A Meaningful Living

One of the biggest challenges that every developer has to wrestle with is the question of how much they should sell their app for, especially if they are monetizing the app outright instead of through advertisements or through in-app upgrades and the like.

The tough thing is that there’s a lot of both the “science” and the “art” to pricing and there’s a lot of “gut feeling” associated with it too. In many ways I feel that the developer, his/herself, is too close to the project to be able to do this with much objectivity when it comes down to it.

But it still has to be done. It’s unavoidable.

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An Experiment: Quitting Coffee, Caffeine

I like to experiment and I believe I am pretty open to trying new things. It’s hard to know how open I am (have you ever asked yourself this question seriously?) because I can be pretty rigid in a number of things but I’m pretty game most of the time… I think.

I do like to change my mind, though, and being open to the possibility of wrong. In fact, most of the time I really do see my opinions and perspectives as temporary and flexible – I think you just have to create a strong enough case so that I can, at the very least, make an “educated” leap into the unknown.

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Project120: A Mentorship and Residency Program


I’m a very big fan of mentorship and the limitless value that can be created when people gather together intentionally to invest in the future.

Mentorship has been such a fundamental part of my own story that I shudder to think where I’d be without the men and women who have, for whatever reason, decided that I was worth their time and their personal investment.

It’s a gift, an unbelievable gift where the return on investment can, quite literally, be eternal. I have nothing but gratitude for my mentors and the only reason I mentor others is because of their prodding.

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On Working with Friends

I’ve been counseled by more than a few people to be extremely careful when considering the possibility of working with friends. I’ve always taken this advice to heart and I have attempted to guard my work and my personal relationships pretty carefully.

The problem is that I never truly believed that those offering me that advice really understood the power and potential of working with those that you hang out with outside of the official “work environment.” And, it never made complete sense to me since I knew, internally, that it was really the only way that I knew how to work.

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Tactics for Becoming an “Outlier”?

I wrote a blog post a little while back titled Thriving as an Outlier in which I essentially am reminded that it is imperative that one works with great people, people who challenge and push you towards excellence.

Billy created a great follow-up question that I answered quickly off-the-cuff:

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Life After College


My start after college wasn’t so hot and was very much like this young gentleman pictured above via Scott Adams.

As I’ve shared previously, I failed out of my CS program and then, after an attempted suicide, managed to recover and come back, finishing a strange combination of classes for what I suppose “looks” like a Bachelor of Science in something, something, and something.

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Fun via Barbara Corcoran

You’ve probably seen one (or two… or many) of the Shark Tank episodes and she might just be one of my favorite personalities (although I admit that Kevin is pretty hilarious…).

I had no idea who Barbara was until the show began to air but Google quickly fixed that and the more I read about her story the more I liked her as her background and perspective is one that’s worth borrowing, if not outright stealing.

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