Understanding People and Organizational Culture

It’s easy to forget that we are people first and that the priority sits squarely there in all that we do. We are then employees, team-members, SMEs, leaders and executives second.

Unfortunately the natural consequence of being flawed human beings is that we find the variations and differences between us before we understand the similarities that we all share.

The result? Conflict. And it’s our collective job to manage it well. Truly, people are the X-Factor.

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Destiny is for Losers

Gossip Girl FTW…?

I’m not sure what you believe about “destiny” but I have found it to be quite useless when it comes to building pretty much anything, which includes products and startups.

The future will be exactly what we build for it so it’s time to get moving. If you’re standing still then you’ll inherit someone else’s reality; most of us will do just that without even knowing the wiser.

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The Loudest Yes

A good friend of mine shared with me something 4 years or so ago that I have never forgotten:

Sometimes our loudest “Yes” in life comes from our loudest “No.”

I can think of about 1,000 ways this has applied in my life and how many times this has turned out to be so true.

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Inbox Zero


I achieve the so-called “Inbox Zero” about 10,000 times every single day. It is one of the few places that I keep absolutely pristine and it’s how I manage much of my life (seriously, no hyperbole here).

It’s how I order my day, how I schedule meetings, how I create “action plans,” how I create reminders and to-dos as well as a repository for interesting quips, blog post ideas (if I’m not dropping them immediately into Desk PM), and random links to articles that I find interesting.

It is, quite literally, my “one-stop shop” for everything digital.

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Training Your Replacement

One of the beautiful things about working with very entrepreneurial individuals is that the ground in which to plant and invest in future leadership is already fertile.

Make no mistake, it’s still not an easy thing to do! The challenge is a different kind of training and one that requires a lot of introspection on behalf of both the team as a whole and each individual.

This is especially true when you work with people who have already shown great leadership and who are naturally hungry to take on new and exciting challenges.

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