The Unglamorous in Aggregate

Technology startups have acquired a pretty large sex appeal and more and more people want to start one or join one that’s doing neat things.

The problem is that most people are genuinely unqualified for working in a startup (I call them “startup groupies“) because they are not interested in doing anything and everything to make them successful.

Because a startup requires a person, regardless of where they are in the corporate ladder (and their aren’t that many rungs in that ladder either…), to do anything and everything to make it work.

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Hi mom. Thanks for subscribing to my blog (and apparently my newsletters as well)! Your support means a lot to me and I appreciate you being one of the very first to consistently read my writing.

I will always be your (and Dad’s) JJJohny.

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Why People Leave

My focus this year with the work that I do is to find and retain the very best and brightest of our talent @ The Iron Yard. This is my greatest and most difficult task, a responsibility that all of the partners and staff share but that I feel very deeply about and am accountable to.

We’ve reached some pretty important milestones recently as we’ve had some of our first employees reach their 1-year anniversary with the company.

This means that we have yet-another-reason to celebrate (one should always be on the lookout for any and every available opportunity to celebrate) but also typical year-centric things like individual and team reviews. These things have not always been viewed as “positive” nor exciting but I believe they can be when done right and well – I think they can be incredibly healthy for the individual and the organization.

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