A Mean Boss Could Kill You


MEAN bosses could have killed my father. I vividly recall walking into a hospital room outside of Cleveland to see my strong, athletic dad lying with electrodes strapped to his bare chest. What put him there? I believe it was work-related stress. For years he endured two uncivil bosses.

How? They demoralize their employees through their actions, behaviors, and words:

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WordPress Beginner Vids

WordPress.tv is starting to create some really killer beginner-level content for new WordPress users by soliciting for support from the community:

Are you a proud member of the WordPress community, who creates (or would like to create) videos that are focused on helping others learn how to use WordPress? If you answered “yes” then we would love your help in submitting your videos to WordPress.tv, so we can share them with the world in our “how to” section here.

That’s pretty legit.