk App has a number of integrations with the biggest usage in WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. But there’s still a vibrant community around Typepad and Movable Type. As such, I’ve tried to reach out to these communities and give them a little love.

A small giveaway is being hosted by Typepad today for Desk App.

How to Become a Writer…

This is real…

I couldn’t make this up if I tried…! If you do an actual Google search and start typing “how to become a w…” you’ll actually find these results pop-up via auto-complete.

It’s fascinating and very entertaining to think that becoming a werewolf or a witch might actually come up before writer, suggesting that perhaps it’s just as difficult to become any of them (or perhaps it’s easier to become a mythical creature of fairytale than a writer!).

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Nathan Mainemer of Randstad

Nathan Mainemer might be one of the worst technical recruiters ever.

They all start exactly the same telling me about some cool job or role and asking me if I am “available.” This is what rubs me wrong and what gets on my nerves the most because if Nathan (or any recruiter) took any time at all they would have not wasted their own time nor mine. I am clearly unavailable for full-time work.

Besides the fact that I have never been hired through a recruiter… ever. It’s so completely disrespectful of my time, my current employer’s time, my staff’s time, and even my family’s time and it reflects poorly on Nathan and his employer. You would think that a company like Randstad, one of the largest recruiters in the world, would have, at the bare-minimum, some form of training for people like Nathan Mainemer who clearly do not have it together.

But it gets worse for poor Nate (and Randstad) because that training really could have come in handy…

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